Organizations for Military Widows

Getting the Support and Benefits You Need

The only individuals who can fully understand the heartbreak, trials, and tribulations that a military spouse goes through after the death of her or his servicemember, are other military widows.

Overcoming the loss of a spouse isn't going to be easy. The following non-profit organizations offer military widows support, friendship, resources, and a wide variety of helpful information. 


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    Tragedy Assistance Programs for Survivors provides 24/7 assistance to anyone who has suffered the loss of a military loved one. Services include survivor care packages, bereavement counseling, benefits information, educational assistance, and numerous resources on a wide range of grief topics.

    Through their online community, survivors can interact with each other via chats, message boards,and blogs. In addition, this organization also makes available a TAPS quarterly magazine along with other publications that deal with death...MORE and grieving.

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    American Widow Project

    Soon after becoming a military widow, Taryn Davis founded the American Widow Project as a means for military widows to find support, strength, and understanding from others who've gone through the same tragic, life-altering experience.

    The website features survivor stories, tips, blogs, and numerous resources, including a 75-minute DVD that's free to military widows. The American Widow Project also provides support through their 24/7 hotline that's staffed by other military widows.

    They...MORE also offer Widow U, a comprehensive program that includes courses designed to give military widows the tools, empowerment, and education they'll need to begin the next phase of their journey.

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    The goals of this organization are to inform survivors of benefits they qualify for but might not be aware of; help them gather any and all documentation necessary to submit their claims; help them get the services they need; keep them up to date about legislative and other changes that might affect their eligibility; and create a strong sense of unity among veterans' wives

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    Gold Star Wives of America

    Founded in 1945 by WWII war widows, this non-profit organization has over 10,000 members in 53 chapters that spans 26 states.

    The mission of the Gold Star Wives of America is to provide support and friendship to military widows whose spouse was killed while serving on active duty or died as a result of military service. Part of the support and friendship includes helping widows understand and navigate the benefits system. This organization also takes an active role in helping to improve and...MORE enhance survivor benefits.

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    Society of Military Widows

    Founded in 1968 by Theresa (Tess) Alexander, SOMW serves women whose husband died while on active military duty, of a service-connected illness, or during disability or regular retirement from the armed forces.

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    Widows of Deceased Veterans Foundation

    Widows of Deceased Veterans

    The Widows of Deceased Veterans Foundation was founded September, 2004, when Mrs. Daisy Walden, wife of Sergeant Major Richard D. Walden (US Army, Retired) provided assistance to a deceased veteran's wife. The foundation is different from some other organizations in that it focuses on helping the many military widows who aren't eligible for benefits or who are having financial and/or other difficulties.