7 Surprising Uses for Denture Tablets

denture tablets

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Denture tablets can be used to clean a lot more than dentures. Once you see all of these uses for them, you'll be eager to buy some, even if you have all of your teeth.

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    Remove Coffee and Tea Stains

    using denture tablets to remove coffee stains

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    Has your favorite hot beverage left brown stains on your mugs, cups, tea kettle, or coffee pot? Just drop a denture tab (or two) into the stained vessel, add water, and allow it to sit for a while. The stain should lift right up when you wipe it with a dish rag. Sure beats going after it with elbow grease.

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    Clean Vases

    cleaning a vase with a denture tablet

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    Vases often look cloudy after holding a bouquet. To restore a glass vase to its original shine, fill it with water; and drop a single denture tablet inside. Let it sit until the tab stops fizzing. Then, rinse the vase out, and all of that cloudiness should be gone. Sure beats trying to squeeze your hand or a scrub brush into the tight neck of a vase.

    Tip: You can use this same trick to remove watermarks from wine glasses, water bottles, and other glass containers.

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    Remove Tomato Stains

    using denture tablets to remove tomato sauce stains

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    Banish tomato stains from your plastic food storage containers with the help of denture tabs. Just fill each stained container with water, drop a tab in, and allow them to soak overnight. It'll lift the stains better than anything else you've tried.

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    Clean Glass Bakeware

    using denture tablets to clean glass bakeware

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    Cutting through all that baked-on grease that gets left behind on glass bakeware is more than ordinary dish soap can do. You could try one of the many labor-intense cleaning methods circulating on Pinterest, but we recommend denture tabs for this job, too. Just fill your baking dishes with water; pop in a tab or two; allow them to soak overnight; then, give your pan a good scrub in the morning. This will lift that baked-on grime right off.

    Tip: This will also remove stains from enamel cookware without scratching the surface.

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    Remove Stuck-On/Burnt-On Foods

    cleaning a pan with denture tablets

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    When soaking a pan isn't enough to remove stuck-on, burnt-on food, add a denture tab to the soak water, and go about the rest of your kitchen clean up. By the time watermarks with everything else, the food should lift right off with minimal scrubbing.

    Note: This is intended for use on non-stick pans. Using denture tablets on pans made of cast iron, or other uncoated metals, may damage the seasoning, so don't risk it.

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    Clean Your Toilet

    cleaning a toilet

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    Pop a couple of denture tablets in your toilet; allow them to sit until they stop fizzing; then, give your toilet a good scrub. The tabs will kill germs and remove hard water stains, just like a store-bought toilet bowl cleaner, but at a fraction of the price, and with no harsh chemical smells.

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    Clean Your Showerhead

    Closeup of showerhead
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    Mineral deposits clog the nozzles on your showerhead over time, resulting in a less intense spray. For an easy fix, just fill a bag with water; add a denture tab; then rubber band it around your showerhead. Allow it soak for several hours, so the mineral deposits have a chance to soften up. Then, remove the bag, and give your shower head a quick scrub with a firm brush to remove any remaining gunk.

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    Remove Mineral Deposits From Your Tea Kettle and Coffee Maker

    removing mineral deposits from a water kettle

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    Denture tabs can also be used to remove mineral deposits from your tea kettle and coffee maker To clean your tea kettle, just fill the kettle with water, drop a denture tab in, allow it to soak for a few hours, and follow up with a good scrub.

    To clean your coffee maker, just fill the tank with water; drop two denture tabs in; and run your coffee maker (without coffee). Discard the pot of water. Then, empty the tank, refill it with water, and run your coffee maker a couple more times (without coffee) to rinse away the deposits. This trick should get your coffee maker running better, and result in better tasting coffee, too.