4 Swanky Bar Cart Styles

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    Vintage Bar Carts

    Mod-inspired design
    Pro Design

    Bar carts are one of those perfect entertaining pieces that every home needs to have. A favorite for parties and after work downtime throughout the year, they become an absolute necessity for entertaining during the holidays. What makes them so wonderful is their versatility, allowing you to serve guests their favorite cocktails together with small bites, all the while keeping necessaries like ice and napkins close at hand. Just as important is the style they bring to your soiree. That perfect combination of sophistication and swag. And that's where things get tricky. Where do you start when trying to find the perfect cart to expresses your home decor style? You start here, of course. Here are our five favorite bar cart styles that will help you identify which one is the right fit for you. 

    First up, vintage. We always believe in sourcing a great vintage item whenever you can. Bar carts are fantastic vintage pieces. You can find ones that have a 50 to 60-year-old history that will look great in your space. Check your local flea market and estates sales and look for something wood with very unique detail. This bar cart opens up James Bond Style. It's the perfect setup for entertaining.  

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    Bar Trays

    OSP San Merino Serving Tray

    Look at thinking beyond the bar cart to the bar tray. Trays are often budget-friendly, and take up a lot less space. This San Merino Serving Tray will do the trick. It's perfect for small interiors, or a nook where you may want to stage your bar.    

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    Industrial Bar Carts

    Steel Pipe Drink Trolley

    Love industrial style? Then a streamlined black bar cart is likely up your alley. Look for something with a shape and style that is reminiscent of pipe. We love this Steel Pipe Drink Trolley by Cappellini. It's chic and industrial.   

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    Lucite Bar Carts

    Peekaboo acrylic rolling two shelf bar cart
    Matchbook Magazine

    For the ultimate modern bar cart, it's time to go with lucite! This hardcore plastic looks absolutely stunning in any space. Practically invisible, it leaves a light visual impression, making it a space-saver by design. CB2's Peekaboo Acrylic Rolling Two Shelf will do just the trick. It's a great, streamlined addition to any space.