Sweet Heart Paper Chain

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    How to Make a Heart Paper Chain

    Heart Paper Chain Craft

    Make a heart paper chain for Valentine's Day! This is a fun activity to do with children who might want to count down the days until the Valentine's holiday.

    Here's the step-by-step tutorial for making your own heart paper chain: 

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    Supplies for Heart Paper Chain

    Heart Paper Chain Supplies

    Supplies for a Heart Paper Chain:

    • craft paper - any Valentine colors
    • scissors or a paper cutter
    • stapler

    *You can use tape or glue to attach your paper hearts, but I really like a stapler for it's ease and quickness. 

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    Step 1: Heart Paper Chain

    Heart Paper Chain Cutting Paper

    First you need to cut your paper into sections. Our paper strips are 1 inch x 6 inches in size. You can make your strips any width and length you'd like to form your heart. 

    Cut out at least 10 strips of paper. You can cut more, just depending on how long you'd like your chain. 

    Try using 2 or 3 different color of paper in your chain to make a pattern, helping kids enhance their math skills. 

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    Step 2: Heart Paper Chain

    Heart Paper Chain Staple

    With 1 strip, roll it into a circle and staple the 2 ends together. 

    With the circle, bend one end in at a point to make the center of the heart. Slightly bend the 2 bumpy sides and bend the bottom point to form the heart. 

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    Step 3: Heart Paper Chain

    Heart Paper Chain 2 Hearts

    For adding your other hearts, thread through the next paper strip through the first completed heart. Place the 2 ends together of the second strip and form a circle. Staple the ends together. 

    Form a heart into the second circle as well. 

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    Step 4: Heart Paper Chain

    Heart Paper Chain All Hearts

    Continue to do the same as step 3 for all the rest of your strips to form hearts. 

    Add as many hearts to your chain as you'd like. 

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    Finished Heart Paper Chain

    Making a Heart Paper Chain

    Once you have all your hearts attached in a chain, you're done and it's ready to display. You can complete the heart chain to itself as well, making it a complete circle.