10 Sweet Peep DIYs For Easter

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    DIY Peep Banner

    DIY Peep Banner
    DIY Peep Banner. Made

    Cut out several Peep shapes out of a large piece of felt and sew them in a row onto a long piece of ribbon to make a cute Peep banner that your children will love this Easter.  If you end up with a few extra cut Peeps the tutorial also provides a wonderful guide on how to turn them into door hangers too.

    View the Peep banner tutorial at Made.

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    DIY Peep Flower Centerpiece

    DIY Peep Flower Centerpiece
    DIY Peep Flower Centerpiece. Bell'alimento

    Tulips blooming are a sure sign that Spring has arrived, and these wonderful colorful flowers make for a delightful centerpiece for your Easter brunch when presented in a glass vase that has the interior glass walls covered with marshmallow Peeps bunnies. 

    View the Peep flower centerpiece tutorial at Bell'alimento.

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    DIY Peep Place Card Holder

    DIY Peep Place Card Holder
    DIY Peep Place Card Holder. A Beautiful Mess

    Set the table for your Easter family dinner this year by making some peep bunny place card holders to indicate where everyone should sit. Using air-dry clay and a peep cookie cutter you can create the place card holder which can be decorated with flocking powder. Once done the end results look just like the candy marshmallows, and you can slip a small piece of paper on the top of the Peep to hold a name card. After your Easter celebrations are over wrap up the place card holders as they can be...MORE stored to use again the following Easter.

    View the Peep place card holder tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

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    DIY Peep Easter Treat Bags

    DIY Peep Easter Treat Bags
    DIY Peep Easter Treat Bags. Stephanie White

    Surprise you children, friends, neighbors or co-workers with a small package of Peeps by lining up a few peeps in a small plastic snack bag and printing the peep bag topper to fold in half over the top of the bag to decorate it. These adorable bags will help keep the marshmallow Peeps from drying out and makes for an easy and inexpensive gift idea that you can give on their own or put inside a Easter basket.

    View the Peep Easter treat bags tutorial at Stephanie White.

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    DIY Peep Cake

    DIY Peep Cake
    DIY Peep Cake. Studio DIY

    This year instead of the regular bunny cake you typically make, you can try making a giant peep cake that uses two round cakes cut to form the peep shape and is decorated with delicious marshmallow frosting, pink sugar and black icing for a new twist on your traditional Easter cake.

    View the Peep cake tutorial at Studio DIY.

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    DIY Peep Sugar Scrub

    DIY Peep Sugar Scrub
    DIY Peep Sugar Scrub. Design Dazzle

    These DIY peep sugar scrubs make a great gift idea for adults which they can use in the bath or shower to help them get soft glowing skin this Spring. Once you are done making the Peep sugar scrubs you can package it up one of the free printable labels and your gift is ready to go.

    View them Peep sugar scrub tutorial at Design Dazzle.

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    DIY Peep Cat Toy With Catnip

    DIY Peep Cat Toy
    DIY Peep Cat Toy. Dream A Little Bigger

    Spoil your beloved furry friend by making your cat a simple hand sewn felt Peep toy filled with catnip for them to play with this Easter.

    View the Peep cat toy tutorial at Dream A Little Bigger.

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    DIY Peep Cake Bunting

    DIY Peep Cake Bunting
    DIY Peep Cake Bunting. No Biggie

    Decorate your plain homemade or store bought cake for your Easter dinner party by making a cute Peep bunting topper that hangs several mini paper peeps on a string above the cake.

    View the Peep cake bunting tutorial at No Biggie.

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    DIY Marshmallow Peep Drink Stirrers

    DIY Marshmallow Peep Drink Stirrers
    DIY Marshmallow Peep Drink Stirrers. Vicky Barone

    After the Easter egg hunt is done pour up some Peep-inspired cocktails for the adults to enjoy and garnish them with a favorite season treat, marshmallow Peeps that have been turned into drink stirrers to make the drinks look extra fancy. Best of all, the Peep can be removed from the stirrer and eaten for a sweet treat.


    View the Peep drink stirrers tutorial at Vicky Barone.

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    DIY Stuffed Fleece Peep Toy

    DIY Stuffed Fleece Peep Toy
    DIY Stuffed Fleece Peep Toy. Dandelions And Lace

    Instead of just giving your young child chocolate this Easter, surprise them with a large stuffed fleece Peep toy at the end of their Easter egg hunt for them to play with or snuggle next to when it is time to go to bed.  

    View the stuffed fleece peep toy tutorial at Dandelions And Lace.