Swiffer WetJet Review

Swiffer wetjet


Along with our new home, we got new floors. I love the variety of the hard ​surface floors that run throughout most of our downstairs, but I don't love how messy these floors get. It's not possible for me to drag out a mop and bucket each and every day, but I love the freshly mopped feeling of clean floors. What's a clean-living girl to do? Swiffer WetJet thinks it has the answer.

My Experience

After our recent move, our kitchen is now more than twice as big as any kitchen I've ever had. I love it. My entire 7 person family can be in the kitchen working, talking, and eating at the same time. With all that added traffic comes a small issue with the floors, though. I'm a sucker for a freshly mopped floor, but mopping my floors daily just isn't an option, especially since I'm still in recovery from ankle surgery. I needed a mop that was effortless. I've used a Swiffer WetJet before, but it's been several years. In our old home, a steam mop was my go-to tool and a nearly effortless way to keep my floors clean, but a steam mop isn't the best idea for the type of laminate I have in my kitchen. Walking through the aisles at my local store, the Swiffer WetJet starter kit caught my eye and into my shopping cart it went.

It took me less than 3 minutes to unwrap it and get it ready to mop with. The strength of the handle impressed me, while I was glad to see that they mop itself wasn't bulky or heavy. Putting it together was simple and it seemed well made.

Next, it was time to test it. I tested the mop on tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring. The mop pad did a good job of picking up dirt and keeping it on the mop pad. It stuck well to the mop head, and was easy to remove at the end of a mopping session. The spray mechanism worked well and sprayed a nice sized amount of cleaner in front of the mop. The mop wasn't too heavy or bulky to work with and glided nicely on each type of floor I tried it on. The solution dried quickly without leaving streaks on any of the surfaces. What made me even happier was that there was no sticky residue left on the floor and the floors truly shined.

Swiffer WetJet: Details and Directions


A Swiffer WetJet starter kit comes with the mop, 1 bottle of mopping solution, 2 disposable mopping pads and a white scrubby strip for the front of the mop.

The Swiffer WetJet starter kit retails for about 24.99.

Swiffer WetJet Directions:

To use the Swiffer WetJet, insert 4 AA batteries (not included) into the battery compartment. Attach the pad with the printed side facing the mop head. Place the small white scrubby strip on the front of the WetJet head. Insert the bottle of solution until it is secure. There is no need to remove or puncture the cap of the solution bottle. Spray and mop floors until they are clean. Throw away the used mopping pad in the trash can.

Swiffer WetJet: Pros and Cons


Convenient and easy to use.
Safe for many floor types including finished and sealed wood and laminate, marble, stone, ceramic tile, vinyl and linoleum.
Cleans well without leaving a residue.


Costs for refill bottles and mopping pads can add up.
Should not be used on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, unsealed tiles, or carpet.
WetJet does not pick up large debris, so sweeping is still a necessity.
Additional scrubbing strips have to be purchased online even though replacement solution and mopping pads are available in stores.

Final Thoughts

If you need a quick mopping tool that keeps you from having to wrestle with a bucket or wet mop head, this is the product for you. It's effortless all-in-one design is simple and quick to use. While I love the ease of the disposable mopping pads, I'll often attach a microfiber mop pad onto the bottom when I've run out, and it works really well, too. Although I wish there was a way to refill with my own mopping solution, I love the way my floors look and feel when I'm done with the Swiffer WetJet. For me and my schedule, it is worth every penny.