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75 Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs

infinity pool

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

There's a swimming pool type for every outdoor space–even long, narrow side yards or smack-dab-in-the-middle courtyards. From sleek, modern masterpieces to Mediterranean escapes to private waterparks to natural pools, we've found every size, style, design, and type of pool you can imagine. Dive in and be dazzled.

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    Embrace Tropical Appeal

    backyard pool design
    Bender & Associates Architects

    A historic, circa-1850 home was restored and received a few new additions, like a pool house and carport. Bender & Associates Architects designed a pool that is appropriate for the period and design of the house, enhancing rather than overpowering the property. Lush tropical landscaping makes this a home that looks like an island retreat.

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    Test Out Desert Hardscaping

    pool designs
    Bill Timmerman

    A rectangular 33-by-14-foot pool comes alive with landscaping designed by Ibarra Rosano, including giant concrete balls by Holler & Saunders of Nogales, Arizona. 

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    Think Eco-Friendly

    modern pool designs
    Whit Preston

    A modern backyard by Murray Legge Architecture of Austin, Texas, includes a pool house with a roof featuring grasses, sedges, and wildflowers native to Central Texas. Mortarless cut Leuders limestone on steel was used for the pool decking, while Bisazza mosaic glass tile covers the pool interior. Stools inside the pool were formed with tubes and gunite.

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    Lean Into Nature

    key west yard
    Tamara Alvarez

    When in Key West, Florida, go with the natural landscape and make it tropical. Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture used Pebble Tec in Caribbean Blue for the surfacing, while a natural coral stone in a herringbone pattern was used for the pool deck and paving.

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    Take Views Into Consideration

    lap pool design
    ChiChi Ubina / Austin Patterson Disston Architects

    A lap pool at a private residence in Greenwich, New York, overlooks a river. Designed by Austin Patterson Disston Architects, the long pool was built to take in the view and is surrounded by Connecticut stone.

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    Opt for Classic Palm Springs

    modern swimming pool designs
    Michael Utterback

    The pool of this stunning midcentury modern home originally designed by famed modernist architect William Krisel is on view from pretty much every room. Preserving the home's architectural significance and integrity was key to Studio AR&D Architects' renovation and restoration. The home represents the Palm Springs lifestyle that blends leisure and refinement, with a seamless connection between architecture and landscape that has become associated with modern desert and California design.

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    Stick with Open and Airy

    pool design
    41 West

    At a Naples, Florida, house, 41 West created a pool with a natural pebble finish to accentuate the clear water reflecting the sky, especially when it's pure blue. With the hot Florida sun in mind, the decking is made of cement pavers set in sand so bare feet won't get burned.

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    Design a Farmhouse Pool

    swimming pool designs
    Olimpia Lalli

    A terraced hill in Bologna, Spain, is a private spot for late-afternoon swims with views of the Mediterranean landscape. Designed by Deposito Creativo, Villa Privato Bertinoro features a farmhouse with places to relax and enjoy the scenery when not working.

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    Walk the Straight and Narrow

    modern pool designs
    Erhard Pfeiffer

    A nearly 16-foot-high living/dining area opens on three sides, one on the west to a lap pool that is a focal point at night when illuminated. Designed by EYRC Architects, natural vs. industrial and rough vs. smooth is played out in materials throughout this Venice, California, house.

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    Infuse a Little Bit of Jungle

    freeform swimming pool

     Jim Peasey Photography

    A West Hollywood home gained vertical space and spectacular views in this remodel by Los Angeles-based firm (fer) Studio. The kidney-shaped pool was redesigned with glass mosaic tile and includes a spa and shallow wading pool for lounge furniture.

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    Install Beautiful Blue Tiles

    pool with blue tile mosaic
    Urban Angles

    A modern home in Melbourne, Australia, features a beautiful pool built by DDB Design Development & Building with landscape design by COS Designs Creative Outdoor Solutions. Custom-designed blue Bisazza tiles were used for the spa, while white tiles in the pool reflect the sky and can change. White lights are installed in the pool to intensify the blue tiles.

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    Retain Unique Features

    historic pool design
    Alex Vertikoff

    A Spanish colonial revival house in Glendale, California, was restored and received an outdoor design makeover by Sacred Space Garden Design and Huntington Pools that included era-appropriate hardscape, water features, tile, and landscaping.

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    Modernize the Cabana and Pool

    modern swimming pool designs
    Key Residential

    A remodel included a pool cabana that replaced an old enclosed back house and a pool with an architectural fountain feature and oversized plant containers. This was a team project that included Key Residential, Pool Environments, Jason Osterberger Designs, and Randy Angell Designs. The cabana includes outdoor ceiling fans and heaters, a built-in mosquito spray system, and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a linear fireplace and hearth that extends to the pool fountain.

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    Bring in Mid-Century Modern Pops

    modern pool design ideas
    Patrick Ketchum

    A mid-century modern Alexander home in Palm Springs designed by Palmer & Krisel retained the original look and vibe but received some contemporary updates, like an integrated spa, ground-level fire pit, and a mosaic outdoor shower. H3K incorporated clever features like "moats" of grass between concrete slabs and choosing era-appropriate furnishings, like the pagoda California Umbrellas, CB2 chairs, and Surya pillows.

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    Go for a Wraparound Design

    infinity pool design ideas

    A timber- and steel-framed pavilion (pergola) connects the house to the infinity pool in this Brisbane, Australia, project by Skale Design. The pool surfaces are finished with a pebble pool plaster finish.

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    Add a Twist of French Countryside Style

    curvilinear pool designs
    LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography

    The homeowners wanted a French countryside look for their Dallas home. Pool Environments designed a curvilinear pool that includes a small extended wet deck and fountain with a stone waterfall feature. The project, spearheaded by Key Residential, includes Pennsylvania bluestone pavers surrounding the pool, with artificial turf grass in place of mortar or pebbles.

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    Blend Interior and Exterior Looks

    indoor pool design
    Jay Greene Architectural Photography

    Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and there is no need to stop when the temperatures drop. EB Mahoney built an enclosed room for a lap pool in a modern Philadelphia home, next to a wall with windows for an experience that is closest to nature.

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    Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

    rectangular pool designs
    Thomas Flint

    A clean, classic rectangular pool with bullnose bluestone coping and a carpet of green grass that rolls right up to the water's edge was designed by Thomas Flint Landscape Design & Development for a large property in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

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    Rethink the Entry Points

    freeform pool design
    Absolutely Outdoors

    Proving that not all pools are geometric, this curvy design by Absolutely Outdoors in Houston is a pool for cooling off, exercising, and soaking in the bubbly spa at night—kind of a something-for-everyone situation. And if you want, you can just kick back and enjoy those fountains.

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    Swap a Pool for a Pond

    rectangular pool designs
    Amanda Patton

    Is it a natural pool or pond? Amanda Patton Landscape & Garden Design created a swimming pond, with the pool located in the deeper section, while the shallow area houses a planted filtration zone. Patton says one of the pros of a swimming pond is that it looks good throughout the year and doesn't need to be covered during the winter ​since it's a pond.​

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    Choose a Raised Pool

    lap pool designs
    Nicholas Watt

    An elevated lap pool by Secret Gardens in Sydney, Australia, is built of hardwood and concrete, with Ophiopogon Japonicus running the length of the pool.

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    Embrace Big Boulders

    pool designs
    Darren Bosch

    To anchor those large granite boulders, The Landmark Group built raised pillars and benches while pouring concrete to accommodate the big rocks. Large pieces of flagstone quarried from local limestone were used for the pool decking, separated by 1-inch polymeric joints. Since the pool is in Toronto, Canada, it's drained during the winterizing process.

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    Make Moonlight Swims Possible

    modern pool designs
    Pool Environments

    A sleek, modern small swimming pool by Pool Environments of Dallas is illuminated to coax its owners for a midnight swim. The side corner wall is raised to the level of the patio for a natural transition from house to pool.

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    Finish with a Bridge

    backyard pool designs
    Rosewood Custom Builders

    A large rectangular pool features a Tuscan-style bridge for a change of view or a thrill ride down the slide. Designed by Rosewood Custom Builders, the vine-covered structure is also nice to look at.

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    Construct a Stone Pool

    freeform pool designs
    Shepard Butler Landscape Architecture

    An existing land depression (dip) on a Vermont mountaintop was an ideal spot for Shepard Butler Landscape Architecture to build a pool that becomes part of the land. SBLA used local stone slabs and stacked them on the south end for a raised sunbathing platform. Stone steps lead to a niche with stone benches and an integrated fire pit. A stone waterfall, sculpture, and dive stone continue the natural look.

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    Experiment with Freeform Pools

    overhead view of pool
    Lewis Aquatech

    Mediterranean influences are evident in this freeform pool designed by Lewis Aquatech of Chantilly, Virginia. Among them: the use of flagstone, earth tones, accents of bright colors, shaded seating, and an outdoor dining area.

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    Lay Mediterranean Roots

    lap pool designs
    Brad Sharpe

    A Mediterranean landscape in Austin, Texas, was achieved by Brad Sharpe Pools by building a lap pool under mature trees. Sharpe recommends that lap pools should be a minimum of 34 feet in length. The interior finish is Turtle Bay Pebble Sheen by Pebble Tec.

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    Blend Into the Landscape

    natural pool designs
    Poole's Stone and Garden

    For a backyard pool in the Washington, DC, metro area, Poole's Stone and Garden used a pebble pool finish on the surfaces, then integrated stone and natural materials, for a look that blends with the natural surroundings.

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    Test Out a Reflection Pool

    lap pool design ideas
    Halkin Photography LLC

    A steel-reinforced pool features gunite construction and a gray marble plaster interior finish. Designed by Armond Architects, the regeneration area was built with a liner which is finished with river rock. 

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    Utilize Reclaimed Materials

    natural pool design ideas
    Stone Farm

    They say the greenest building is the one already built; the same could be said for existing materials. Stone Farm ​in Connecticut uses reclaimed curbing and accent pieces as coping for swimming pools and outdoor features for a unique, one-of-a-kind look and feel.

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    Design an Eclectic Eco Pool

    natural pool design
    Bau Fritz

    Natural pools have been popular in Europe for several years; this eclectic design by Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co. in Germany includes a pergola with a hanging cocoon-like treehouse chair.

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    Highlight a Vanishing Edge

    infinity pool designs
    Patdo Light Studio

    A stunning modern home on the Costa Rican coast features a pool that is spectacularly illuminated by New York-based Patdo Light Studio in blues and oranges.

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    Blend Sources of Inspiration

    geometric pool designs
    Matthew Mallet

    This elegant backyard design actually includes a pool barrier, which is required by law in Victoria, Australia. Each glass panel is held in place by a custom-fabricated stainless steel "clamp." The project, from Design Unity, allows unobstructed views of the pool and yard, and from the pool to the house and surroundings. The pool was resurfaced with royal blue Quartzon. Sealed sandstone pavers for decking are cool to walk on when Noosa temperatures rise.

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    Play with Plant Placement

    tropical pool design

    A tropical plantation in Brisbane, Australia, integrates indoor-outdoor living with wood decking that leads to a pool you can easily jump in and out of. Designed by Skale, the pool is situated in a private courtyard and offers breathtaking views of Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

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    Make an Urban Retreat

    swimming pool designs

    Rosebrook Custom Pools

    Indiana limestone surrounds a Mediterranean-style swimming pool with integrated spa in the yard of a home in the Chicago suburb of Glenview. Designed by Rosebrook Custom Pools, the private outdoor space includes a vine-covered pergola and pool house.

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    Surround with Flagstone

    mediterranean style pool
    Brad Sharpe

    Flagstone that flows from the patio carries out to the pool to form natural coping at the pool edges. Designed by Brad Sharpe Pools and Shows & Allen Landscape Architects, the San Antonio, Texas, yard includes water features and a vine-covered pergola.

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    Embrace a Petite Pool

    mediterranean pool
    Koffka/Phakos Design

    This beautiful Spanish bungalow in Los Angeles' Atwater Village features a small pool with hand-painted tiles and a fountain that make it appear larger. Designed by landscape architect Lisa Gimmy and Koffka/Phakos Design, the space includes additional seating inside the pool if you don't mind getting wet.

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    Opt for Modernist Mediterranean

    mediterranean pool design
    Bill Bocken

    Inspired by early 20th-century modernist architect Irving Gill, this San Diego pool and landscape designed by Bill Bocken Architecture and Interior Design has Mediterranean features like climbing vines and palm trees.

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    Highlight the Surroundings

    mediterranean pool design
    Dave Roche / Roche+Roche

    One of the many California dreams is to live in a vineyard. This property near Yountville, California, features a Craftsman-style house with Mediterranean landscaping by Roche+Roche, with Kennedy & Kennedy Architects, and Le Reve interior design. Bluestone pool decking features brick-inset "carpets" and a custom-tiled spa was designed by the owner and Metolius Ridge. 

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    Build with Rocks and Boulders

    pool with boulders
    Spring Creek

    More than 200 tons of boulders were used to create the waterfalls of this natural-looking pool in Lodi, California. Liquid FX Pools built pathways, caves, and a 30-foot-long tube slide into the stunning water feature.

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    Produce a Farmhouse Chic Pool

    lap pool ideas
    Ashley Cole

    Ashley Cole was the interior designer for a farmhouse with a tiled lap pool neatly tucked in and accessible via a patio and several rooms of the house.

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    Go Indoors

    indoor pool designs
    Katz Novoa

    An indoor pool in Short Hills, New Jersey, designed by Katz Novoa Architects, allows light to filter in through overhead and side windows while still keeping swimmers warm and under cover. 

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    Design a Backyard Theme Park

    freeform pool designs
    Rosewood Custom Builders

    Oklahoma flagstone set in concrete surrounds this family pool by Rosewood Custom Builders that also features Creme de Menthe Pebble Tec finish and a 30-foot slide.

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    Try Out Brick Accents

    pool with built-in spa design
    Brad Sharpe

    A rectangular swimming pool with brick decking features an integrated spa that also received a brick coping, designed by Brad Sharpe Pools of Texas.

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    Construct a Freeform Infinity Pool

    freeform pool design
    Design Ecology

    Design Ecology created an infinity pool that looks over Lake Austin features a sunken kitchen at the water level, along with a private spa. It practically feels like its one with nature.

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    Pull Inspiration from Italy

    mediterranean pool
    Jack Coyier

    This one-acre property in California created by EPTDESIGN in the Italianate style features a landscape that is formal and also many playful elements, like fountains, urns, sculpture, and an armillary (sphere). 

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    Add a Slide

    family pool designs
    Thomas Flint

    Waterparks are surely a fun place to be, but when your own backyard is equipped with a slide and water features it's hard to beat. A stone diving rock and slide with waterfalls and native plants distinguish this pool in New Jersey designed by Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development.

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    Surround It with Nature

    Pool surrounded by trees

    Cathie Hong Boutique Interior Design Firm

    To really up the relaxing atmosphere, think about the plants that surround the pool area. A touch of nature, through trees, shrubs, and potted plants can make this outdoor area feel more like an escape. Create a stylish cabana, like seen here, and be sure to add plenty of cushy seats.

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    Lock in the Backyard Trifecta

    Pool with white house

    Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    The formula for a perfect outdoor area? Great seating, shade, and a place to take a dip—something this spot excels in. Though there are separate areas for different activities, the way it has been designed makes the space flow.

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    Curate a Spa-Like Pool Atmosphere

    Pool with multiple seating options

    Tina Ramchandani Creative

    Whether you're a spa owner or not, your pool can certainly make you feel like you own one. The best way to infuse relaxation is to create choices. Add a variety of different seating types to best cater to guests and what you prefer doing by the pool. Sun loungers are great for catching rays, whereas chairs might be better for eating a snack or reading a book.

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    Dream Up a Lavish Lap Pool

    Large pool behind house

    Erin Williamson Design

    Lap pools often get flack for being simple and more basic in its uses (hence the name) but this one goes against the assumptions. It's stylishly adorned with tiles and has a separate hot tub built up from the pool's level. Even one of the seating areas interacts with it.

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    Go with the Flow

    Pool with covered area

    @charbonneauinteriors / Instagram

    Many pools are square or angular, but that's not the only way to go about adding a swimming fixture. Take a hint from this rounded, curvy option that swirls around the patio dining area and has curved stairs to match. Overall, things will simply feel more free-flowing.

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    Make a Monochrome Sanctuary

    Pool with white home

    Calimia Home

    For breezy vacation feels year-round, a bright white theme is a solid choice. It's the perfect backdrop and frame for the aqua of a pool and surrounding nature. A few black accents (like the pendants and sconces) make this pool all the more chic.

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    Add Greenery and Grass

    Pool surrounded by grass

    Calimia Home

    Pools are often surrounded by pavers or cement, but adding grass or a lawn is a lovely way to make it feel more enveloped in nature. The type of landscaping chosen can completely alter the overall look as well. This one feels rather Tuscan-inspired, but cacti and other plants can create a different atmosphere.

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    Try Tropical Lighting Effects

    tropical pool designs
    Gary Novasel / Patdo Light Studio

    Patdo Light Studio of Port Chester, New York, illuminated a backyard swimming pool to accentuate tropical features of the outdoor pool, including landscaping, waterfalls, and hardscape.

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    Accessorize the Pool

    Pool with flamingo floatie

    Maite Granda

    What's a pool without a fun floatie? The design of this one is fantastic enough on its own with glass panels around the perimeter and fun geometric angles. That being said, the addition of the flamingo makes it that much more fun.

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    Keep It Compact

    Pool with wooden deck

    @houseofharvee / Instagram

    Even the smallest pools can have a stunning impact in your backyard. This dreamy area feels even more expansive thanks to the materials used. The glass divider and all-white walls give the impression that there is extra space and the different levels offer more to residents than just a place to swim and sit.

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    Create Levels

    Pool with plants and couch

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    A pool can be the perfect way to experiment with different levels and dimensions in a backyard. Whether the seating area is sunken in, like seen here, or the pool is the spot that must be walked down to, there are many creative options for constructing a little more visual interest.

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    Incorporate Natural Elements

    Cabana style home with pool

    Maite Granda

    Plants and wooden fixtures feel ultra fitting near a swimming pool. Think about what kinds of materials make the most sense depending on the look you're trying to achieve. This outdoor area also shows a great example of incorporating different types of exposure to the sun and elements, too.

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    Create Multiple Niches

    Pool with umbrella and chairs

    @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

    No matter how big or small your outdoor area is, little niches circumnavigating the pool make it more interesting and intriguing to spend time in. This pretty space offers pouf loungers as well as a sun-soaked daybed for a variety of options.

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    Nail Down Colors and Shapes

    Pool with hut and stepping stones

    Leclair Decor

    Umbrellas, large pavers, and a pool house-meets-bar make this pool a treat to relax by. It's a lovely area that feels cohesive courtesy of the repeating lines, shapes, and palette. The squares and angles seen throughout the whole space (and monochromatic black and white colors) are clean and elegant.

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    Blend a Play Area with a Pool

    Playground by pool

    Maite Granda

    Homes with little ones will benefit from having a play area nearby. While adults relax by the pool, kids can play and go for a swim, too. A simple setup with minimal colors and shapes doesn't take up too much space and fits in nicely with the overarching design style.

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    Consider the Sun

    Pool with poolside chairs

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Before building a pool, think about where the sun rises, sets, and shines throughout the day. This will not only help inform a great pool design, but how to best arrange chairs and tables around the outdoor area, too. Don't forget to implement shade options if the pool gets hit with direct sunlight for most of the day.

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    Embrace Infinity

    Pool surrounded by forest

    Tyler Karu

    Infinity pools are stunning options not just overlooking oceans, but into any form of nature. This pool drops off and gives way to a breathtaking green nature scape, really enveloping the swimming area in its surroundings.

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    Go for L-Shaped Luxury

    swimming pool designs
    Pool Environments

    "Floating" pavers and a sculptural fountain in a small L-shaped pool in Texas add interest and continue the materials and lines of the surrounding patio in this design by Pool Environments. Fountains and vivid lighting make the pool a focal point.

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    Go All Out

    family pool designs
    Pool Environments

    A waterpark-like experience with an elegant design that will appeal to all ages is what Pool Environments of Dallas came up with for this entertaining backyard in Texas. The pool features stones, waterfalls and features, islands, colorful landscaping, and inviting artistic elements.

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    Create Some Privacy

    Pool with basket texture accents

    @mindygayerdesign / Instagram

    Provide extra privacy for your pool area through thoughtfully-placed walls and plants. The bright white wall and wonderfully landscaped shrubbery and trees here show that adding some seclusion doesn't have to be sterile or boring.

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    Provide Plenty of Shade

    Pool with decorative blocks and seating

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Once the pool design is decided, don't forget about the areas and nooks around the space that it's comprised of. When you're not swimming, consider the shade options available to you and visitors and make sure there are plenty of comfortable resting spots for in between laps.

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    Solidify the Stonework

    Pool with cement and stone area

    Midcity Design Group

    Finishing touches and flooring have a big impact in how a pool area looks and feels. The stonework and tiling around this pool makes the space appear elevated and nods at a tropical getaway—especially with the blossoming tree hanging above.

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    Try an Indoor/Outdoor Pool

    Screened in pool

    Sire Design

    Not every climate calls for an outdoor pool—and even in places that do, a hybrid pool of sorts still reigns supreme. Covered but still exposed to the outdoors, this option shows how perfect this blend can be.

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    Go for Modern

    Pool with blue accents

    @ifwallscouldtalkja / Instagram

    The look of the pool is important, but to really ace the design, it should blend in with the rest of the house—something this home does beautifully. The sleek, modern architecture is reflected in the shape of the pool and surrounding patio area. The wooden elements on the home are also echoed in the furniture for a super cohesive space.

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    Think Outside the (Pool) Box

    Pool with a nature view

    Design: Thomas Guy Interiors / Photography: Haylei Smith

    There are plenty of seating arrangements to have by a pool, but what about in one? Cool off while also enjoying the view through the use of water-proof chairs as this setup shows. They blend in with the scene and make jumping in all the more enticing.

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    Get the Lighting Right

    Pool with different seating options

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Ambient lighting doesn't just highlight the best parts of interiors—the right setup can affect how a pool and outdoor area look, too. This pool excels at feeling luxe, part in thanks to the lights within it and surrounding it on the walkways.

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    Invest in a Pool House

    Pool with pool house across

    Tina Ramchandani Creative

    Pool houses are a great way to keep outdoor decor and necessities organized. Not only that, but they keep you and guests in closer vicinity to the pool on hot days. Set up a mini bar or game room within the space or changing areas to make the most of the poolside real estate.

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    Build a Smooth Transition

    Pool framed with sliding doors

    Design: Thomas Guy Interiors / Photography: Jen Morley Burner

    Make it easy to slip between the pool and indoors with sliding glass panels. Doors that allow light to pour through make the transition from a cozy living room to a breezy pool area so much smoother. It's perfect for getting a view of the pool and plants on days where swimming isn't really an option.