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The Switch Witch
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Sharing candy treats with others, decorating the house, and dressing up in Halloween costumes while going door-to-door, trick or treating for candy, is such a fun family experience, for children and adults.  

The Switch Witch toy is a fun Halloween tradition that brings new treats and toys to kids who can not eat candy!

Checking candy for harmful items has always been important, but there are many more challenges now, when it comes to trick or treating that parents need to be mindful of.


Eating too much sugar from consuming foods like candy can cause medical and health issues over time. Children are prone to becoming overweight from eating and drinking unhealthy foods like candy and soda.  Many candies are a choking hazard for toddlers and other young children. The scariest challenge right now is that taking home a candy that has peanuts or tree nuts, if it is ingested by child, could cause them to die of anaphylactic shock.

Audrey Kinsman's daughter had a life threatening food allergy. So she created the Switch Witch toy, as a great idea for kids, just like her daughter, who were carrying around sacks full candy they could never enjoy or eat.

In the book, The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft, the only type of fuel that can fly a witches broom is candy! So, the Switch Witch, on Halloween night, has the magical ability to swap a child's bag of candy and replace it with new, fun toys and activities.

Parents purchase a Switch Witch then read the accompanying book with their children, The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft. The witch, which is included in the package along with the book, is then hidden around the home motivating children to be on their best behavior.

Then, as a reward for good behavior, on Halloween night when the child is asleep, the Switch Witch will take the child's candy and swap it out for another toy, book, spare change, a gift card or other surprise.

Older children with food allergies know just how dangerous it is if they accidentally eat something they should not. The majority of the thrill of Halloween is still related to time spent using their imagination to find fun costumes that feature their favorite Paw Patrol, or My Little Pony toys or characters. Even for kids who can not eat the candy, filling up their loot bags is still fun.

Since candy is most likely never going to be removed from traditional Halloween parties and events, it becomes important for families with these special circumstances to create their own new traditions, that are both fun and safe for their children.

The Switch Witch story provides a nice alternative for kids to feel the thrill and excitement of receiving a fun little gift without worrying that they can get sick.

There are dozens of toys and activities under $10 that are available for parents to buy that will have children playing for many hours.

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