How to Take Great Pictures of Your Home

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    Entice Buyers With Gorgeous Home Photos

    Bedroom home staging tips
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    They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true when applied to the process of selling your home. These days, the vast majority of buyers search for a new house online, and the first thing they look at are the photographs of your staged home. In fact, pictures are what make potential buyers want to come to view your property. Many homebuyers are searching for homes in distant locales and can’t visit the property immediately. To sell your home fast, you must include good visual elements of your house online. Here are some staging tips that will help you make your home ready for great photography.

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    Create a Spacious Feeling by Decluttering

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    We all know that a shining, spotless house is almost certainly not a lived-in house. But the reality is, home buyers, do not want lived-in houses. They want an ideal one. Show them this idea by getting rid of any clutter, such as piles of papers and magazines, unsightly wires, remote controls, and more. This will also help to give your home the feeling of a spacious area and expansive views.​​

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    Highlight Your Home's Curb Appeal

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    Even if it’s only a picture or two, don’t forget the exterior of your home. It’s an essential shot that will help to draw buyer interest. But just like the interiors, ensure that the exterior of your house is photographed in its best light. Remove cars, if any from the driveway, and take shots in prime lighting conditions. While the best shots are taken during the day with full sun, partly cloudy skies can also make for beautiful pictures.

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    Depersonalize Your Space

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    When photographing your home, remove all personal items such as family pictures, sports memorabilia, books on political or religious topics, collectibles, and similar items. When a potential buyer sees such photographs, they are more focused on these objects and not your space. Moreover, images that express strong personal opinions or views can be an immediate turn-off. But, this does not mean that you need to get rid of everything. Just stick to the essentials such as furnishings and decorative pieces. Use neutral colors and neutral themes such as nature and abstract artwork to still add color and style to your interiors.

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    Turn On the Lights and Let in Natural Light

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    Natural light and artificial lighting make a room appear warm, inviting, and inhabitable. When taking pictures of your home, turn on all the lights, including lamps, reading, and overhead lights. This will help potential buyers picture a bright, positive place, somewhere they might want to be. Remember, everyone wants a house that is “light and bright” and not “dark and dreary.” Open up windows and let in natural light but avoid harsh direct light from the sun. Consider using sheer window treatments to diffuse light in high-glare rooms when taking photographs.

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    Clean Reflective Objects

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    Before taking pictures, make a note of all the reflective objects in your home and be sure to clean them thoroughly. Dust, dirt, or streaks from poor cleaning can easily show up in the photographs. In particular, clean and refresh mirrors, refrigerator, bathroom faucets, and kitchen appliances like microwave and oven.

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    Draw Attention to the Positive

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    When taking photographs, accentuate the positives of your home like your designer kitchen or spacious bedrooms. Remember, you want your home buyers to be wowed, so assess what areas of your house are “must-see” and click pictures accordingly. Negatives such as a busy street view or tiny workspace can wait until buyers come for physical inspection.

    When trying to sell your house, taking pictures of your staged home is an essential step in drawing buyer interest. Thus, make sure to follow these staging tips to create the right first impression.