Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure

While the Tommorowland live action movie may have flopped at the box office, Miles From Tomorrowland, a Disney Junior show that follows the adventures of Miles, a seven-year-old boy, and his family, has not. Miles from Tomorrowland focus' on fun, science-filled space adventures and the importance of family.

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    Introducing Talking Miles From Tomorrowland action figure.

    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure
    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure. ABS

    Designed for ages 3 and up, this Talking Miles action figure is 12" tall and made of plastic.  He's the first in a series of talking action figures, with a Merc Talking Action Figure recently released. Miles does more than your basic run of the mill action figure due to the  4 x AG13 batteries provided and installed.

    Press the Tomorrowland Transit Authority logo on Miles' suit and Talking Miles will say one of 15+ phrases, including:

    • "Yaah! Wee-ee!"
    • "Ahh, crators."
    • ...MORE4;Blastastic!"
    • "Check this out."
    • "I don't know what gnarly means, but it sure sounds blastastic."
    • "Hey, an emergency plan."
    • "I can't wait to show this to Loretta."
    • "I wish Loretta could see this."
    • "This is the life, dude!"
    • "Watch this, Merc!"
    • "Wow. That was intense."
    • "I am ready to ride."

    His neck piece will light up when he speaks. There is an on and off switch located on Miles' back, under his backpack, to conserve battery power.

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    Miles comes with a detachable Laserang.

    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure
    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure. ABS

    The laserang is the blue and black stick that sits in Miles' backpack. It stays in this backpack remarkably well and comes out easily enough. The laserang fits in Miles' right hand  (ie: the one molded to hold the tool), but not as well as I would have wanted. The laserang doesn't fit tightly.  It sits in Miles' hand, but it does take a little positioning. The whole point of having the laserang along with this Talking Miles is so that Miles can throw it. 

    You see, Miles has a...MORE torso that twists. If you put the laserang in Miles' hand and twist his waist, Miles is supposed to throw the before mentioned weapon as his torso moves quickly back into place.  This whole element fails, in my opinion. It seems like the laserang flies out of Miles' hand due to pure luck most of the time and it's hard to keep it in his hand when twisting his torso to make the action happen. Children might become frustrated by how hard it is to make Miles throw his laserang.

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    Miles' helmet visor flips forward with the flick of a finger.

    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure
    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure. ABS

    The movement is super fluid and allows you to see the cute little face Miles has! Miles has large almond shaped brown eyes , a pointy nose, and thin lips painted in a peach tone. He has a small amount of freckles under his eyes and around his nose. Miles has molded black hair that hide his strangely large ears. The biggest downside of this pretty face is that it is stuck looking in one direction. I would have loved to say that you could move his head left and right, but sadly, you can't....MORE It's stuck where it is.

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    While Miles' head may not be jointed, his limbs are (sort of).

    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure
    Talking Miles From Tomorrowland Action Figure. ABS

    Miles has a surprising amount of jointing in his limbs.  His shoulders will move up, down and out. His left arm has the most jointing, and allows him to bend at the elbow and turn his wrist. I can't do either of those things with his laserang throwing arm (his right arm).

    His legs will move up and down slightly, not too high due to his hard, cylinder body.  Miles has great knee joints.  They bend really well, better than any other joint he has. Last, he actually has a joint in his foot.  You...MORE can move his toes up and down slightly. I'm not 100% sure how useful this joint is, but it's an interesting place to have one.

This Talking Miles From Tomorrowland action figure is actually pretty neat. It's disappointing that his head can't turn, but I love the easy to flip helmet and the fact that you can bend at least one of his elbows and both knees. The laserang throwing action is a huge bust, but other than that, this is a pretty cool toy. You can find Talking Miles From Tomorrowland at your local Disney Store, in store and online.