Tan France Wants to Help You Refresh Your Routine This Spring

And his new campaign with Starbucks means you can win a coffee date with France

Tan France surrounded by spring flowers_3

Courtesy of Starbucks / Tan France

Tan France is no stranger to a busy routine. In addition to co-starring on Netflix's "Queer Eye" and "Next In Fashion," the popular TV personality also has his own clothing line, Was Him, and welcomed a baby boy with his husband in 2021.

And on top of all that, he's partnering with Starbucks on their Spring Coffee Break campaign, where anyone can enter to win a virtual coffee date with France himself.

But between all his various projects and his busy family life at home in Salt Lake City, Utah, France understands the need to stop and take a moment to refresh your routine—and no better time to do that than spring.

"If you have a moment in your life where you can switch things up, especially around spring, do it," he tells The Spruce.

(Just don't expect any tips for spring cleaning: "I'm the Monica of the Fab Five, which means I'm so uptight, and I'm so type A, and everything has a place and everything must be freaking clean," France says, referencing the well-known "Friends" character. "It's just always clean.")

We caught up with France to hear all his favorite ways to freshen up your space and your daily life for spring, from seasonal decor to—yes—the clothes you wear.

Switch Up Seasonal Decor

France loves to cook and entertain for friends in his home, often hosting 12 people multiple times a week at the dining table or in his garden, so he always makes sure the way he sets his table reflects the season.

"I like to make sure that my table setting is seasonal, which I know is so bougie but it's the life I live and I like it very much. And so I like my home to represent what's going on outside the house. So the floral arrangements that we'll have on the table, the table setting itself, the plates, the dinnerware that I use is seasonal," he says. "Whether it be a floral for spring—I know, obvious—or when it comes to the fall, darker, richer jewel tones."

But switching up seasonal decor goes beyond table settings for dinner parties. France says one of the easiest things to do when refreshing your living spaces is to swap out throw pillows or blankets, taking cues from the colors in nature outside or the temperature in the air to influence your choices.

"We have a couple of spots that are our relaxation spots," France says. "So we like to make sure that they feel as cozy, comfortable, and refreshed as possible."

Tan France next to Starbucks coffee and flowers

Courtesy of Starbucks / Tan France

Incorporate Something New Into Your Routine

Refreshing your home and routine for spring doesn't have to be done in huge, life-altering ways. For France, the smallest things can make the biggest impact in how you feel day-to-day.

"Switch up your coffee, try something new, get excited for your day. I love those little wins," he says.

But it doesn't have to just be coffee. France says something as small as a new toothpaste can add some excitement to your day if that's what you enjoy. He says anything that can shift up your routine and make your day feel a bit different can go a long way.

"It's those little things that can really make you shift things up and make you a little bit excited," he says.

And of course, France has tips for refreshing your wardrobe as well. He says that, after several years of people working from home, some may feel pressured to get really dressed up again for their in-office days. But that doesn't have to be the case. Instead, France prefers an "elevated comfort moment."

"If you were wearing something that was a soft pant, you can continue to wear a soft pant—that's fine—but that doesn't mean it can't be a chicer version," he says. "If you're wearing sweatpants, maybe a wool pleated pant. Or if you're wearing a sweatshirt, maybe a beautiful sweater...so it looks a little more professional and more appropriate for the workspace. So not getting rid of the comfort."

Make Space for the Important Things in Life

On the topic of working from home, France notes how his favorite item on his desk is not his stylish lamp or his favorite plant or the gorgeous desk itself, but something a bit more personal, and perhaps a bit unexpected: a digital picture frame which he calls "very Utah," gifted to him by his mother-in-law.

"It has these pictures of my son and my husband together," he says about the picture frame. "When I'm doing something like a Zoom, and I've got a pitch or a meeting or whatever with one of the studios that I work with, it's just nice to have that on my workstation thinking, 'Oh yeah, that's my real life. This is my job.' And I enjoy my job very much, but that's what all of this is for."

He says the most important thing about creating or even just refreshing your home office is making sure you create a space that makes you feel how you want to feel. He says having those little reminders about the important things in life is just as valuable as having a space where you can focus and do your job.

"It's the things that are really sentimental, like that frame right there—which again it feels so Utah, and it's so my 70 year old mother-in-law—but it just makes me really happy."