How to Host a Rapunzel Birthday Party

Playing rapunzel
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One of the best things about Disney's movie Tangled is that it appeals to both girls and boys. That makes it a great theme when you're hosting a co-ed birthday party.

Wondering how to bring Tangled to life for your young Rapunzel fans? Here are some ideas for a perfect party.

Rapunzel Party Decorations

When you're throwing a fairy tale party, the decorating possibilities are endless. Here are a few ways you could interpret the theme:

In the movie, Rapunzel's dream is to see the floating lantern ceremony. Hang lanterns around your home that you've either made or purchased. Insert battery-operated tea lights or glow sticks inside to honor that important piece of the movie.

Hang yellow streamers from the ceiling to resemble Rapunzel's hair.

Hang "wanted" posters of Flynn Rider, the thief/hero in Disney's Tangled, around your house.

Make a tower out of a large piece of cardboard or plywood, with a window opening where the kids can peer out and pretend they are Rapunzel. Set up a camera on a tripod in front of the tower for photo ops.

Use purple in your decorations, which is the color of Rapunzel's dress. Hang regal-looking purple birthday bunting, for example.

Decorate with the swirling sun image that plays an important role in Tangled. (The sun gives Rapunzel her magical powers and it is the image that helps the young woman realize she is a princess.) The sun image could appear on the purple birthday bunting or you could stamp it on brown paper sacks that you line up outside and illuminate with flashlights or battery-operated tea lights.

Rapunzel's sidekick in the movie is Pascal, a color-changing chameleon. Make these multi-colored Pascal party blowers, a project from Disney's site.

Provide the female guests with pointed princess hats that have long, golden yarn braids attached. For the boys, make fabric-covered party hats using blue and brown materials and golden buckles, to resemble Flynn's costume in the movie.

Rapunzel Party Food

Find ways to incorporate the snacks into the party theme. For example, you could hang a sign above the food table that says "Pub Grub" in recognition of the movie's scenes inside a pub where a bunch of thugs spends time. The pub is actually called the Snuggly Duckling, and you could make a sign that resembles the bar's sign (compare prices) instead.

Along those lines, serve root beer in clear plastic mugs (compare prices) and hearty sandwiches that would satisfy the hungriest pub thugs.

Rapunzel uses a cast-iron frying pan as a weapon when she captures Flynn in the movie. You could use frying pans as serving plates on your food table. Or, to make the kids' plates look like frying pans, attach construction paper handles to black plastic plates.

Rapunzel Party Cake

One of the easiest ways to connect a party theme to the cake is to print pictures related to it onto cardstock, and then attach those pictures to toothpicks or wooden skewers and use them as cake or cupcake toppers. You could use images from Disney's movie or use classic Rapunzel pictures found online or in vintage children's books.

The cake could also be shaped like the back of a woman's head and then covered in long strands of yellow frosting meant to look like Rapunzel's hair.

Other Rapunzel cake ideas:

  • Shape the cake like a cylinder, and then frost it to look like a tower. This Rapunzel cake from Crazy Beautiful Cakes is a great example of that.
  • Make a rectangular-shaped cake and frost it to look like a "wanted" sign for Flynn Rider.
  • The easiest cake to make would be a round one covered in yellow frosting with a swirling sun design on top, again incorporating the story's important sun symbol into the party

Rapunzel Party Games and Activities

In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel was an artist. To mimic that, you could set up easels or art tables (borrow from friends ahead of time) for the kids to use during the party. Tip: Be sure to use washable paints and have smocks available for the children to wear in case they came dressed in their best clothes.

Instead of individual art, you could outline a large scene from Tangled on butcher paper and attach it to a wall before the party starts. Then, have the kids paint or color your drawing to create a masterpiece together (and something the birthday kid could hang in her room later).

Here are some other Rapunzel-related activities for the kids:

  • To imitate the floating lantern ceremony and Rapunzel's dream of one day seeing it, have the children release helium-filled balloons into the sky. Give each child a strip of paper first, though, and instruct them to write their life's dream on it. Attach the dreams to the balloons, and then send them off. Keep in mind, though, that those balloons will eventually end up on the ground as litter and could pose a danger to animals that ingest them. To avoid that, release the balloons in the part of your house with the highest ceiling.
  • For a craft activity, make paper lanterns that the kids can take home. Give each child a glow stick they can insert inside their lantern and instruct them to use their lanterns as night lights.
  • Another memorable scene from the movie involves young girls in the village braiding and decorating Rapunzel's long hair so she doesn't trip over it. You could hire a hair stylist to give each guest a turn getting their hair braided at the party (or ask a friend with skills) or set aside time for the girls to make their own pretty barrettes.
  • One of the most popular characters in Tangled is Maximus, the stubborn steed who is determined to capture Flynn Rider. Why not offer pony rides at your party so that Max can be represented?
  • If you can't swing that, you could have the kids make stick horses from socks. If that project looks too complicated, cut horse heads from poster board, cut 3-foot lengths of PVC pipes, saw a small slit in the top of each pipe, insert the paper horse heads into the slits (adding a dab of hot glue, if necessary), then set out the plain stick horses along with paint, markers, stickers, sequins, and other craft supplies so the guests can decorate them as they see fit. Then provide time for the kids to ride their mini Maxes during the party.
  • Play charades using the names of the movie's characters, including Mother Gothel, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, the queen and king, Pascal, Maximus, and the pub thugs.
  • Send the kids on a treasure hunt, where they must find a hidden crown. Provide rhyming clues that lead them to the final destination. This could be how the kids find the birthday cake. Decorate the cake with a plastic crown on top, if that's the case.
  • In Tangled, Rapunzel's hair becomes magical when she sings. Set up a karaoke machine so the guests can make their own musical magic.

Rapunzel Party Favors

Here are some small gifts you could give the guests to say thank you for attending the party:

What ideas do you have for a Rapunzel or Tangled birthday party?