Target Bamboo Collection Rayon Made Sheet Set Review

Silky smooth and incrementally eco-conscious

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Pottery Barn Kids Cotton Woven Organic Bed Blanket

The Bamboo Collection Rayon Made Sheet Set at Target

The Spruce / Julie Hershman 

What We Like
  • 100% bamboo

  • Silky smooth texture

  • Grippy fitted sheet

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Prone to wrinkling

  • Manufactured with chemicals

If you value a luxe, comfortable sleeping experience over saving some money and super eco-friendly sheets, then The Bamboo Collection Sheet Set at Target might be the right choice for you.


Pottery Barn Kids Cotton Woven Organic Bed Blanket

The Bamboo Collection Rayon Made Sheet Set at Target

The Spruce / Julie Hershman 

In the search for a true bamboo sheet set, we came across The Bamboo Collection Sheet Set at Target. The material of these sheets are 100 percent bamboo using rayon fibers. Rayon processing is the least sustainable bamboo processing option, but these sheets were incredibly smooth and breathable. They have a fun stitched pattern on the pillowcase and deep pockets for the fitted sheet. Read on to find out if they are worth the higher price. 

Material: Not entirely eco-friendly

The Bamboo Collection Sheets are 100 percent rayon from bamboo fabric. There are many environmental benefits to using bamboo. It grows rapidly, doesn’t require harmful pesticides, and once it’s cut down, it regrows without having to be replanted. Bamboo yields ten times as much fabric as 1 acre of cotton, requires one-third the amount of water as cotton, and doesn’t use as much manpower for harvesting.

While bamboo rayon sheets are a step up from cotton/bamboo blend sheets and cotton/polyester blend sheets, rayon processing is not environmentally friendly. Some say it negates the benefit of even using bamboo at all. The process of turning bamboo into rayon starts off with a chemical bath, and the emissions from that processing contribute to air pollution. We know there are better bamboo sheet options on the market today that involve fewer environmentally harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. Fortunately, when we removed the sheets from the packaging there was no off-gassing or strong chemical odors emitting from the sheets.  

The Bamboo Collection Rayon Made Sheet Set at Target
 The Spruce / Julie Hershman

We tested the white color for its versatility, but The Bamboo Collection has several colors, including tan, ivory, teal, green, and light blue. The fitted sheet comes with very deep pockets and an elastic band sewn all the way around the edge. We like both of these features because we don’t have to worry about the fitted sheet sliding up and coming off the bed. We also have foam padding on our bed. There was plenty of room in the fitted sheet to reach underneath the mattress. The pillowcases, while very comfortable, were a bit large for our standard size pillows. We weren’t worried about the pillowcases falling off, but the look wasn’t as crisp as it could have been. 

Texture: Incredibly soft

They were extremely soft and even silky giving it a luxurious feeling that we hadn’t expected. These felt like some of the highest quality sheets we’ve ever slept in. The sheets were also very breathable and did not get too hot throughout the night. Bamboo is known for its moisture-wicking properties, too.

Another benefit of bamboo is its antibacterial qualities, which aids in keeping the sheets smooth and fresh between washing. People with allergies often turn to bamboo as a a hypoallergenic options.

The Bamboo Collection Rayon Made Sheet Set at Target
The Spruce / Julie Hershman 

Often people, looking to save money, will choose a bamboo blend rather than 100 percent bamboo. However, the difference between 100 percent bamboo sheets and other bamboo blends is noticeable. Bamboo blends are very soft, to be fair, but these sheets felt even softer.

Washing: Turned out totally wrinkled

After washing the sheets, there was no real difference in the texture. Fortunately, the sheets did not pill, they held up after both the wash and dry. When we initially received the sheets, they had very set-in creases due to the tight plastic packaging. We thought the creases might flatten out when we were sleeping, but they didn’t go away until they were machine washed

The Bamboo Collection Rayon Made Sheet Set at Target
 The Spruce / Julie Hershman

We followed the package instructions to tumble dry the sheets on low and promptly remove them from the dryer. We immediately put them right on the bed. Despite going straight from the dryer to the bed, the sheets were full of wrinkles. The bamboo material may be extremely soft, but you can’t get the same crisp look like cotton sheets. You could eliminate this problem using an iron, however, this isn’t something that we wanted to spend our time on.

Thread Count and Weave: Low count but high quality

These sheets have a 250 thread count which is typical for bamboo sheets. Compared to cotton sheets, this seems on the lower end, but because of the soft properties of the bamboo, the lower count holds up well. 

Thread count, which is for the number of threads in a square inch of fabric, is often manipulated by manufacturers. They have tricks to double the numbers by twisting a thread and doubling the number. In this case, the 250 thread count felt right. The sheets were softer than the higher-count cotton sheets that we typically use.

The Bamboo Collection Rayon Made Sheet Set at Target
 The Spruce / Julie Hershman

The Bamboo Collection describes the weave for these sheets as “plain,” but we would compare them to bamboo twill. This pattern is marked by diagonal lines across the sheets and offers a very fine weave texture. While it’s not as soft or shiny as a sateen, it’s still much softer than many cotton sheets. The weave was subtle and added to the overall comfort of the sheets.

Price: Too high 

These sheets are pricey, especially when taking into account the bamboo processing method. A queen or king four-piece set retails from $100 to $130. However, if you are looking for softness rather than environmental factors as your main motivation to buy sheets, these were extremely comfortable and felt luscious. 

If being earth-friendly is high on your priority list, there are alternate forms of bamboo sheets, including bamboo lyocell and bamboo linen fiber. Those sets can range from around $60 to $200 and would be the more environmentally conscious purchase.

Competition: Better options on the market

The Twillery Co. Alonzo Bamboo from Rayon Sheets: For an option at an affordable cost with a bamboo blend, we looked at The Twillery Co. Alonzo Bamboo from Rayon Sheets. Though they are blended with microfiber, these sheets are far more affordable than the Bamboo Collection. They also come in a few more colors and are just as soft as the Bamboo Collection.

Vegan Silk Bamboo Sheet Set: If you shop with the environment in mind, the Vegan Silk Bamboo Sheet Set is made from lyocell. The sheets are made using a closed-loop system meaning that the water is recycled and produces less harmful byproducts than rayon. These sheets are also breathable like the Bamboo Collection and their pillowcases even have a hidden zipper so the pillow doesn’t fall out overnight.

Final Verdict

A better bamboo option, but you could go greener.

Bamboo from rayon is a step toward sustainability but for the cost of these sheets, you could buy an alternative that is cheaper, and better for the environment. We can’t argue that these sheets aren’t comfortable, highly breathable, and insanely soft—because they are. However, they just aren’t the best available out there.


  • Product Name Cotton Woven Organic Bed Blanket
  • Product Brand Pottery Barn Kids
  • MPN 062-14-1065
  • Price $99.99
  • Color White, tan, teal, ivory, green, light blue
  • Sizes Queen, king
  • Includes One fitted sheet, one top sheet, two pillowcases
  • Material 100% bamboo-based rayon
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