I'm Obsessed With This Faux Ficus From Target—And It's Finally Back in Stock

It's the perfect home addition for a self-proclaimed plant-killer like me

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Faux ficus tree in Courtney's apartment.

Photo: Courtney Mason / Image Treatment: The Spruce

In early 2022, I embarked on a total redesign of my Brooklyn apartment. I ordered a beautiful new bed, sweatily assembling it myself, and managed to disassemble my old bed frame to sell on Facebook Marketplace. I painstakingly measured and hung a refreshed gallery wall. I rearranged my living room furniture, then rearranged it again, then rearranged it again for good measure. Then, I took a nap. 

When I woke up, the first thing I thought was: I need some greenery in this house, stat. But, I ran into a slight problem. While I love the idea of real plants, my apartment is quite dry and has inconsistent light throughout the day. Also, I have a black thumb and absolutely kill every live plant I come in contact with—but let’s agree to blame the dry, low light of my brownstone instead.

I knew that Target’s home decor section in stores often has a variety of tall faux trees, so I started browsing the app until I spotted this artificial ficus tree from their Threshold line designed with Studio McGee.

Threshold with Studio McGee Artificial Ficus Tree

Threshold with Studio McGee Artificial Ficus Tree


It was a new product at the time and had just a few reviews, but each review was positive. Something about the photography looked really promising, so I took the plunge. Well, I can happily report that was love at first sight, and I’m now obsessed.

In my opinion, the tree looks incredibly natural: it's tall, full, and verdant. It adds a big pop of color to my home and feels like a nice jolt of nature—even though I lack real houseplants to care for. I have a few other large, faux plants that I thought looked nice—but this one? This ficus blew them out of the water.

I have a few other large, faux plants that I thought looked nice—but this one? This ficus blew them out of the water.

Many artificial trees come in basic, black pots that you are supposed to place inside something else—which requires another purchase. This one, however, comes equipped with a lovely ceramic pot that is filled with faux moss, so you can place it on display as soon as you unbox it. 

Additionally, it's fairly light and easy to maneuver. This was important during the initial lift up four flights of stairs, but is also important to me on an ongoing basis, as I like to continually tweak and adjust my living room layout. 

The tree has a near-perfect 4.8/5 rating from 225 reviewers on Target, with commonalities like “honestly was so surprised by how great this tree was,” “looks very expensive,” “bigger and better than expected,” and “I am stunned at how beautiful it is.” And I completely agree.

In truth, during the process of writing this, I bought another for my apartment, bought one for my mom, and sent an urgent screenshot to my best friend letting her know it’s back in stock (she bought it immediately). Don’t sleep on this tree, fellow plant killers.