15 Ways to Redo Your Closet & Entry With Target’s Brightroom

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Rolling Entry Rack

Courtesy of Target

Target introduced their organizing line, Brightroom back in January 2022, which is dedicated to making well-designed storage and organization easy and affordable for all. With its versatile designs and range of aesthetics, the collection meets all organizing needs regardless of the space it's intended for. Whether it be stackable storage bins for tight spaces that need to be built vertically or garment racks to arrange clothes, Brightroom has a solution for all challenges.

Recently, they introduced new products spotlighting closet and entryway storage and organization, which includes closet systems, shoe storage, garment racks, and so much more to browse through. With majority products starting at $1 to most items being less than $25, it's a great opportunity to freshen up any space without having to worry about the after costs.

Read on the find out what 15 organizing essentials you need to declutter and bring back order into your life.

Our Top Picks

Brightroom Set of 2 Bar Flocked Hangers

set of 2 black hangers

Courtesy of Target

Keep your closet looking sleek and neat with these hangers. They will maximize the space in your closet by allowing you to hang various pieces of clothing and accessories, which are especially ideal if you have a small closet.

Brightroom Set of 4 Collapsible Fabric Drawer Organizers

Set of 4 Collapsible Fabric Drawer Organizers - Brightroom™

Courtesy by Target

This collapsible organizer has four different sized compartments that are ideal for drawers when you have various items that need a place to be seen. This will keep everything in your drawers looking tidy and coordinated, so you don't have to struggle when looking for something specific. When not in use, they can all collapse back and be stored for another time.

Brightroom 4 Shelf Tower Black Metal With Natural Wood

4 Shelf Tower Black Metal with Natural Wood

Courtesy of Target

Due to the open structure of this minimal, tall organizer, any daily items can be placed on the shelves to be more accessible. Whether it be placed in an entryway for shoes or even as a display for decorative accents, it can be used in numerous ways to liven up your space.

Brightroom Fabric Shoe Bin With Lid, Light Gray

Fabric Shoe Bin with Lid Light Gray

Courtesy of Target

As the season changes, so do our shoe options. Instead of having numerous pairs out in the open, tuck them away in these soft shoe bins that'll keep them in good shape until they're ready to be worn again. Brightroom offers several bin sizes, so find the one that fits your space and preference.

Brightroom Metal Garment Rack

Metal Garment Rack

Courtesy of Target

This modern garment rack fits any room style simultaneously organizing your space of clothes, accessories, shoes, and bins. While the top rack can be a place where you hang clothes, the bottom rack can be used to store away any bins, shoes, or bags if needed. The rack comes in three different colors: black, green, and white.

Brightroom 5 Tier Pants Hanger

5 Tier Pants Hanger Black with Natural Wood

Courtesy of Target

If you're constantly shoving your pants in wherever fits, this hanger is a must-have. Not only are you able to slip on five pairs of pants onto it, but you can also prevent a wrinkly appearance for the next occasion you wear it for, saving you time and the worry.

Brightroom Shelf Dividers, Light Gray

Shelf Dividers, Light Gray

Courtesy of Target

Needed a barrier on an open shelf, but didn't have one? Look no further. These shelf dividers can be easily installed as it comes with built-in accessory hooks and can give you the freedom to create multiple compartments anywhere that's suitable to your own accord.

Brightroom Rolling Entry Rack

Brightroom Rolling Entry Rack


Bring in this stylish rolling entry rack into any empty corner to spruce it up into a functional storing rack or a place to display your plants, books, or any other creative pieces that need a space of their own. With rounded shelves and wheels that can be locked in place, it brings style and function on a whole other level.

Brightroom Boot Tray, Beige

Boot Tray Beige

Courtesy of Target

Slide this boot tray into any storage cubby and make it a designated shelf for your dirty shoes, so you can keep your floors clean and dry. The ridged design will also speed up the drying process, so your boots can be ready faster for your next adventure.

Brightroom 4 Tier Shoe Rack

4 Tier Shoe Rack Black Metal with Natural Wood

Courtesy of Target

Store your shoes in an efficient and fast way whenever you come and go out of your place. The four tiered shoe rack has space for over 8 pairs of shoes and a top area for your keys or any other necessities that are easy to grab on the go.

Brightroom Hanging Fabric Storage Organizer

Hanging Fabric Storage Organizer Gray

Courtesy of Target

Place this hanging storage organizer in any closet to keep everything in pristine shape. From basics in the first four shelves to sweaters in the last two shelves, there are varying storage spaces for you to store all kinds of clothing articles or even linens in your laundry room.

Brightroom Small Stackable Bins With Front Opening

Small Stackable Bins Front Opening Clear Plastic


Whether you buy one or six, these stackable clean bins will allow you store items that can be visibly seen wherever you put them. The front-opening design is easy to use and put back without the hassle of moving everything around.

Brightroom Wire Closet System

Wire Closet System

Courtesy of Target

With a durable wire closet system like this, your space will be elevated with its contemporary look and ability to organize multiple items at once. Each shelf is able to hold up to 35 pounds and can be customized to one's liking.

Brightroom Hanging Accessories Organizer

Hanging Accessories Organizer

Courtesy of Target

Don't lose another earring or a pair of sunglasses with this hanging organizer that's specifically designed for accessories. Keep all your valuables in one place without having the worry of losing them or being unable to locate them when you're going out.

Brightroom 4 Drawer Metal Storage Organizer

4 Drawer Metal Storage Organizer

Courtesy of Target

A storage organizer grants you additional storage space for all your collectibles whether it be clothes or accessories. The open design allows you to see where everything is and provides good ventilation.

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