Review of Target Room Essentials Bedroom Furniture

Target dresser
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The Bottom Line

Target Room Essentials bedroom furniture has a cool, contemporary look and comes in a variety of finishes, but it looks much, much better than it performs. And at the prices Target is asking, this furniture is no bargain. Better deals can easily be found on better quality pieces.


  • Stylish contemporary look
  • Variety of finishes
  • Easy to find in all Target locations


  • Flimsy construction
  • Drawers don't glide smoothly or hang straight
  • Not made to withstand daily use
  • Expensive for what one gets


  • Wood composite with satin laminate finish
  • Dimensions: nightstand 20.7h x 23.7w x 15.71d; 6-drawer dresser 32.17h x 61.85w x 15.71d; 4-drawer 41.57h x 31.57w x 15.71d
  • Weight: nightstand 28 lbs; 6-drawer dresser 112 lbs; 4-drawer dresser 75 lbs

Guide Review - Review of Target Room Essentials Bedroom Furniture

I recently needed a dresser for a young boy's bedroom, and I didn't have a lot of time to shop around. (Mistake number one.) I hopped over to my local Target to take a look, and ran across their Room Essentials bedroom collection.

The 4-drawer dresser looked great and the finish was exactly what I wanted. The dresser was on sale, so I thought, "What a deal!" (Mistake number two.)

Finding help and getting the very heavy box to the register and then to my vehicle wasn't fun, but hey, I'll do about anything to save a few bucks.

Little did I know, that was only the beginning of the ordeal.

I consider myself a pro at assembling furniture. I've done a lot of it through the years. On a scale of 1-5 of difficulty in putting this together, I would rate it about a 2 or 3. It did take quite a bit of time to assemble, but the instructions were somewhat easy to understand, and all the pieces were there.

In fact, extra parts were abundant, which always makes me feel as if I have skipped a step somewhere. (I even had a drawer bottom leftover. Go figure.)

However, the further I got into the assembly of this dresser, the more disgusted I got with the quality of it. Glue is included and actually holds part of the dresser together. White, watery glue. It took me less than a minute to throw it in the trash and reach for my trusty Gorilla glue.

The drawer bottoms and dresser panels are flimsy, and I never did get the panel clips (that are supposed to hold the drawer bottoms and dresser back in place) to stay put. I finally gave up and left those out of the assembly.

After I put it together, I realized that the drawers don't sit in the fittings correctly, making the dresser look like some of the drawers aren't closed completely. The drawers also don't glide easily, making it harder for little hands (and big hands) to open and close.

At the original $119.99 retail price, and even at my $89 sale price, I wouldn't purchase this dresser again. Heck, I wouldn't buy it at half price. There are far better and more budget-friendly options available. See our list of dressers priced at less than $150.