6 Tasks to Do at Night to Relieve Morning Routine Stress

family's morning routine
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As a working mother you most likely have a very rushed morning routine that consists of an array of activities, from making lunches to applying makeup. In the morning you stress about getting the kids to school and yourself to work on time and in the best state.

However, you can cut at least 20 minutes from your morning routine and get everyone out the door on time by doing one or more of the following activities the night before:

Make Breakfast

Make a batch of pancakes and refrigerate them. Simply pop them in the microwave or toaster oven in the morning for a quickly made breakfast. What about eggs? Hard boil them at night and serve with toast for breakfast. By making the main part of breakfast at night, you'll cut significant time from your morning routine.

Put Out The Breakfast Dishes

This is a great idea especially if you wake up before everyone.  If the dishes and utensils are already out there is less banging around in the kitche.  In addition, if the coffee is setup and the mug is set, there's less thinking you have to do when you first wake up.  So get the cereal bowls and spoons out and while you're at it, take out the cereal, too.

Shower and Blow Dry Your Hair

If you shower and blow dry your hair at night you'll feel refreshed for your pending slumber. A hot shower is also a great way to unwind after a busy day.

If you're worried about your hair falling flat in the morning, simply blow dry it at night, and style it quickly in the morning.

Prepare Lunches

Many school lunch items -- from sandwiches to chopped vegetables -- can be prepared and refrigerated. Even hot items, such as soup, can be made at night, and heated in the morning.

It only takes seconds to put already prepared lunch items in the box.  Pack your lunch while you are at it.

Pack as much as you can

If the kids had homework, make sure it's in their backpacks the night before.  Running around for something as important as homework can add stress.  Also, pack all of your work related things including sneakers so you can go out for a walk (boost that energy!)

Clean Up

Leave dishes in the kitchen sink and hairspray on the bathroom countertop in the morning. Put off cleaning until after work, and you'll save time during your morning routine. However, dedicate yourself to getting the job done at night.

Pick out and Iron Clothing

Unless your children wear a school uniform, there's likely some fuss each morning about their attire. Instead of trying to reason with them during your morning routine, choose an outfit with your child and iron it at night. Similarly, choose your clothing at night so you're not scrambling for something to wear in the morning, too.

Watch the Weather Forecast

Avoid checking the weather on the Internet or watching the morning forecast on the news as part of your morning routine. Instead, watch the weather before going to bed for a glimpse of the next day's forecast to help you plan the family's attire and activities for the next day.

Edited by Elizabeth McGrory