Holiday Home Decor: Tastefully Staging During the Winter

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    Keep your Outdoor Decorations Simple and Welcoming

    holiday home decor christmas outdoor
    Decorate your staged home with minimal decor. jentara via Deposit Photos

    Holiday home decor is at the top of everyone’s list this season. If you are looking to sell your house during the winter season, make sure to stage it in an appealing, tasteful manner. While it’s a great time to sell your house as there is less competition and home buyers are highly motivated, it’s essential to strike the delicate balance between making your home festive and keeping it show ready. Take a look at these holiday home decor tips to keep your space in the festive spirit while on the...MORE market.

    Create Buyer Appeal With Tasteful Outdoor Decorations

    Curb appeal is an important element at any time of the year. During the holiday season, it often takes on a new meaning as everyone decorates their houses and landscapes to reflect the joy and celebration of the season. In order to create the right appeal, the entrance of the home should be kept very simple. Stick to white lights and use natural elements like seasonal flowers, pumpkins, and greenery to decorate. A simple festive wreath on the door, dressed up with a seasonal ribbon is another great way to decorate when your house is on the market. Keep decorations minimal and leave holiday humor out of your outdoor decor. Remember you don't know what preferences, religion or even age group will visit your home during the holidays to view your home for sale. Keep your holiday outdoor curb appeal appealing to all.


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    Ensure Holiday Decorations Enhance your Home's Style

    holiday home interior decorating
    Minimal decorations can still bring a festive mood. paulmaguire via Deposit Photos

    Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid During the Holidays

    While those cute Christmas flamingoes, festive gingerbread men and oversized inflatable snowmen in front yard may look great to you, they are a big distraction when it comes to selling your home during the holidays. Also, steering clear of personalized items such as monogrammed stockings is important because when Christmas decorations get too personal, buyers have a hard time envisioning themselves in the home. So, make sure that the decor is...MORE neutral and streamline it to just the necessities.

    Your Holiday Decorations Should Enhance your Interiors

    Make sure your holiday collection complement itself and your current home decor too. Every house has an architectural style, some specific features that sets it apart, and home sellers should include that style in your festive decorations. For instance, if you have a traditional home, vintage or classic decor will better accent than modern decorations. So, before you put up those festive trimmings, make certain they match your home’s color scheme and overall theme to avoid any distractions.


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    Choose Holiday Lighting that Adds Ambiance

    holiday home decor lighting ideas
    Keep holiday lighting welcoming and minimal. Brebca Deposit Photos

    Holiday Home Decor: Use Lighting to Add Warmth

    When it comes to holiday decor, there is nothing better than twinkling lights and crackling fires. But be sure to make smart choices. Consider energy efficient LED bulbs and use them with motion detectors or timers. Good lighting will not only add to the holiday spirit but will also help to illuminate your home’s exterior in the dark. For the interiors, light a fire in the fireplace for a perfect homey touch. Buyers will be grateful for a place to...MORE escape from the chill, and when you encourage them to spend more time in your house, you actually give them more time appreciate its best features.

    Focus on Positive Features of Your Home

    While too many decor pieces may distract home shoppers, the right ones can help to draw attention to your property’s best features. Use it to your advantage by hanging a few elegant ornaments from the mantel, highlighting the high ceiling with a tall, narrow Christmas tree, or dangling mistletoe in an arched doorway. The overall idea is to make focal points stand out.

    Don’t let the thought of selling your house during the off-season affect your holiday spirit. Just remember that there is a fine line between attractive decorating and pushing the limits. Fortunately, you can rely on these holiday home decor tips to create a buyer-friendly, festive environment this winter. This season still enjoy the holidays while your home is up for sale. Consider these tasteful home staging tips to attract buyers during the holidays.