The Best Taupe Paint for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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    How to Pick the Best Taupe Paint for Your Kitchen Cabinets

    York Gray
    Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

    The color you select for your cabinetry really sets the tone for the overall vibe of your kitchen. We've talked about some great paint options and tips if you're after a beautiful white kitchen, but today I want to talk about another favorite kitchen color of mine - taupe. Like white cabinets, taupe cabinets evoke a feeling of elegance and style without being too overpowering. 

    So what is taupe exactly?

    You know that glorious color that appears when a dab of milk is added to black coffee? The instant the cream hits the coffee...POOF a beautiful hue emerges, and that color is taupe! Taupe is essentially a light brown color with white undertones.

    Like all colors the specific color of taupe you end up with has a lot to do with the undertones. Taupe can have a gray, pink/red or yellow undertone to name a few. A good way to predict the undertone your color will have is to look at the top color on the paint swatch. If the top color has a strong red or yellow undertone than the colors down the swatch will as well. 

    Let's start with a few projects I've done in various taupe tones. 

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    Indian River 985 - Benjamin Moore

    Taupe Kitchen. Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

    I designed this kitchen for a show house last year and we used the color Indian River 985 by Benjamin Moore. Every cabinet was painted the same color with no distinction between the island and perimeter cabinetry. I really love the cohesive look, and because the taupe paint is so soft, having all cabinetry painted the same color does not darken or overwhelm the kitchen at all. The color is present and adds personality to the space while still creating a very tranquil and elegant atmosphere. The undertone of this hue is definitely gray, which is one reason this is such a soft and elegant taupe color. 

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    Smokey Taupe 983 - Benjamin Moore

    Smokey Taupe Cabinets. Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

    This little wet bar wears Benjamin Moore's Smokey Taupe 983 so well! Over the year's I've used Smokey Taupe a handful of times and each time I've been so happy with the results. This color has a bit of a red undertone to it. Nothing super strong, but the undertone creates a light airy color with a nice amount of warmth.  

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    York Gray - CW45 - Benjamin Moore

    York Gray. Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

    The company I work for, Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios used Benjamin Moore's York Gray CW45 on the perimeter cabinetry in this Holiday House kitchen from 2013. I know this color has the word gray in the name, but it definitely falls in the lighter realm of taupe in my opinion. It has a slight gray/yellow undertone and is very much a whisper of a color. If you are after a light and airy color and don't want to go with white, York Gray is the perfect solution. 

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    Top Taupe Contenders

    Google Search

    There are a slew of other taupe colors I've had my eye on over the years but haven't had the opportunity to use.

    Temperate Taupe - Sherwin Williams SW6037

    Truly Taupe - Sherwin Williams SW6038

    Joa's White 226 - Farrow & Ball 

    I can't speak to how these swatches translate into finished products, but from what I can see these colors look like they have major potential.  There's nothing like the understated beauty of a taupe kitchen, if you know of another color that works, please share, I'm always looking to add to my list!