Taylor Fuller

Taylor Fuller sitting holding a large houseplant
Taylor Fuller  

Taylor Fuller has been writing about houseplants for The Spruce since winter 2020. She has a collection of over 75 plants in her London flat. Her love of plants began in early 2020, and she has quickly become a proud plant parent and loves sharing what she learns as she goes (and sharing her missteps and recent additions to her plant graveyard along the way).


  • Recently had her first book, The Rainbow Atlas, published
  • Traveled the world as a travel blogger and content creator
  • Owns 75+ plants




Prior to writing for The Spruce, Taylor was a travel blogger and content creator. Her website, Travel Colorfully, garnered thousands of views and even inspired her first book, The Rainbow Atlas, a vibrant coffee table book featuring 500 of the most colorful places around the world.

In her years at The Spruce, Taylor has written primarily about all things plants from rare houseplant care tips to various plant-related decor pieces.


Taylor graduated from Loyola University in Maryland with a BA in journalism and photography.

Expertise: B.A. Journalism and Photography
Education: Loyola University Maryland
Location: London, United Kingdom
Title: Freelance Writer

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