Tea Latte Definition

Green tea latte
Pathara Buranadilok / Getty Images

Definition: Tea lattes are a variation on caffe lattes. Like caffe lattes, they are typically made with steamed milk. However, instead of espresso, they contain tea, usually in the form of matcha green tea or a concentrate made from strong-brewed tea.

The most popular type of tea latte is the chai latte, which is a Westernized variation on Indian masala chai. Other common types of tea lattes include matcha green tea lattes and Earl Grey lattes.

Some tea lattes are made with soy milk or other milk alternatives. When they are made as dry drinks (like caffe lattes), they can be adorned with latte art.

Tea lattes are often sweetened with sugar or honey, and can be modified into flavored lattes with caramel, vanilla, chocolate and other flavorings (which are usually added in the form of a syrup).

Like caffe lattes, tea lattes can also be prepared as iced drinks or as blended drinks.

Examples: chai latte, matcha green tea latte, Earl Grey latte