Teaching Children Math With Crafts

How to Use Crafts to Teach Children Math Skills

Find out how you can teach children math skills using crafts. Some kids may not agree, but math is a very important part of life. We use math to buy groceries, set a wrist watch, bake cookies, keep score at a sporting event, and many other things. Many of these things can be used as a math lesson without kids even knowing it. There are also many creative ways to reinforce math skills.

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    Clock Math Craft
    Clock Craft.
    Follow these directions and teach kids to tell time while encouraging them to create a fun clock.
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    Heart Counting Game

    Heart Counting Game
    Heart Counting Game.
    This project will help kids practice counting and number recognition.
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    Making Shapes
    Making Shapes.
    This is a fun printmaking activity that you can use to discuss geometric shapes with kids.
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    Math Rocks Craft
    Math Rocks Craft.
    Learn how to make this easy game that will help kids learn more about equations.
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    Money Holder Craft

    Money Holder Math Craft
    Money Holder Craft.
    You can use this money holder to help with coin recognition and money counting skills.
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    Number Pictures to Color
    Number Pictures to Color.
    Print out every number from 0 through 9 and use these pages to practice counting, addition, subtraction, or anything else math related.
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    Numbers Collage
    Numbers Collage.
    Learn how to use large numbers, cut out of card stock, to create fun collages. This is a fun project the youngest kids will enjoy.
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    Plastic Egg 123 Game

    Plastic Egg 123 Game
    Plastic Egg 123 Game.
    These instructions, shared by Patty will show you how to use plastic Easter eggs and ping pong balls to create an educational math game.
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    Sorting Sticks Craft and Game
    Sorting Sticks Craft and Game.
    Use craft sticks to create a great tool you can use to help kids learn how to count, and also teach other math skills.