32 Bold and Beautiful Teal Bedroom Ideas

blue squiggly paint

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Teal is a beautiful color to use in the bedroom. There are so many different ways to embrace this stunning hue in your sleep space, whether you're feeling inclined to paint the walls or are just looking to make your space shine with some smaller accents. The 32 teal bedroom ideas below are bound to inspire you throughout your decorating process.

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    Try Teal and Yellow

    teal walls and yellow

    @marinawrix_vintage / Instagram

    Why not pair teal with yellow? These two colors look wonderful together and prove that mixing light and dark tones is never a bad idea.

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    Use Teal to Make White Furniture Pop

    teal arched wall and pillows

    @lynziliving / Instagram

    Even if your furniture is just plain white, you can add major flair to your bedroom by painting the walls a bold teal. These simple white IKEA nightstands really pop against this stunning hue.

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    Paint the Walls Teal in a Kid's Room

    teal kids room

    @numbertwentytwosomerset / Instagram

    Teal is a great color for bedrooms for both children and adults. Teal is a color that will stand the test of time and will easily grow with your young one, too.

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    Pair Teal With Light Wooden Furniture

    teal walls with wood headboard

    @emma_holmes_interiors / Instagram

    Teal pairs nicely with soft wooden furniture for somewhat of a coastal look. Whether you live near a body of water or just crave a soothing color in your sleep space, teal is an excellent option for the walls.

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    Make It Eclectic

    teal headboard

    @awholenewbuild / Instagram

    If your style leans eclectic, you can most definitely have fun with pops of teal. This teal headboard and neon wall sign add tons of personality to this colorful, pattern-filled bedroom.

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    Mix Teal Paint and Wallpaper

    teal accent wall

    @bs5_homestyle / Instagram

    Who says you have to choose between paint or wallpaper? You can most definitely enjoy a mix of both. If you paint your walls teal, consider installing an accent wall that features a mix of teal and other vibrant hues.

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    Go Boho-Inspired With Teal

    teal walls behind bed

    @our_leyburn_home / Instagram

    If you love boho-inspired style, consider painting your bedroom walls teal and then accenting the space with key accessories, like a macrame wall hanging, some pampas grass in a vase, and plenty of neutral bedding.

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    Add Some Teal Board and Batten

    teal board and batten

    @nessas.nest / Instagram

    Adding some board and batten to bedroom walls is one way to really take your space to the next level. Hello, instant architectural flair! For some added oomph, paint over your accent wall in teal, as we see here.

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    Keep Art to a Minimum

    teal bedroom wall

    @indainteriors / Instagram

    Let your teal walls do the talking. There's no need to go overboard hanging up framed art when your walls are spectacular on their own. One oversized piece may be all you need to make your space look complete.

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    Paint an Arched Wall Teal

    teal arched wall

    @three.little.lions / Instagram

    Give an arched wall some special treatment by painting it teal to add some welcome contrast to any bedroom. This type of look is especially fun in a kids' space.

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    Mix Together Teal and Orange

    teal walls and orange bedding

    @phiconceptsuk / Instagram

    Don't underestimate how great teal can look with orange. These two peppy colors shine in this large primary bedroom and would make for a great pairing in a beach-inspired home, too.

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    Paint Your Door Teal

    teal walls and door

    @twentyfourcentral / Instagram

    When painting your bedroom walls, don't forget to give the door some love. Here, a teal door shines next to lighter blue walls and adds a luxe look to this space.

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    Go Squiggly

    blue squiggly paint

    @bbrettlouise / Instagram

    Why stick solely to straight lines? If a squiggly design is more your speed, opt to create something unique, like this teal masterpiece.

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    Use Teal Wallpaper

    teal walls and wallpaper

    Design: Rozit Arditi / Photo: Sinan Tuncay

    Teal wallpaper and paint look nice and luxe in this bedroom. Alternatively, you could choose to paint all four walls in your space and wallpaper your ceiling for an unexpected finishing touch.

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    Style Teal With Pink

    teal walls and trim

    @abigailjamesinteriors / Instagram

    How dreamy is this bedroom? Tall headboards like this one will bring an instant hotel-like feel to any space. Teal paint and pillows look lovely alongside the pink bedding used here.

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    Make It Loud

    teal bunk beds and walls

    @abigailjamesinteriors / Instagram

    Teal and hot pink are a big yes. If you love bold colors and can't imagine picking just one for your bedroom, you don't have to—the more energy and vibrance, the merrier.

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    Try Teal in Every Corner

    teal walls and floral wallpaper

    @littleterraceoncherrystreet / Instagram

    Teal shines in multiple areas of this dreamy bedroom. We see it on the painted walls, mixed into the patterned wallpaper, infused into the printed lampshade, proving how versatile the hue can be.

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    Design a Teal Nursery

    teal walls in kid's room

    @st_margarets_makeover / Instagram

    Teal is an excellent color for a nursery and isn't used nearly enough. Take a cue from this space and invite this cheerful blue into your little one's sleep area.

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    Paint Your Built-ins Teal

    teal built-ins

    @zoefeldmandesign / Instagram

    You don't need to paint your actual walls teal to bring the color into your bedroom. Instead, consider coating your built-ins in the beautiful blue, as we see here. Finish off the look with intentional accessories.

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    Try a Teal Accent Wall

    teal wall behind bed

    @awholenewbuild / Instagram

    Paint the wall behind your bed teal—you won't even need a headboard because the paint color is so powerful.

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    Use Teal to Add Character

    teal bed and wallpaper

    @eli_at_home / Instagram

    Here's another example of teal in a character-filled space. It makes an appearance on the headboard, wallpaper, and throw blanket.

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    Ease Into Teal With Pillows

    teal pillows on bed

    @henryprideauxinteriordesign / Instagram

    Maybe you'd like to ease into using teal in your bedroom, and that's okay, too. Perhaps try some teal throw pillows? These plush beauties add an extra dose of coziness to this mostly neutral room.

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    Try This Renter-Friendly Approach

    teal bedspread and pillows

    @eclecticdesi / Instagram

    If you don't have the ability to paint your walls, don't fret. Liven up your sleep space with a teal comforter and some matching pillows. Accessories like these are 100 percent rental friendly and you can easily bring them to your next space, too.

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    Pick a Tall Teal Headboard

    teal headboard

    Design: Kendall Wilkinson / Photo: Joe Fletcher

    Adding a tall headboard to your room will make your space look extra sophisticated. This teal color looks gorgeous alongside a lighter blue backdrop.

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    Go Maximalist

    teal headboard

    @susie_home / Instagram

    Here's another example of a stunning teal headboard—this one is made from velvet fabric and features a trendy scalloped design. There's truly an option for everyone.

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    Install Teal Grasscloth

    teal grasscloth wallpaper

    @heatherwellsinc_ / Instagram

    Teal grasscloth wallpaper looks high-end in this bedroom. Grasscloth adds instant texture to any space and is a timeless material.

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    Celebrate a Two-Toned Look

    teal board and batten

    @dubaitobelfast / Instagram

    Why not go two-toned? This bedroom demonstrates that teal and soft pink paired together are simply too cute.

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    Evoke the Ocean or Sky

    teal walls in child's room

    @home_with_candy_sky / Instagram

    Let your child's imagination run wild as they doze off in this lofted bed surrounded by teal blue, which will make them feel like they're exploring the ocean or flying high in the sky.

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    Paint a Wicker Headboard Teal

    teal headboard and blue walls

    @lizziemontgomerydesign / Instagram

    Give new life to a wicker headboard by painting it teal. Pieces like these are full of spirit; keep an eye out for something similar the next time you visit the thrift store or check out an antique sale.

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    Designate a Teal Office Spot

    teal walls by desk

    @1895stepler_house / Instagram

    If your bedroom doubles as your home office, you'll want to choose a paint color that will bring you joy all day long. This deep teal is calming to look at as you type away.

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    Keep Accessories Nice and Simple

    teal walls and pillow

    @rustonhouseinteriors / Instagram

    Mixing and matching colors in the bedroom isn't just for maximalists. To keep your space from appearing too busy, cut back on unnecessary accent pieces and instead let your main furniture items take center stage.

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    Embrace Teal and Brass

    teal walls and gold accents

    @1895stepler_house / Instagram

    Teal looks gorgeous alongside small gold accents, like the curtain rod and plant pot pictured here. So if you're looking to upgrade the hardware in your teal bedroom, brass is definitely a winner.