TEC Sterling III FR Infrared Gas Grill

TEC Sterling III FR Infrared Gas Grill
TEC Sterling III FR Infrared Gas Grill. TEC Grills

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The TEC Sterling III is a three burner infrared gas grill using TEC's proprietary technology that provides 100% infrared heat. This means very high-temperature grilling that is perfect for foods that want a hot and fast cook. The TEC Sterling can produce temperatures over 800 degrees F. evenly. This makes this gas grill one of the best steak cooking appliances on the market.

Made in the United States of complete 304 stainless steel; this is also one of the best-built grills on the market.


  • Reaches extreme high temperatures
  • High-quality construction
  • Efficient infrared technology


  • Infrared cooking system requires relearning grilling


  • Three 16,000 BTU radiant glass infrared gas burners
  • 522 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 696 square inches
  • 48,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 304 stainless steel stamped cooking grates
  • Electronic (battery powered) ignition
  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction
  • Convertible between propane and natural gas with additional equipment
  • Made in the United States by TEC Infrared

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Guide Review - TEC Sterling III FR Infrared Gas Grill

Bill Best is the inventor of the gas-powered infrared burner and virtually all infrared cooking equipment being used today. For the last several years, TEC has been producing gas grills using Bill's complete infrared solution.

The TEC burner (not to be confused with the considerably lower quality Char-Broil version of the same technology) converts all of the heat produced by a gas burner by passing it through a metal screen and a plate of blue tempered glass.

Apart from the higher temperatures, the advantage of infrared technology is the low airflow.

In a conventional gas grill, air is drawn in the bottom, heated and then flows over the food. This can dry out meats quickly. With this style of infrared technology, there is very little airflow. In fact, the cooking grates of this grill sit directly on top of the glass infrared converter plate. The air between the heat source and the food is trapped inside as well as the moisture the food produces. So not only does food cook faster and at higher temperatures, but with less drying.

The TEC Sterling III FR is a standard sized 3-burner gas grill. Because of the way this infrared grill works you can heat a pot on the infrared burner as effectively as if it were on a side burner. For this reason, TEC doesn't offer a side burner. Similarly, the cooking chamber is perfect for rotisserie cooking and since flare-ups are very rare you don't have to worry about burning foods on a rotisserie.

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