Great Tech Toys and Gadgets for the Easter Basket

Fun Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

Easter baskets can be a challenge, especially as kids get older. They're no longer excited about a jar of bubbles, but you don't want to drown them in chocolate or candy either. Why not go with tech? It doesn't have to be super expensive. Each of these items can be found for less than $20, fits in a basket, and will still catch the eye of your favorite tween or teen. These are just for inspiration, so don't feel stuck if something isn't quite right for the kids in your life. 

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    Cute USB Flash Drive

    C-3PO USB Flash Drive from MimoBot

    USB Flash drives are great for storing content for on the go, including all of your favorite music, or the movie you've been working on with friends. They now come in a wide range of fun characters and designs. This C-3PO from Mimobot is sure to make Star Wars fans smile.

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    Zootopia Judy Disney Infinity Character
    Disney Infinity

    Disney Infinity characters unlock new content in the game, but they're also cute for collecting. Judy Hopps from Zootopia is the perfect choice as she's bound to have an "in" with the Easter Bunny. Do make sure the recipient already owns Disney Infinity 3.0 first.

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    iTunes gift card

    It's hard to go wrong with an iTunes gift card. Those with iPads and iPhones can buy apps, while anyone can enjoy books and music. And if you've got a kid who is really hard to please, this is the way to go. 

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    PIkachu Amiibo

    For Nintendo households, Amiibo are the hot collectibles. These figures unlock content in various games. Pikachu is a favorite among Pokémon fans, so he certainly would be a treat in an Easter basket as well. 

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    Wicked Witch LEGO Dimensions Characters

    If LEGO Dimensions is the thing around your house, any of the various add-on packs will be welcome. The Wicked Witch Fun Pack comes with a flying monkey (of course!) and her very own broom.You can also look for Dr. Who, Scooby-Doo, the Simpsons, or whatever will most appeal to your kids. 

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    Blue-lit gaming mouse

    Computer mice are a unique way of expressing yourself. This gaming mouse from SADES looks sharp and may help your favorite kid up their game. If the style isn't right for the kid you have in mind, shop around for something else that's a better fit. There are a lot of choices out there.

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    Video Games

    WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

    Here's a tip... if you can get away with it, seek out used video games for their baskets. You can often find good deals, so you won't break the budget. If you're not sure what to get, give them a gift card to a video game store and take them out to browse for something fun.

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    Bluetooth Speaker

    Copyrights @ Arijit Mondal/Getty Images

    Bluetooth speakers pair up with their tablets and mobile devices so they can listen on the go. They don't have to be pricey; these are just so kids can share their music with friends when they are out and about. A lower-cost speaker won't wow anyone with the sound, but it also won't be a crisis if it's lost or stolen.

These are just some teasers to get you started. There are earbuds and headphones and inexpensive MP3 players. What about cell phone and tablet cases or skins to decorate the gadgets they already have? There are portable chargers for phones, or a brightly colored cable (or three) to replace the ones that inevitably are lost or destroyed.