Technology Trends for Weddings

New Technology and its impact on weddings

If there's one thing that is constantly evolving, improving and impacting every industry it would have to be technology. As new products, apps and even robots are invented, technology is making major waves even in the wedding industry. This article will highlight some of the recent developments in the world of technology as it relates to weddings, and also share some practical applications for use in the wedding day. Whether you consider yourself tech-savvy or a total newbie, these new...MORE inventions can totally take your wedding to the next level. 

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    Drone Wedding Photography

    Drone Wedding Photography
    Drone Wedding Photography. B&H Photo

    Drone photography and videography is a hot new trend in the world of weddings. Drones are remote-controlled robots that fly like miniature helicopters, which allow you to capture aerial views and sweeping video of your wedding day. Thanks to high quality camera equipment like the GoPro Hero you can get Cinema quality video footage of your wedding at a fraction of the cost.

    Drones come in all shapes and sizes and at a variety of price points. Drones allow you to capture vantage points of your...MORE wedding day you wouldn't otherwise be able to get with standard videography or photography. 

    Drums are best utilized for weddings that occur outside so if you're having a backyard wedding, a vineyard wedding or a farm wedding you would be a great candidate for drone coverage.

    One thing to note is that drones can be a little noisy so make sure not to fly them low during the quiet or intimate parts of the ceremony.


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    Periscope. Periscope

    Periscope is a hot new app that debuted early in 2015 that allows users to broadcast live streaming video directly from their smartphones. You can easily use Periscope to live broadcast a wedding to anyone who is unable to attend in person.

    If you'd like to use Periscope on your wedding day make sure to designate someone to capture the ceremony on their phone. It is important to note that your connection will work best if you're logged on to a strong Wi-Fi network. 

    Be sure to remind...MORE whoever records the Periscope of your wedding to use your wedding hashtag so that your loved ones who couldn't be in attendance are able to find it in their social media feeds. I'd recommend also setting up an IFTTT recipe that will auto post your Periscope stream to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so that it has the best chance of being seen by more people. You can also set up a account to save all footage shared on Periscope for repurposing later -- even in your official wedding video!

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    3-D Printing for Weddings

    3D Printed cake topper
    3D Printed cake topper.

    Last but certainly not least, another tech-related wedding trend is the rise of 3-D printing. There are so many practical applications for 3-D printed items whether it's jewelry, decor items or even accents for your wedding cake. 

    You could have items pre-printed to give as favors for your guests or to use as decor at your reception. If you're looking for an even more interactive experience, you could opt to have a 3-D printer set up to make custom objects for your guests live and...MORE on-demand. 

    It is possible to 3-D print in a variety of materials for practically endless applications. From Plastic, Metal, Ceramics, Wax, and even sugar for candies, there are limitless options when it comes to creating something unique for your wedding using a 3-D printer. You can even get a custom cake topper made in the likenesses of the bride and groom! 

Thanks to technology, there's more ways than ever to personalize your wedding with unique and out-of-the-box details. Will you be trying anything of these wedding tech trends for your big day?