TED Talks Parents Can Watch with Young Adult Millennials


TED Talks is an international organization that focuses on sharing inspiring and unique stories from all kinds of people around the world. For young adults and Millennials, video is a constant source of entertainment and information. Spend some time with your grown kids watching some of these inspiring, entertaining and unique talks by people from all walks of life - artists, business people, parents, geniuses.



Shonda Rhimes - February 2016 - TEDX Vancouver, BC 
My year of saying yes to everything

The creator of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder talks about the life-changing experience of saying yes to everything for one year, and how facing her fears and doing things just because she's asked to changed her life for the better.

Tristan Harris - December 14 - TEDX Brussels
How better tech could protect us from distraction

The distractions of technology and all the beeping and notices we get each day are equivalent to the addictive qualities of playing slot machines. Better tech could make us less distracted.

Norman Lear - February 2016 - TED2016
Norman Lear: An Entertainment Icon on Living a Life of Meaning - interviewed by Eric Hirshberg

What does a 93 year old have to say to young adults? Plenty. Legendary producer, director and political activist Norman Lear's charm, wit and success are evident in this interview conducted by Eric Hirshberg.

Lear is as sharp as can be and fascinating. However old you are, this is worth watching.

Astro Teller - February 2016 - TED2016
The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure

Teller works at the "moonshot factory" where the goal is to make mistakes to be able to make big things happen. While their projects are enormous, the point that mistakes often turn into successes is made.

Monica Lewinsky - March 2015 - TED2015
The price of shame

Whatever your politics, listening to Monica Lewinsky talk about her life and how being publicly shamed and cyberbullied in the early days of the internet has shaped her life is inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time.

Nicole Paris and Ed Cage - November 2015 -  TEDYouth2015 
A beatboxing lesson from a father-daughter duo

Some parents and kids play board games together. Some watch sports. Some work on cars or go antiquing. This father-daughter duo are beat-boxers. Fun stuff. Give this a try with your young adult and see what happens.

Neil Harbisson - June 2012 - TEDGlobal2012
I listen to color

Artist Neil Harbisson was born without the ability to see color, so a computer chip was installed into his brain to allow him to hear color. Listen to him explain how he "sees" color everywhere now that he can hear it. 

Darryle Pollack - April 2014 - TEDX Napa Valley
I never signed up for this

Breast cancer survivor, artist and writer Darryle Pollack talks about why a bad hair day can be a good thing and other wise insights she learned both before and after her diagnosis.

Carol Dweck - November 2014 - TEDxNorrkoping Sweden
The power of believing you can improve

The power of "yet" inspires Carol Dweck. Wondering what can happen next is part of learning to deal with failure. Comparison of the fixed mindset to the growth mindset by this researcher.

Susan Cain - February 2012 - TED2012
The power of introverts

There's nothing wrong with being an introvert, but the world often doesn't know what to do with them. Susan Cain, bookworm and introvert, explains her process of learning to accept her quiet, self-contained persona.

Sheryl Sandberg - December 2010 - TEDWomen2010
Why we have too few women leaders

Before "Lean In," Sheryl Sandberg was talking about the lack of women at the top of the corporate ladder and political leadership. Watch with daughters - and sons, too.

Angela Lee Duckworth - April 2013 - TED Talks Education
Grit: The power of passion and perserverence

A management consultant turned teacher turned psychological researcher, Angela Lee Duckworth discusses how "grit," not IQ or looks or any other factor, will determine whether a child will succeed academically. 

Jennifer Senior - March 2014 - TED2014
For parents, happiness is a very high bar

The anxiety and stress of raising children in our society today is the topic of this TED talk by writer Jennifer Senior. Are we overloaded with instructions and information? Probably. Senior explains why.