38 Modern Teen Bathroom Ideas

White ladder shelf filled with accessories in a bathroom

Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

If you're looking for inspiration to give your teen's bathroom a makeover, you've come to the right place. The trick to designing a space that both you and your teen will love and won't outgrow is to use timeless materials and colors—creating a neutral base is important because it can easily be updated with accessories such as towels, a shower curtain, or fun soap pumps. Gain inspiration from this collection of bathroom designs that strike the right balance between whimsical and grown-up to give your kids the bathroom makeover of their teenage dreams!

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    Sweet Scalloped Vanity

    Blue vanity with white mirror above it on a blue and white wallpapered wall

    Britt Design Studio

    A light blue vanity with a sweet scalloped detail is the star of the show in this beautiful bathroom designed by Britt Design Studio that proves you don't need a large space to pack a design punch. Besides adding a visual accent to the space, the vanity also features two large drawers with plenty of storage space for any teen. An ornately shaped white-framed mirror and sconces lighten up the room—the fun, geometric, blue, and white wallpaper continues the serene color scheme.

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    Floral Print Wallpaper

    Floral wallpaper and mint green vanity

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Wallpaper is a great way to completely transform a space and give it personality. This lovely bathroom by Whittney Parkinson Design uses a stunning floral print wallpaper as a backdrop for mint green and white vanity. One great design trick to use when working with wallpaper is to pick one of the colors used in it and incorporate it into a piece of furniture, such as a bathroom vanity. White scones flank a tall brass mirror that echoes the warm-toned hardware on the drawers and ties the whole sweet yet grown-up teen space together.

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    Farmhouse Style Bathroom

    Bathroom with farmhouse sink, blue accent wall and two round hanging mirrors

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    A slate blue accent wall sets the scene for this farmhouse-style bathroom from Ashley Webb Interiors. Infuse style into your teen's bathroom by using a floating farmhouse-style vanity and interesting mirrors such as these round black mirrors with rope detail. Instead of hanging traditional towel bars or rings on the wall, use a decorative ladder to hold bath and hand towels—it'll add a cool decorative accent and you can move it around as needed since there's no drilling involved.

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    Buffalo Check Accents

    White vanity with chrome mirror and two sconces above it

    Britt Design Studio

    Go neutral in your teen's bathroom with a monochrome color palette similar to the one from Britt Design Studio. Monochrome doesn't mean boring—one of the best ways to add visual interest without introducing new colors is through a pattern. For a teen boy's bath, buffalo check is a great choice because it's simple, elegant, and timeless.

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    Dusty Pink Vanity

    Bathroom with light pink vanity

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Instead of using color on the bathroom walls, consider using it on your teen's vanity, like Kate Marker Interiors did in this sophisticated space. A dusty pink vanity is the focal point in an otherwise all-white bathroom and adds a touch of sweetness, youthfulness, and elegance. Painting a vanity and switching out its hardware is also one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to give it a custom, designer look on a budget.

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    Floating Shelf Storage

    Floating shelves with blue wallpaper behind them

    Leclair Decor

    Turn practical storage into a visually appealing design feature such as Leclair Decor did in this bathroom. Light wood floating shelves add a touch of earthy warmth and provide plenty of space for decorative accents as well as necessities such as towels and storage canisters. To give your shelves a more interesting and custom look, place wallpaper behind them—it'll make them pop as well as introduce color and pattern into the space.

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    Calm and Serene in Lilac

    Light purple bathroom with freestanding tub

    Mary Patton Design

    This lovely lilac-colored bathroom by Mary Patton Design exudes sophistication and a spa-like feel. A space that any teen girl would love, it's timeless yet simple, and easy to replicate in your own home. Instead of just using a paint color on the walls, consider using it on trim, built-in shelves and cabinets, and the ceiling. This will create the high-end designer feel you see in this bathroom and really drive home the color theme.

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    Wainscoting Meets Wallpaper

    Bathroom with wood vanity and floral wallpaper

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    Give your teen's bathroom a grown-up makeover inspired by this bathroom designed by Stephanie Hoey Interiors. While wallpaper is a beautiful way to decorate, the truth is that it can get pretty pricey. One of our favorite tricks to cut down on cost is to install wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall and only use wallpaper on the top half. Not only does this mean you only need half the amount of wallpaper, but it also creates an interesting two-toned look.

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    Hardware as Decor

    Double vanity with pink wallpaper behind it

    Victoria Bell Design

    This stunning bathroom from Victoria Bell Design shows that cabinet hardware is the equivalent of jewelry—it's the final layer that dresses up and completes the room. If your teen's bathroom has a standard builder-grade vanity but you're not in the market for a new one, simply switch out the hardware. It'll instantly change the look of not just the vanity but the whole bathroom, all without costing a lot of money or requiring a lot of work.

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    Wallpaper the Ceiling

    Bathroom with wallpapered ceiling

    Noelle Ryan Interiors

    For an unexpected and funky design touch, instead of using wallpaper on the bathroom walls, use it on the ceiling like Noelle Ryan Interiors did in this bathroom. It's a fun way to add personality to your teen's bathroom and it draws the eyes up, creating a sense of height and space in even the smallest of rooms.

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    Rustic Teen Bathroom

    grey bathroom

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    Gain inspiration from this rustic style bathroom by Ashley Webb Interiors that sections the space off into three different areas and purposes — storage, main vanity and a smaller makeup vanity. Chunky wood is used throughout the bathroom to give it a rustic feel, while warm gray walls add a moody feel and are a contrasting backdrop for light countertops and white towels and bath accessories.

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    Touch of Whimsy

    Bathroom with whimsical wallpaper

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This charming bathroom by Kate Marker Interiors is full of touches of whimsy perfectly suited for a teen space. An adorable floor-to-ceiling wallpaper keeps the mood light and bright, while a striped towel adds a playful touch and a hexagon-shaped mirror introduces an unexpected shape and bounces light around the room.

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    It's All in the Details

    Bathroom with gray tile and wallpaper and white shower curtain with black tassels

    JLA Designs

    One small design detail has the power to change a whole room, as you can see in this light, bright and airy bathroom designed by JLA Designs. Accessories are your best friend when it comes to adding a youthful touch to an otherwise more grown-up bathroom. Something as simple and inexpensive as a cute shower curtain with a tassel detail will add a playful element without doing any construction.

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    Pretty in Pink

    Bathroom with floral wallpaper

    JK Interior Living

    If your teen has graduated from the all-pink everything stage but still loves the color, use it in small and subtle doses like JK Interior Living did in this lovely bathroom. A large-scale floral print wallpaper steals the show in this space and adds a soft pop of pink that you can enhance and continue throughout the room with small accents such as vanity flowers, towels, or soap pumps.

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    Black and White

    Bathroom with black and white wallpaper and blue vanity

    Britt Design Studio

    This bathroom designed by Britt Design Studio has it all—style, function, and a playful look any teen would love. A monochrome wallpaper is a minimal backdrop for black and white fixtures and accessories, while a saturated blue vanity adds a splash of color and livens up the all-black and white space.

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    Animal-Themed Artwork

    Navy vanity and horse photo hanging in bathroom

    Interior Impressions

    Incorporate your teen's hobbies and favorite things through artwork that'll add instant character, such as the stunning horse photograph in this bathroom by Interior Impressions. Framed black and white animal photography will bring in a sophisticated yet fun element and fill a blank wall with tons of personality.

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    Grafiti-Inspired Walls

    Bathroom with black vanity and graphic wallpaper

    Latham Interiors

    Go bold with graffiti-inspired walls such as these in a stunning bathroom by Latham Interiors. It's an elegant take on street art that both you and your teen will love, and a striking design statement that'll wow anyone who enters the room. With a busy wallpaper like this, keep the rest of the space visually simple and calming to give the eye a place to rest and maintain balance.

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    Industrial-Style Teen Bathroom

    Bathroom with industrial style vanity

    Kate Marker Interiors

    For an older teen's bathroom, take cues from this industrial-style space designed by Kate Marker Interiors. A stunning light stone vanity is juxtaposed with black hardware, vanity legs, and a mirror. A mix of floor and wall tiles creates an eclectic feel while a medium-gray wall color adds a moody tone to the whole space.

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    Decorative Hardware

    Floral towels hanging on towel bar

    Victoria Bell Design

    Add personality, style, and whimsy to your teen's bathroom with cute hardware in the form of a fun towel bar like this brass one used by Victoria Bell Design. It instantly elevates the space and makes it feel more special and personal than standard chrome bars or rings that may have come with the house. Add a pair of colorful, theme-appropriate towels and you've instantly made your teen's bathroom feel more like theirs.

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    Jewel-Toned Accents

    Bathroom with gem green mirror

    Mary Patton Design

    A striking emerald green mirror brings the wow factor to this small but mighty bathroom by Mary Patton Design. If you're updating your teen's bathroom and are looking for simple ways to add a lot of impacts, a mirror is a great way to do it. It tends to be an inexpensive accessory that can easily be switched out as needed, yet it's a focal point that has the power to completely transform the whole bathroom.

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    Oversized Vanity Mirror

    Blue vanity with oversized mirror above it

    Mary Patton Design

    Speaking of mirrors, this black, white, and blue bathroom also designed by Mary Patton Design uses a mirror to make a design statement. Instead of using a standard-sized mirror above your teen's vanity, go big (literally!) with an oversized mirror in a thin frame—it'll help make the space feel bigger and reflect colorful towels, shower curtains, wallpaper, and other design elements in the room.

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    Geometric Glam

    Black vanity with gold mirror and green vanity light

    Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photography by Bowler Lane Films

    If your teen is into all things glam, this bathroom by Blakely Interior Design will give you lots of inspiration. Consider painting the bathroom vanity in a high-gloss paint finish to achieve a shiny look—use brass hardware and accents, incorporate a geometric print tile or wallpaper, and add bright pops of color to finish off the glamorous, hotel-style bathroom.

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    Classic Stripes

    Gray vanity and mirror with white and yellow striped walls

    Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photography by Andrea Pietrangeli

    You can't go wrong with stripes—whether vertical or horizontal. When it comes to decorating a teen bathroom—it's a classic and timeless look that will never go out of style, as this bathroom designed by Blakely Interior Design shows. A bright yellow and white striped wall lends a lively, playful feel to the space, while a scalloped gray mirror introduces a new shape and ties in the vanity color.

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    Grown-Up Florals

    Bathroom with blue vanity and mirror and black and white wallpaper

    Interior Impressions

    For an older teen who may not be into cute flowers anymore, take the grown-up route and use a sophisticated floral wallpaper like Interior Impressions did in this bathroom. The black and white flowers are still sweet and youthful but in an elegant way. A floral piece of art emphasizes the theme and continues the monochrome color theme. For a matching look that'll liven up a black-and-white room, paint your vanity and mirror frame the same color such as this pretty powder blue.

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    Coastal Teen Bathroom

    Gray vanity with round wood mirror and blue and white wallpaper

    Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photography by Andrea Pietrangeli

    A coastal style is sure to add a modern relaxed vibe to any bathroom, as you can see from this space by Blakely Interior Design. A gray vanity grounds the space while a blue, white, and gray wallpaper mimics the look of crashing waves, and a round wood frame mirror adds an earthy touch. Crisp white towels and white wainscoting keep the space light and bright, enhancing that fresh beachy look.

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    Dresser-Style Vanity

    Bathroom with blue vanity and light pink and white wallpaper

    Britt Design Studio

    A light blue dresser-style vanity stands out against a muted wallpaper in this lovely bathroom designed by Britt Design Studio. This type of vanity dresses up a bathroom and adds charm, character, and personality—elevating the space from simply utilitarian to more decorative. Don't overlook the impact that light fixtures can have—wall sconces are a great way to add a pop of color and texture, as well as brighten the room, of course!

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    Creative Storage Solutions

    Bathroom with wood vanity, black accessories and black and white wallpaper

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If your teen's bathroom lacks shelf space, get creative with storage solutions and get a nice basket to hold rolled-up towels like Kate Marker Interiors did in this rustic-style bathroom. The basket will add a nice textural element to the room while also providing an easily movable storage solution.

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    All-Blue Teen Bathroom

    Bathroom with blue vanity and blue wallpaper

    JLA Designs

    Blue is one of the most popular colors when it comes to decorating bathrooms, and it's certainly a great color choice for your teen's bathroom as well. This all-blue space from JLA Designs uses the color on the walls and vanity—one way to do a space in just one color is to use it in different ways. For example, the vanity here is painted a solid blue, while the color is used through pattern and is mixed with white on the walls to add contrast and keep the room from looking flat.

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    Playful Floor to Ceiling Wallpaper

    Floating wood vanity with brass mirror and whimsical wallpaper behind it

    Interior Impressions

    Go all out with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper in your teen's bathroom, like Interior Impressions did with this playful pattern. A brass mirror picks up the gold from the paper while a floating wood vanity adds a contemporary feel and keeps as much of the wallpaper exposed as possible.

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    Accentuate Slanted Walls

    White bathroom with light blue wallpaper on slanted walls

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photography by Ryan Liebe

    If the bathroom you're working on has slanted walls like this one from Emily Henderson Design, instead of seeing it as a disadvantage, accentuate them and incorporate them as a feature by painting or wallpapering them including the ceiling—It will create continuity and visually enlarge the space.

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    Add Beadboard for a Two-Toned Look

    Wood vanity with round mirror above it and floral wallpaper

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Create a two-toned look inspired by this bathroom from Kate Marker Interiors by installing beadboard and painting it a deep color like this charcoal gray. Beadboard can be purchased in sheets and is easy to install and paint, and can also be a more affordable option than a wall tile.

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    Go Dramatic With a Mural

    Bathroom with green vanity and mural wallpaper

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    This bold mural wallpaper featuring muted-colored trees creates a striking effect in this bathroom by Whittney Parkinson Design. Give your teen's bathroom a dramatic makeover with mural-covered walls that serve as artwork at the same time. Keep the rest of the space simple with an understated mirror, minimal accessories, and a vanity whose color ties in the walls for a harmonious look.

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    Pattern Play

    Wood vanity with reflection of bold purple and white wallpaper in the mirror

    JLA Designs

    Don't be afraid of mixing colors and patterns—this bathroom design from JLA Designs features a light blue and white wallpaper on one wall and the mirror reflects a bold purple graffiti-style style paper on the opposite side. The key to doing two wallpapers in one space is to think about scale—use one paper that has a small-scale print and another that has a large-scale pattern so they balance each other out.

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    Timeless Brass

    White vanity, hexagonal mirror and whimsical wallpaper

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This lovely bathroom designed by Kate Marker Interiors is a great example of one of the best materials to use whether you're redoing your own or your teen's bathroom — brass. It's classic and elegant, it adds warmth and it pairs well with warm and cool colors.

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    Hot Pink Teen Bathroom

    Pink bathroom with chandelier and ornate mirror

    John Keeble / Getty Images

    Add a touch of glam and a generous dose of hot pink to your teen's bathroom for a bold design statement. Pink and silver wallpaper is balanced out by all-white tile and flooring—it serves as a beautiful backdrop for an ornate antique-style mirror and simple roman shade on the window. Use a fun light fixture such as this glamorous chandelier for a surprising design touch and a way to draw the eyes up to the ceiling to make the room appear larger.

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    Shiplap Walls

    Bathroom with white shiplap walls, stained wood ceiling and striped shower curtain

    ucpage / Getty Images

    Incorporate some farmhouse charm with white shiplap walls in your teen's bathroom, and balance them out with a stained wood ceiling for a rustic look. The two will provide the perfect neutral backdrop for whatever color, style, and pattern you choose to introduce through the various bathroom accessories to add your teen's personality into the space.

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    Low-Profile Storage for Small Bathrooms

    White ladder shelf filled with accessories in a bathroom

    Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

    If your bathroom is short on space and lacks built-in storage, a ladder shelf is an excellent, space-saving option. It's a modern-looking piece of furniture your teen will love, it doesn't have a huge footprint and it utilizes vertical space. Use it to hold towels, toiletries and accessories, and a couple of decorative accents such as candles or plants for some visual interest.

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    Cheery Yellow Teen Bathroom

    Bathroom with bright yellow vanity

    hikesteron / Getty Images

    For a bright splash of energizing color bound to wake your teen up in the morning, use a cheery yellow on the vanity doors and drawers! Use all-white bath linens so as not to compete with the bold color choice and keep the bathroom from feeling busy and visually cluttered.