22 Cool Room Ideas for Teens

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    Inspiring Ideas for Teenage Dream Rooms

    With a heavy school load and an even busier social schedule, teens have a lot on their plate. Creating a safe, stress-free haven where your teenage son or daughter can knock out their to-do list and spend time with their friends is a great way to help keep them on track, but designing a space that is both practical and stylish can be harder than it looks.

    Need a little inspiration? Whether you’re simply updating your teenager’s room or making space for their entire crew, these pin-worthy designs are 100% teen approved!

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    Boho Chic

    Rocking the new Boho Chic, this arty space featured on Lady Scorpio sets layer upon layer of rich and cozy textiles against a clean, minimalist background, creating a teenage dream room that’s as cozy as it is cool.

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    Accent Lighting

    A string of twinkling accent lights adds a warm and glowy ambiance while doubling as a place to pin up pictures, postcards, and other treasures in this modern pink and grey teen room seen of Arch-Zine.

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    A Room that Rocks

    This clean-cut teen room by Urbanology Designs keeps things simple, rocking its music-loving theme without danger of seeming too cutesy or over-the-top.

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    Scandinavian Beauty

    This minimalist Instagram find blends Nordic and Bohemian traditions, incorporating soft textures, twinkle lights, a cozy floor bed, and an oh-so-Boho macramé swing. It’s a comfortable, lived-in look that’s perfect for a busy teen. 

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    Picture Perfect

    A sheet of wire fence liner, stretched and mounted directly to the wall, makes for a one-of-a-kind photo collage in this simple teen room spotted on Pinterest.

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    No-Fuss Teen Room

    Simplicity rules in this understated yet undeniably rad teen room spotted on Decoria.

    A half wall in a rich navy paired with high-contrast black and white graphic accents gives the space a masculine feel without seeming dreary or drab.

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    Lounge with Friends

    A pair of chaise lounges is the perfect place to curl up and gossip with a friend in this bold black, white, and yellow teen room from Tatertots and Jello. On the wall behind, a selfie themed gallery wall enhances the teen-scene vibe.

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    Attic Hang Out

    This fresh and contemporary attic hang-out space, spotted on Pinterest, has everything a teenage girl squad could ever want!

    A pair of French daybeds makes for elegant seating while providing extra sleeping space for overnight guests; oversized beanbag chairs offer flex space for additional visitors without taking away from the room’s open and airy feel; and a modern “bubble swing” adds an element of whimsy. There’s even a popcorn machine and well-stocked mini-fridge!

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    On the Record

    Framed record albums make for excellent wall art in this music-themed teen room seen on Cote De Texas. The subtle emphasis on texture and pattern give the room a rich and layered look that contrasts nicely with the cool, industrial ambience.

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    Dressing Diva

    Teenage make-up maven hogging the bathroom? With an oversized mirror, flattering lighting, and room for all those beauty must-haves, this glam bedroom vanity, found on Pinterest, is your ticket to a morning free of sibling squabbles!

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    For the Craft-a-holic

    Have a teenage DIYer on your hands? Keep those crafting supplies under control by providing your teen with their own personal crafting station!

    This simple arrangement, featured on Cuckoo 4 Design, boasts easy-access storage, a workspace that doubles as a computer desk, and a long, wall-mounted picture rail that makes it easy for your teenage artist to display their latest work.

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    Beanbag Bonus Seating

    A pair of comfortable, low-profile beanbag chairs placed at the bottom of the bed offer flexible seating in this teenage boy’s room from Dekoration 7/24.

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    Lofty Ambitions

    A loft bed is a simple way to double your teenager’s personal space—and what teenager couldn’t use a little more of that!

    By getting the bed up and out of the way, this built in bunk, featured on Planet Deco, leaves room for a dedicated work area without sacrificing any additional square footage.

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    Office Space

    A simple IKEA bookshelf makes for a stylish room divider, creating a separate workspace in this bright and airy teen room seen on Instagram

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    Geometric Space-Saver

    This bold geometric-themed girl’s room, spotted on Pinterest, packs a lot of style into a small space.

    The dramatic, half-paneled focal wall, which continues seamlessly from the floor, creates an optical illusion that makes the room appear longer and larger than it actually is. Space-saving pendant lights replace lamps, opening up table space, and the dressing table doubles as a nightstand, making this tight arrangement look perfectly natural.

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    Industrial Charm

    From the faux exposed-brick wall and gun-metal office furnishings to the show-stopping, chain-hung bed made from salvaged barn wood, this one-of-a-kind teen room, featured on Décor-pad, is positively dripping with rustic, industrial charm!

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    Glam Girl

    Rich and moody, this teenage dream room, spotted on Pinterest, couldn’t be more glam if it tried!

    The chase lounge, cleverly tucked into the bottom on the bed, is an excellent choice, providing additional seating without taking up valuable wall space. 

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    Cozy Floor Seating

    A cozy, oversized floor cushion, like the one pictured in this soft and feminine Pinterest find, is a great way to add additional seating to your teen’s room. Sleepover guests? No problem! This comfy addition also doubles nicely as a guest bed.

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    Social Setting

    A simple, industrial-style loft bed makes room for a full-sized pull out couch in this minimalist yet masculine teen room spotted on City Farm House.

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    Just Hanging Out

    What teenage girl wouldn’t love to hang out in this stunning macramé hammock suspended from a simple, rustic-wood loft bed in this bright Bohemian gem of a bedroom from Instagram?

    It's a Boho dream come true!

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    Cozy in the Corner

    With a pillow-lined bed tucked into a corner, this “Babe Cave” bedroom spotted on Dormify, saves space while creating a comfortable place to lounge with friends. Just pile up the cushions and get comfy!

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    Industrial Goods

    A large industrial dolly and a set of floor cushions make for a perfect place to catch up on homework, play a game, or even just grab a snack with friends in this rustic, shared teen room from Decoria.