Teen Birthday Party Themes and Ideas

Person carrying birthday cake, group of friends in background.
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There is no doubt about it: a great party has to have an awesome party theme. Try using one of these birthday party themes when planning your teenager's next birthday party. Even if you have older teens, there are themes you can use. Don't forget to use the teen birthday party planner with budget information, free printables, and list of games.

Younger Teens

  • Backward Party
    Start at the end and end with the beginning using this birthday party theme. Be sure to have your party guests come prepared, so they wear their fun party outfits inside out and backward.
  • Shop Until You Drop Party
    If your teen daughter is crazy about shopping, this theme is for her.
  • Someone's in the Kitchen Party
    This is a fun "any day of the week" party for teens. Invite guests over for a simple get together where they spend all of their time making recipes and eating delicious food.
  • Sports MVP Party
    Does your teen play on a high school sports team? Does he or she play football, basketball, or soccer? It doesn't matter which sport with this perfect birthday party theme. It's a great boys' themed party that works well for high school teams that are celebrating with an end-of-the-season event.
  • Under the Sea
    This is one of those party themes that work well with boys and girls. You can use anything under the sea, from sharks to pearls.

Older Teens

  • Blast from the Past: Roaring '20s
    Invite guests to dress up like they're from the 1920s.
  • Blast from the Past: '50s Sock Hop
    Have guests come with their best socks, and turn on the music once they arrive.
  • Blast from the Past: Groovy '60s
    Decorate the area with peace signs, and have the guests create tie-dyed T-shirts.
  • Blast from the Past: '70s Disco
    Encourage guests to wear clothes from the 1970s. Turn on some disco lights, and have a dance contest.
  • Flower Power Party
    With this theme, think the 1960s meets girly girl.
  • Glam Cam Party
    Is your teenager feeling all girly? Well, this theme is for her. Have the guests get all dressed up, and then take their picture. This is a great theme for an all-girl party.
  • Hawaiian Luau Party
    Ask guests to wear their best Hawaiian clothing, and purchase a few plastic leis to give them once they arrive.
  • Lights! Camera! Action!
    This is a great film making theme, so get out your video camera and make sure you treat all of your guests like stars.
  • Movie Party
    This birthday party theme can be anything you want, depending on the movie you choose.
  • Murder Mystery Party
    Your guests will have fun figuring out whodunit.
  • Mystic Party
    Horoscopes and seeing the future is what this party is all about.
  • Nail Night Party
    Have your guests paint nails at this teenage birthday party.
  • Pizza Party
    This party works anytime. Guests can make their own pizzas.
  • Puttin' on the Glitz
    Try a jewelry making party that will put a sparkle in your guests' eyes.
  • Splish, Splash! Pool Party
    Enjoy warm weather with this summertime birthday party theme.
  • Viva Las Vegas
    Celebrate your teen's birthday with some fun card and dice games.
  • Wild, Wild West Party
    Do you have a barn? Then you need to host a dance. This theme is so much more than just pretending to be cowboys. This theme might work well for older teens if they're in a large group. You can also have a bonfire if you have space.