Teen Birthday Party Themes and Ideas

Person carrying birthday cake, group of friends in background.
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There is no doubt about it: A great teen party needs an awesome party theme. Try using one of these birthday party themes when planning your teenager's next birthday party. You can also use any teen birthday party planner with budget information, plus free printables, and a list of games if you need any help getting started.

Younger Teens

Backward Party: Start at the end, and end with the beginning. Be sure to have your party guests come wearing their fun party outfits inside out and backward.

Someone's in the Kitchen Party: This is a fun "any day of the week" party for teens. Pull out your favorite cookbooks and invite guests over for a simple get-together: They'll spend all of their time making recipes and eating delicious food.

Sports MVP Party: Does your teen play on a sports team? Do they play football, basketball, or soccer? It doesn't matter which sport with this perfect theme. Decorate with sports memorabilia and play videos of famous big games.

Under the Sea: This is a great unisex party theme, and you can use anything under the sea to decorate, then ask guests to dress up as everything from sharks to octopuses to coral to pearls.

Older Teens

Blast from the Past: Roaring '20s: Invite guests to dress up like they're from the 1920s.

Blast from the Past: '50s Sock Hop: Have guests come in their favorite socks, and turn on the music once they arrive.

Blast from the Past: Groovy '60s: Decorate the area with peace signs, and have the guests create tie-dyed T-shirts.

Blast from the Past: '70s Disco: Encourage guests to wear clothes from the 1970s. Turn on some disco lights, play the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever, and have a dance contest.

Glam Cam Party: Is your teenager feeling all girly? Then this is the theme for her. Have the guests get all dressed (and made) up, and then take their pictures, movie star style.

Hawaiian Luau Party: Ask guests to wear their best Hawaiian shirts, and purchase a few plastic leis to give them once they arrive. Serve fruity tropical mocktails and play Hawaiian music.

Lights! Camera! Action! This is a great filmmaking theme, so get out your camera and make sure you treat all of your guests like stars on the red carpet.

Movie Party: This birthday party theme can be anything you want, depending on the movie you choose. Guests should dress up as their favorite characters; Serve popcorn, soda, and movie theater candy.

Murder Mystery Party: Your guests will have fun figuring out whodunit.

Mystic Party: Horoscopes and seeing the future is what this party is all about. Bring in a palm reader (or a friend can pretend!) and decorate with celestial images.

Nail Night Party: Nail art is so trendy! Provide loads of colors, decals, stencils, and more (from your local beauty supply shop) and have guests paint their nails to their heart's content.

Pizza Party: This party works anytime, afternoon or evening. Guests can make their own pizzas from dough you get from the pizzeria, or you can use simple English muffins. Just provide the toppings!

Splish, Splash! Pool Party: Enjoy warm weather with this summertime birthday party theme. No costumes needed, other than bathing suits and cover-ups. Burgers on the grill are the perfect accompaniment.

Viva Las Vegas: Celebrate your teen's birthday with some fun card and dice games.

Wild, Wild West Party: Do you have a barn? Then you need to host a dance! This theme is so much more than just pretending to be cowboys. You can also have a bonfire if you have space.