10 Gifts For the Bonsai Enthusiast

Man pruning bonsai tree
Ronnie Kaufman/Larry Hirshowitz / Getty Images

Know someone who loves to practice the art of bonsai? Here are ten suggestions of gifts they are sure to enjoy.

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    Bonsai Apron

    Bonsai apron
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    Whether you're trying to keep soil off your clothes or cooking up dinner, the Bonsai Apron will keep you clean. The 22"W x 30"L white apron features a photograph of a bonsai tree, 2 pockets, 1" ties and an adjustable neck strap.

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    Bonsai Workshop

    Bonsai Workshop - Styling and Training by Herb L. Gustafson
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    Bonsai Workshop - Styling and Training by Herb L. Gustafson was written to help your budding bonsai fan learn how to create, maintain, and display their bonsai.

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    Bonsai Tool Set

    Starter Bonsai Tool Set from Bonsai Boy
    From Bonsai Boy

    This tool set includes (also sold separately):

    • Concave cutter
    • Traditional shear
    • Wire cutter
    • Single point root rake
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    Glass Monkey Figurine

    Glass monkey figurine
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    The Glass Monkey Figurine whimsically portrays the saying "See no evil; Hear no evil; Speak no evil". It comes with a separate wooden display stand.

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    Handmade Cork Carving

    Handmade Cork Carving
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    The Handmade Cork Carving of an Oriental scene comes displayed in a black lacquered case.

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    Hanes Bonsai T-Shirt

    Bonsai T-shirt
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    Everyone will know you're a "Bonsai Master in Training" when you wear this shirt. Comes in size XL.

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    Japanese Bonsai Soil

    Japanese Bonsai soil
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    Start your bonsai off right with 2 pounds of flashed fired soft volcanic clay soil.

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    Jump Start Grow Light System

    Jump Start Grow Light System
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    The Jump Start Grow Light System allows you to give bonsai trees and other plants more light than they are able to get indoors. It measures 51" long, 18.5" wide, 31" tall, and is adjustable.

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    Tool Case

    Bonsai Tool Case
    Photo Courtesy of BonsaiBoy.com

    This Tool Case will help keep your bonsai tools safe from rust and scuffing. It is made of brown vinyl and is designed for heavy outdoor use.

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    Bonsai Trees Under $30

    Bonsai in a Bamboo Screen
    Image by tiny_packages

    Want to send someone bonsai but are on a budget? Choose one of these bonsai trees under $30.