More Information About Program Requirements for Tax Credit Housing

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Tenants and prospects often have questions about the income and rent rules for tax credit properties. In addition to the answers to frequently asked questions here on, you can get state-specific questions answered by the state housing finance agency that administers the tax credit program where you live.

This way, when you're looking for an apartment, you can have a better idea if you're eligible for a low-income apartment. Also, you can know what to expect after you sign a lease for an apartment, including getting an idea of the amount of rent you must budget for.

Find your state or area in the list below to get contact info for your state housing finance agency. Visit the agency's Web site to access the state's compliance manual and other resources, which should probably answer any questions you have about the tax credit program. If you still have questions, consider calling the number and ask to speak to a staff member for help.

  • Alabama - Alabama Housing Finance Authority
  • Alaska - Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Arizona - Arizona Department of Housing/Arizona Housing Finance Authority
  • Arkansas - Arkansas Development Finance Authority
  • California - California Housing Finance Agency
  • Colorado - Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
  • Connecticut - Connecticut Housing Finance Agency
  • Delaware - Delaware State Housing Authority
  • District of Columbia - District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
  • Florida - Florida Housing Finance Corporation
  • Georgia - Georgia Department of Community Affairs/Georgia Housing Finance Authority
  • Hawaii - Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
  • Idaho - Idaho Housing and Finance Association
  • Illinois - Illinois Housing Development Authority
  • Indiana - Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
  • Iowa - Iowa Finance Authority
  • Kansas - Kansas Housing Resources Corporation
  • Kentucky - Kentucky Housing Corporation
  • Louisiana - Louisiana Housing Finance Agency
  • Maine - Maine Housing
  • Maryland - Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Massachusetts - Massachusetts Housing
  • Michigan - Michigan State Housing Development Authority
  • Minnesota - Minnesota Housing
  • Mississippi - Mississippi Home Corporation
  • Missouri - Missouri Housing Development Commission
  • Montana - Montana Board of Housing/Housing Division
  • Nebraska - Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
  • Nevada - Nevada Housing Division
  • New Hampshire - New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
  • New Jersey - New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
  • New Mexico - New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
  • New York - New York State Homes and Community Renewal
  • North Carolina - North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
  • North Dakota - North Dakota Housing Finance Agency
  • Ohio - Ohio Housing Finance Agency
  • Oklahoma - Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
  • Oregon - Oregon Housing and Community Services
  • Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority
  • Rhode Island - Rhode Island Housing
  • South Carolina - South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority
  • South Dakota - South Dakota Housing Development Authority
  • Tennessee - Tennessee Housing Development Agency
  • Texas - Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
  • Utah - Utah Housing Corporation
  • Vermont - Vermont Housing Finance Agency
  • Virginia - Virginia Housing Development Authority
  • Virgin Islands - Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority
  • Washington - Washington State Housing Finance Commission
  • West Virginia - West Virginia Housing Development Fund
  • Wisconsin - Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
  • Wyoming - Wyoming Community Development Authority