7 Cozy Tents and Outdoor Shelters


Whether you're a weekend adventurer or stick to backyard outings, these seven tents and outdoor shelters will make 'roughing it' a comfy experience.

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    The Outback Deluxe by Lotus Belle Makes Summer Glamping Cooler


    First up, the Outback Deluxe. It's the latest design by Lotus Belle, an Australian company that specializes in glamping tents sold worldwide including the USA and Canada.

    The tent is a roomy 16-feet — that's a whopping 56 percent bigger than the manufacturer's 13-foot tents. The Outback Deluxe is also loaded with features that will help keep you cooler during the hot summer months including generous roof vents, an extra entrance, and zippable mesh windows and doors. And if you're worried about bugs, each tent has Velcro groundsheet connectors that keep creepy crawlies from sneaking inside.

    How long does it take to put this glamping-worthy tent together? The first time it will take you roughly 45 minutes to pitch. However, if you keep the support poles connected to the walls when you pack up the tent, it will take about 20 minutes to set up the second time around. FYI, the entire tent fits into a very portable banana shaped bag.

    How much does all the glamping goodness cost? $2,700. If you have a portable wood burning stove, an Outback Deluxe with a burner hole costs $50 more. 

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    Casa Bubble Will Protect You From Pollen and Bugs


    Harsh sun, allergens, and pesky bugs can make the great outdoors unbearable. Casa Bubble creates structures that will allow you to enjoy all that nature has to offer in complete comfort 365 days a year.

    Shown here is the Cristal Bubble. It's a versatile and portable living space that's quick and easy to install. It has a fresh air system that allows you to enjoy beautiful views while leaving mosquitoes, pollen, and humidity outside. Each bubble is also coated with an anti-UV treatment that will protect occupants from damaging rays.

    While plastic items like this aren't so great for the environment, Casa Bubble manufactures their designs as sustainably as possible. They state that they use minimum energy and minimum materials to create structures that provide maximum comfort and maximum interaction with the environment. 

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    The Froute Pod Transforms Outdoor Space Into a Backyard Retreat

    Giant Grasshopper Design

    Want to transform your boring backyard into an outdoor haven? The (f)route pod by Giant Grass Design is a semi-permanent structure that takes around 45 minutes to build. The pod's beautiful turnip-like shape was created using bamboo fabric, bamboo support beams, and hinged steel supports. 

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    The Luminair Tree Tent Lets You Hang Like a Bird


    Why camp out on the ground when you can nest in the trees? The Luminair Tree Tent is a lightweight low-impact outdoor shelter designed to keep two adults comfortably perched up in the canopy.

    The sphere-shaped structure has a hybrid aluminum and steam bent ash frame that's covered with a 100 percent cotton canvas that's both rot and waterproof. While you can use the Luminair for camping, it makes a great semi-permanent backyard office or studio. Prices start at around $12,000. 

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    The Jero Shelter by Trakke Was Built for the Modern Nomad


    Yurts were the tiny portable homes of choice for the ancient nomadic tribes of Central Asia because they're easy to assemble, dismantle and tote. The Jero Shelter by Trakke gives the yurt a 21st Century update thanks to cutting edge flat pack design. This makes each yurt easy to carry and store whether it's used as a mountain base camp or backyard guest room. Price is around $6,900 USD. 

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    The Thermo Tent is the World's First Properly Insulated Tent

    Thermo Tent

    If you're an avid camper, you know that traditional tents typically feel like broilers during the summer and like iceboxes during the winter. The also suck at dampening annoying outside noise. Enter the Thermo Tent — its creator, Derek O'Sullivan says it's the first properly insulated tent that solves these pesky camping issues. 

    How so, you may ask?

    The tent has an inner tent that makes all the difference. It uses a brand-new insulation technology (that Derek and his team created) that keeps the temps inside more comfortable for better sleeping. The high-tech material also reduces outside racket by 35 decibels. A three-person Thermo Tent costs roughly $750 USD. 

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    The Cinch is a Modern Pop-Up Tent That Can Keep Things Charged

    Cinch Pop-Up Tents

    The Cinch is a tent built for the casual 21 Century camper. Not only does it take seconds to pitch, but it can also keep your personal gadgets charged.

    The standard Cinch set includes a repair kit, backpack for carrying and LED lighting. An optional solar power package is also available. It includes a roof-mounted solar panel, battery pack and a lock that will keep the system securely in place.

    The Cinch comes in two, three and four person sizes. Prices range from $300 to $350 USD. 

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