Terrific Parenting Tips for Fathers

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Having raised five children with my partner of 30 years, I have learned a bit about parenting along the way. Here are some of the parenting tips that I think worked well with my children and that I have seen other fathers use successfully as well.

Parenting Tips for New Fathers

How to Make the Transition to Fatherhood
When a couple who are both employed make the transition to parenthood, there are many factors to consider.

What issues should a man deal with as he makes the transition to fatherhood from being a dual income, no kids couple.

How to Bond with the New Baby
You have a new baby at home, and hope to be able to have a bonding experience with the little one. What can a dad do to better bond with his baby?

How to Manage the Expectations of Modern Fathers
Statistics, studies and your own gut feel tell you that family should come first. But what happens when a dad lets other things take priority? And how can you keep family first and still balance the other competing demands in your life?

Parenting Tips Related to School

Even the term "parent-teacher conference" can raise anxiety in the heart of any dad, particularly when your own mom and dad came home from such conferences with a need to "lay down the law." Learn how to make the most of these conferences for your children.

It's not just belonging to the PTA any more.

Fathers are taking a more active role in the education of their children and in the governance of local schools. Find out more about how you can successfully get involved in your child's education at home and at school.

Parenting Tips Related to Discipline

Ten Common Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make
Disciplining children to change their behavior is an important role for fathers.

But often we find ourselves reverting back to the less effective ways our parents might have used with us. Being aware of and avoiding these child discipline mistakes will help fathers take a more productive approach to discipline that really will change behavior.

How to Teach Children Manners
Is the behavior of your children in social settings embarrassing to you? Find out the best ways to teach them the whys and hows of well mannered and respectful behavior.

Parenting Tips on Communication

Communicating in Your Child's Love Language
Every child has or her own way of receiving love; Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages explains five different ways people understand love from others. Find out which love language your child speaks and how to best communicate love to her in her own language.

Think it's tough to set aside one night a week for family togetherness? Make a commitment to both quality and quantity time with a weekly family night!

Staying Connected with the Kids from Long Distance
It's a really hard thing for committed dads to be away from their kids, especially when its a long ways away. Whether a non-custodial dad, in the military or a long distance grandfather, there are some common threads to keeping connected to the kids.

Find some great tips and recommendations for keeping relationships alive.

How to Start a Family Dinner Conversation
Can't drag more than a one word answer out of your kids at dinner? Here are some conversation starters the whole family will want to talk about.