12 Thanksgiving Games for Kids and Families

Fun Thanksgiving Family Games

Children Holding Pumpkin
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These Thanksgiving games for kids and families are a great way to add a little more fun to that sometimes stuffy Thanksgiving dinner.

There's a great mix of Thanksgiving games here, some require the kids to run around and get active, others are great for sitting around and relaxing, and some other ones will have everyone out of breath from laughing so hard.

The kids, of course, will love these Thanksgiving games but you'll also find that they're a bit hit with the whole family. After all, there's a kid inside of all of us and the holidays are the perfect time to embrace it.

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    Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starers From Second Chance to Dream

    Family enjoying Christmas dinner at table
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    One of my favorite Thanksgiving games that we play every year goes on during the actual dinner. Using free, printable conversation starter cards we take turns sharing our Thanksgiving memories and gratefulness. 

    There are 20 free conversation starters here beautifully decorated that include questions like "What would a perfect day look like for you?" and "What food are you most grateful for?". 

    You can simply place the stack of cards on the Thanksgiving table or put them in a pretty vase or bowl.

    These printable Thanksgiving dinner conversation starters also coordinate with this set of free printables that includes water bottle labels, napkin rings, place cards, food tents, cupcake circles, cards, and a printable banner.

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    Turkey Tag From Let's Get Together

    A child holding clothespins decorated as turkeys.
    Let's Get Together

    A game of tag is almost a necessity for a Thanksgiving get-together and these DIY turkey tag clothespins make it even more fun.

    Let the kids paint and decorate the clothespins to look like turkeys. Attach them to the back of their shirts and they're all ready for a fun game of tag.

    Don't just let all the kids have fun either, this is a great Thanksgiving game for the whole crew.

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    Thanksgiving Pictionary for Kids from Purple Trail

    Boy drawing
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    Pictionary is a fun game for kids and adults of all ages and this one is made into a Thanksgiving game by using words like turkey, leaf, Autumn, and scarecrow.

    You can make this as elaborate or as simple as you want to with how you decorate the slips of paper and container holding the paper words. 

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    Gratitude Scavenger Hunt From Let's Get Together

    Crayons and a printable gratitude scavenger hunt.
    Let's Get Together

    This printable Gratitude Scavenger Hunt from Let's Get Together will have the family scrambling to find something that smells amazing, that has words on it, that makes me laugh, and so on.

    This is originally meant to be a photo scavenger hunt but it would still work wonderfully to have the guests simply write down their answers on the sheet.

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    Turkey Waddle From Party Game Ideas

    Extended family running in park
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    Turkey Waddle is a fun and silly Thanksgiving game that will really get the family out and move.

    This is basically a relay race where you use balloons between your legs and try to get to the finish line first. It's sure to cause some laughs and the kids and the adults will love it.

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    Turkey Trivia From Alpha Mom

    Wild turkey
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    If you have trouble getting everyone off the couch, these Thanksgiving game of turkey trivia might be just what you need to get everyone involved.

    It's a multiple choice trivia game all about Thanksgiving and it even shows you a cute option for how to attach a pencil to the trivia cards.

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    Turkey Feathers From The Idea Room

    Game time
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    Turkey Feathers is an original Thanksgiving game from The Idea Room that is great for kids.

    The children take turns rolling dice and placing a "feather" on the number that they rolled. The first person to get all their feathers on their turkey is the winner.

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    Turkey Hunt by Bloom Designs

    Turkey hunt sheets laying on a table.
    Bloom Designs

    Turkey Hunt by Bloom Designs is an active Thanksgiving game that works a little bit like a scavenger hunt.

    Guests will race around the yard or house to find the numbered turkeys. The first one who finds all 12 of the turkeys is the winner.

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    Family Photographer Game From Party Game Ideas

    Taking photos at Thanksgiving
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    Kids love to take pictures and in this Thanksgiving game, they'll love being in charge of the camera.

    The kids will be giving clues about their relatives and then get pictures of the person that matches the clue. It's a great way to get the kids mingling and you'll have the photos to keep forever.

    There are also some options to make this game even more challenging for the older kids.

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    Thanksgiving Bingo by Crazy Little Projects

    Playing friends
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    Crazy Little Projects has designed some great Thanksgiving bingo cards that use colorful images of pilgrims, acorns, trees, pies, turkeys, and more.

    Included in this free printable Thanksgiving game is 8 different bingo cards and matching calling cards.

    You can use anything as markers for the bingo game but candy corn would be a fun addition.

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    Family Reunion Game From Party Game Ideas

    Grandfather preparing to carve Christmas turkey at dinner table
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     This is a simple Thanksgiving game that the whole family can participate in.

    Have everyone write a paragraph about themselves either before they come or while they're there. Have a reader who reads everyone's paragraphs while the other guests try to guess who's paragraph belongs to who.

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    Gratitude Pick-Up Sticks from Teach Beside Me

    Female playing with pick up sticks on floor
    ZenShui/Michele Constantini / Getty Images

    Teach Beside Me has designed this free Thanksgiving game that's all about taking a few moments to find gratitude for people, places, food, and things that are all around us.

    You can use actual Pick-up sticks or you can paint chopsticks or use colored straws.