8 Awesome Paper Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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    Thanksgiving Turkeys

    Students and teacher making Thanksgiving turkey crafts in classroom
    Shestock / Getty Images

    Thanksgiving is a holiday that children love to be a part of. Although it is not as exciting as Halloween or Christmas, (no extreme amounts of candy or gifts), it is a time of families gathering together for a traditional holiday meal and remembering all the things we should be grateful for in our lives. Everyone, even small children have something to be grateful for.

    Let your children help out by making these kid-friendly Thanksgiving crafts that range from turkey hats to a beautiful autumn...MORE candle centerpiece. You and your kids will have fun while having teachable moments. Your children will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the traditions, history and customs that occur with the holiday while working on the craft projects. You never know, you might even start some new Thanksgiving traditions!

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    “I Am Thankful For” Free Thanksgiving Printable

    Thanksgiving Printable
    Thanksgiving Printables. uncommondesignsonline.com

    These Thanksgiving card printables are easy to make and oh so pretty! Just print and cut out the beautiful free template provided by uncommondesignsonline.com. Have your children pass out a card to each of your Thanksgiving guests (with a pen or pencil).Each guest should then fill out the card with an answer. At dinner have each person talk about what they wrote on their cards. The answers will be fun and sometimes surprising!

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    Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups

    pilgrim hat crayon cups
    Thanksgiving Crayon Cups. Krystin/liluna.com

    These paper cup pilgrim hat coloring containers would make such cute  decorations for your Thanksgiving kids table.They look festive and can be put together quickly! The pilgrim hats add a fun touch to the holiday and help keep the little ones occupied while the grownups cook the family meal.

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    How-to: lovely leaf lights

    paper leaf fall votive
    Fall Leaf Votive. papersource.com

    Have your children make these festive tealight candle holders! Just glue some paper leaves onto a paper band around the neck of a candle holder. Light the candle and voila! Beautiful Thanksgiving dinner candle ambiance that your kids will be proud to have made!

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    Turkey Toes Free Printable

    Turkey Toe Printable
    A New Use for Candy Corn. Kristie/

    This printable craft is perfect for all that candy corn you have left over from Halloween. It seems to be one of the most disliked candies of all the Halloween options.You may love candy corn, or you may hate it, but it works well with this fun Thanksgiving printable. Give your kids a laugh and bag up some turkey toes for the holiday.

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    Fall Candle Centerpiece Craft

    fall candle centerpiece
    Fall Candle Centerpiece. Cheryl/thatswhatchesaid.net

    This fall candle centerpiece will add some elegance to your table, but it is simple enough for children to make. Wrap a burlap ribbon around a candle and glue on a silk or paper leafs. Finish it with some wrapped twine and you are done. Fast, easy and so, so pretty!

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    Thanksgiving Coloring Page Download

    thanksgiving coloring page
    Cute Thanksgiving Coloring Page. morethanamomofthree.com

    Morethanamomofthree.com offers this darling Thanksgiving coloring page for free download on her site. Keep your kids busy while you are finishing cooking the holiday meal, and attending to last minute details. Why not have a coloring contest and award a prize to the best "artist" to add some fun to the day!

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    Candy Corn Turkey Artwork

    preschool thanksgiving turkey craft

    This candy corn turkey craft is perfect for younger children! Help little ones trace their hands onto a sheet of paper, then color and glue candy corn onto the drawing. Kids will have fun, and moms will have some beautiful refrigerator worthy artwork! Gotta love it!

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    Paper Turkey Hat

    paper turkey hat

    Gatherandnest.com also has a turkey paper craft tutorial. It is a little bit different from the hat on the first slide, but just as cute and easy to make. This hat features real feathers instead of paper ones. You really can't go wrong with either option!