Thanksgiving Salad Recipes

A spinach salad with cranberries is the perfect gelatin-free vegetarian salad for Thanksgiving.
A spinach salad with cranberries is the perfect gelatin-free vegetarian salad for Thanksgiving. Rachel Weil / Getty Images

When planning your vegetarian Thanksgiving menu, don't forget that your vegetarian guests won't want to eat gelatin or marshmallows, which rules out many traditional American Thanksgiving salads. Instead of gelatin or marshmallow salads, use the traditional ingredients such as cranberries and fruit to create a healthier vegan salad. Or, use a vegan mayonnaise in one of the creamy Thanksgiving salads listed below.

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Here's a few ideas to get you started thinking about the perfect vegetarian side salad (without jell-o, gelatin or marshmallows!) for your Thanksgiving table:

Creamy Thanksgiving salads:

You can still have a creamy Thanksgiving salad while keeping it vegetarian or vegan. Use vegan mayonnaise, non-dairy sour cream, or even Tahini or goddess dressing. Here's a few vegan takes on traditional Thanksgiving salads: 

Vegetarian salads with cranberries:

Cranberries are lovely in a salad, no matter what time of year, and whether or not you're vegetarian or vegan! Here's a few great Thanksgiving salad ideas with cranberries: 

Green salads for Thanksgiving:

Green salads don't have to be boring!

Add seasonal touches to make them colorful, beautiful and enticing: dried cranberries, candied pecans or spiced pumpkin seeds would all make a perfect vegetarian and vegan addition to just about any kind of green salad you make. A little crisped and chopped vegetarian bacon substitute would also add a nice extra touch. Here's a few recipe ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 

More vegetarian Thanksgiving salad ideas: