52 Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

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Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season for most people. It's the time of year when you gather with friends and family, reflect on what you're grateful for and most importantly, an excuse to eat delicious home-cooked food and desserts with the ones you love.

To make your home feel festive during your family gathering, decorating the Thanksgiving table is almost as valuable as the food you serve. Follow our Thanksgiving table decorating tips, from DIY ideas to budget-friendly store-bought ideas, that will elevate your Thanksgiving tablescape and are easy to execute so you can spend more time with your family and friends.

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    A Mix of Vintage and New Pieces

    Black and white tablescape for Thanksgiving

    Life of Isa Tu / Instagram

    You don't have to buy all new tableware to create a sophisticated table setting. Here, Isatu combined vintage and new pieces and paired them with foraged dried flowers and foliage from her garden to create a minimalist Thanksgiving tablescape.

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    Al Fresco Thanksgiving

    An outdoor table set for Thanksgiving

    Pop of Gold

    If you live in a mild climate and have a beautiful outdoor backdrop, take your Thanksgiving meal outside. This stunning table setup features items from around the garden and house and even cozy blankets to keep guests warm when the temperature drops at night.

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    Mini Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

    A mini pumpkin vase on a place setting

    bonniechasedesigns / Instagram

    A hallow pumpkin makes a perfect vase for a fall floral arrangement. Here, Bonnie filled a mini pumpkin with a combination of foraged and grocery store fall florals for each place setting. The blue and white dishes help the florals stand out and are a nontraditional approach to a Thanksgiving tablescape color palette.

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    An Ornate Place Setting

    A patterned place setting for Thanksgiving

    Lost Orchid Interiors / Instagram

    Thanksgiving is a time to bring out your best china. From the embroidered napkin to the patterned dishes and robust centerpiece, Andrea of Lost Orchid Interiors didn't skimp when it came to decorating her Thanksgiving table. The orange and blue color palette brings a slightly different and visually-appealing look than the traditional fall hues.

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    Casual Thanksgiving Picnic

    A Thanksgiving picnic

    Alena Capra Design / Instagram

    Enjoying an outdoor picnic is a nontraditional way to celebrate Thanksgiving with a large group. Use disposable (compostable, please!) dinnerware to make cleanup easy, and decorate with simple items like pinecones and a few florals to keep with the casual, laidback feel.

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    Rustic Garden Thanksgiving

    A rustic Thanksgiving table setting in a garden

    rusticwildarrow / sondralaraysphotography

    A backyard pergola or gazebo is a great backdrop for an intimate Thanksgiving meal. Holly dressed her outdoor table, that sits underneath a big pergola, with a plaid tablecloth, fall florals, pumpkins and tapered candles. Bistro lighting hangs from the pergola so you can enjoy your family gathering well into the night.

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    Thanksgiving Gratitude Note

    An all white place setting for Thanksgiving

    partiandpetal / Instagram

    Thanksgiving is about gathering with friends and family and taking the time to think about what you're grateful for. Vicki Lowry did just that with a cute note written in calligraphy at each place setting that she embellished with ribbon. The rest of the table is dressed in off-white and gold accents for a simple yet elegant look.

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    Pink + Cranberry Table Setting

    A pink and cranberry fall tablescape

    Set and Styled Curated Rentals / Instagram

    If the color orange isn't your jam but love the season, pink paired with cranberry and merlot hues will still bring the look and feel of fall to your Thanksgiving tablescape. Faux leaves and velvet and rattan textures add a cozy look that works for other winter holiday celebrations as well.

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    Pumpkin Terrariums

    Pumpkin terrarium centerpiece

    mrs.barnes / Instagram

    If you already have terrariums or glass domes for your succulents, give them a fall makeover by adding pumpkins to them. Here, Mrs. Barnes spruced up her terrariums with fresh ivy curled around the pumpkins, vintage-inspired candlesticks and she added height by placing vintage books underneath the terrariums.

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    Pomegranate Centerpiece

    A pomegranate table centerpiece for fall

    Modern House Vibes / Instagram

    When you go to the grocery store to buy ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal, keep your decor in mind while shopping. An easy way to add pops of color to your tablescape is through seasonal produce and florals. Here, Ana surrounded a pedestal bowl centerpiece filled with greenery with a few pomegranates that stand out from the rest of the neutral-toned tablescape.

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    Cake Stand Centerpiece

    A large centerpiece for Thanksgiving

    house_on_oak_hill / Instagram

    Some of the best decor pieces for your Thanksgiving table setting may be right under your nose. Mindy incorporated a wood cutting board and white cake stand from her kitchen to add height and visual interest to her Thanksgiving centerpiece. To give it a fall-inspired look, she added pumpkins, orange tapered candles and fall florals.

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    Leftover Ribbon Place Setting

    A fall place setting with a mini pumpkin and ribbon.

    the.sugarplum.palace / Instagram

    Buffalo check pattern is ubiquitous with fall and holiday decor. Instead of using a traditional napkin ring for your Thanksgiving place setting, you can use leftover buffalo check ribbon from last year's Christmas gifts to tie around each napkin. When paired with faux leaves and mini pumpkins, it brings a fall farmhouse look to your tablescape.

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    Contemporary Color Palette

    White and orange pumpkin table centerpiece

    Modern House Vibes / Instagram

    If your style is more contemporary than traditional, your Thanksgiving tablescape can reflect that and still stick with a fall-inspired theme. Instead of incorporating traditional fall hues into her tablescape, Ana decorated her table with pink-hued pumpkins paired with black-and-white table linens in variety of complementary patterns. This refreshing color palette creates a more modern take on fall decor.

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    DIY Farmhouse Style Centerpiece

    Candle centerpiece for Thanksgiving

    Evergreen & Dandelions / Instagram

    To add a farmhouse look to her table, Michelle filled an old wooden box with fall foliage and a row of taper candles for an easy DIY centerpiece that sits low so guests can converse easily with the person sitting across from them.

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    A Colorful Centerpiece

    A colorful floral centerpiece for Thanksgiving

    Lemon Leaf Home Interiors / Instagram

    If you spent all your time coming up with your Thanksgiving menu and don't have time to decorate, it's not too late to bring a festive look to your home. A vase full of colorful fall flowers is all you really need to liven up a Thanksgiving tablescape. The metallic vase and candlesticks bring a much needed touch of glam.

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    For the Love of Pumpkins

    Colorful mini pumpkins at the center of a Thanksgiving table

    the_heringer_house / Instagram

    The perfect complement to this traditional pumpkin dishware is a matching pumpkin centerpiece. Carli Heringer filled a vintage wooden box with a variety of mini orange and blue pumpkins and paired them with a buffalo check table runner for a tablescape you can keep up all season long.

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    Cozy Backyard Thanksgiving

    A Thanksgiving table set in a backyard

    West Coast Gardens / Instagram

    If you have a green thumb and take pride in your garden, gathering in your backyard is the perfect scenic spot to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with family. You can decorate the table with planters from your yard, and use a combination of indoor and outdoor furniture for a charming look. If Thanksgiving day is chilly where you live, warm blankets and soft pillows will keep guests comfortable while they eat their meal.

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    Pumpkin Place Card Keepsake

    A wood pumpkin and leaf Thanksgiving place setting

    Samantha Ann & Co / Instagram

    When you think of fall, pumpkins and fall leaves are probably the first to come to mind. Here, Samantha Ann made a simple yet festive place setting by adding a faux leaf topped with a personalized wood pumpkin place card that guests can take home with them.

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    A Krafty and Inspiring Table Runner

    Craft paper table runner for Thanksgiving

    kerenprecel / Instagram

    Kraft paper is a versatile table runner option and works well for any Thanksgiving tablescape design, whether it's neutral or colorful. Plus it's a budget-friendly decor idea yet has a high-end custom look once you personalize it. If you have calligraphy skills, you can write Thanksgiving sayings on the end of the table runner that will look gorgeous cascading down the table.

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    An Understated Tablescape

    Aerial view of a neutral place setting

    M Starr Design

    Sometimes you want the food you spent hours cooking to be the star of the show, so keep the table decor to a minimum. Finding the right balance between minimalistic and bare is tricky but can be done with simple yet elegant touches. Use simple white dishes, a linen table runner for texture and vintage dishware for an understated table setting that will stand the test of time.

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    Plaid Inspiration Piece

    Orange and white table pumpkin centerpiece

    Shannon Gold Design / Instagram

    Shannon used this fall checkered table runner as the inspiration piece for the rest of her table decor. The complementary faux fall florals, velvet orange and white mini pumpkins and large candles are all items she already had around the house.

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    A Seasonal and Edible Centerpiece

    Fall vegetable table centerpiece

    My French Country Home / Instagram

    Think of all the fall vegetables and fruits you love to eat—arthichokes, squash, apples, to name a few. The colorful produce can satisfy both your palate and your tablescape color palette when combined with florals and greenery. It sets the tone for this seasonal meal and will blend seamlessly with the surroundings if you're enjoying Thanksgiving dinner al fresco.

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    Simple and Clean Palette

    A sage and white Thanksgiving tablescape

    pizzazzerie / Instagram

    Sage and white is also an unexpected color palette for fall that has more of a beach-inspired feel. Here, Courtney paired a white pumpkin dish with rattan chargers and sage pumpkins with matching glassware that adds a relaxes coastal feel. The design is simple, clean and something you'll want to keep up all season long.

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    Elegant Embroidery Detail

    An elegant embroidered napkin set on a table

    The Embroidered Napkin Co.

    If your Thanksgiving dinner is a formal affair, your tablescape should match the theme, and a formal tablescape is all in the details. This monogram embroidered napkin in blue gray and marigold adds a beautiful fall color palette to the table and is paired with a simple velvet ribbon tied into a bow that's elegant and visually-appealing without being over the top.

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    A Classic Table Setting

    A formal tablescape set for Thanksgiving

    loveisalwaysinthedetails / Instagram

    The patterned plates paired with clear glassware, gold flatware and a black table backdrop give this table a classic and formal look. Ann-Marie dressed the table with patterned plates and knotted napkins to balance out the look and add a more laidback feel. The white pumpkins at the center of the table are a beautiful contrast from the black table.

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    A Cheery Friendsgiving Color Palette

    A pink place setting for Thanksgiving

    designandunwind / Instagram

    Friendsgiving is a great excuse to have a potluck celebration with friends. Even though most Friendsgiving celebrations are casual gatherings, you can still set the table like a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Here, Jenny went with a playful color palette of light pink, peach, marigold and black and white for each place setting that makes each guest feel welcome.

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    Not Your Traditional Centerpiece

    Hydrangeas in a vase on a Thanksgiving table

    Host to Perfection

    If you want to try something different with your table setting, forgo a traditional table centerpiece. Instead, decorate both ends of the table with over-the-top vases, like these hydrangeas. This allows you to go big with your decor while allowing guests to easily converse with others sitting across the table.

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    Kale Planter Centerpiece

    A kale planter as a table centerpiece

    West Coast Gardens / Instagram

    Sometimes the perfect centerpiece is right in your backyard. Leafy greens and other colorful vegetables in planters are an easy centerpiece idea that will add color and texture to your tablescape. This kale-filled planter looks beautiful when paired with pumpkins, greenery and candlesticks. To keep with the produce theme, you can top each place setting with a single pear.

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    Incorporating Fall Textures

    A neutral fall tablescape

    COTTAGE + SEA / Instagram

    Fall decor isn't only about incorporating fall hues and patterns; it's just as much about bringing a variety of textures into a space. This dining area features plenty of textures through the macrame table runner, pampas grass centerpiece, natural wood dining table and the rattan pumpkin decoration.

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    Effortless Tablescape

    A minimalist table setting

    M Starr Design

    It's okay to create a tablescape that requires minimal effort—cooking up a delicious meal and spending time with family is the most important part of Thanksgiving, afterall. You can still create a timeless look even with minimal items with simple touches like a greenery centerpiece and copper and glass tableware for that bring texture when paired with a soft linen tablecloth.

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    Mini Wreath Place Cards

    Mini wreath place cards

    blondebutterflyhome / Instagram

    A mini wreath makes an adorable place card and can even work double duty as a napkin holder. Here, Simone spruced up plain mini wreaths from the craft store with faux berries and leaves and added wooden name tags for each guest. The colors of the berries carry through to the mustard colored pumpkin centerpiece and matching drinkware for a cohesive look.

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    Versatile Green and White Color Palette

    A neutral Thanksgiving tablescape

    lindseymeehaninteriors / Instagram

    Sticking to just one or two colors can be anything but boring when you bring in different textures and heights. These hurricane glasses filled with pillar candles at varying heights are paired with small green and white pumpkins on a simple white table runner for an elegant and visually appealing look that can work for either a formal or casual Thanksgiving gathering.

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    Timeless Decor

    Aerial view of a Thanksgiving table setting

    Pop of Gold

    An arrangement of petite roses brings just the right amount of bold color to this simple Thanksgiving tablescape. Greenery elevates the centerpiece and the pink floral napkins and scalloped plates are timeless additions you can use for years to come.

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    Natural Elements

    A natural place setting for fall

    maggieandkaye / Instagram

    The combination of textures, like the raffia placemats and linen napkins on this table setting, adds character without the use of bright colors. The juxtaposition of the black pillar candles and the neutral table setting is a timeless look that you can use year-round.

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    Vintage Touches

    Traditional fall tablescape with plaid details

    cottonwoodacres / Instagram

    A combination of greenery and plaid and a plethora of pumpkins is a traditional approach to your Thanksgiving tablescape. Alyssa added a vintage touch to her traditional table setting by using old book pages as placemats.

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    All Pumpkin Centerpiece

    Several pumpkins on a Thanksgiving table

    ejillmartin / Instagram

    Real or faux, nothing says fall or Thanksgiving like a bunch of pumpkins down the center of a Thanksgiving table. The variety of colors against the bold orange tablecloth bring a traditional Thanksgiving feel to this outdoor feast.

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    Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

    Pumpkin vase centerpiece

    Home Sweet Khoklan / Instagram

    For a fall centerpiece idea, hollow out a real pumpkin or use a faux pumpkin and fill it with colorful florals like sunflowers, gerbera daises and even berries. This over-the-top arrangement can stand alone to make it the focal point of your table setting, and it's a great hostess gift idea for fall.

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    Don't Forget About Navy

    An outdoor fall tablescape

    outdoordreams / Becky Rees Creative

    Navy is an often forgotten fall hue when it comes to decorating for Thanksgiving, but it's on the opposite side of the color wheel from orange making it one of the most stunning color combos. This navy table runner is the perfect backdrop for the orange pumpkins and squash soup and deep red wine on this outdoor Thanksgiving table.

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    Scrabble Place Card

    Scrabble letters place card

    Pop of Gold

    Whether you're having a traditional Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving celebration, using Scrabble letters as a place card is sure to make any guest smile. Pair it with plaid table linens and a knotted napkin for a casual look. Plus, you can play a game of Scrabble while you enjoy Thanksgiving dessert.

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    Timeless Elegance

    A soft pink and orange Thanksgiving tablescape

    Amanda Wilens / Instagram

    A timeless color palette can bring a formal look to a tablescape even when you use your everyday dishware and simple decorations. Amanda added simple dishware and paired it with gold accents and beautiful florals for an elegant take on Thanksgiving table decor.

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    Thanksgiving With a View

    Outdoor rustic Thanksgiving tablescape

    Pop of Gold

    If you're lucky enough to have a beautiful backyard view, dining al fresco for Thanksgiving is a must. To allow the backdrop to shine, keep the table decor to a minimum but incorporate elements that complement the surrounding nature, like pampas grass, vintage lanterns and candles.

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    Thanksgiving Dessert Table

    Colorful Thanksgiving dessert table

    Pop of Gold

    Thanksgiving isn't just about the turkey and stuffing—dessert (read: homemade pumpkin pie) is just as important. The dessert deserves its own table, and Lori did the dessert justice by decorating a separate table with colorful balloons, tassels and bold florals.

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    Outdoor Thanksgiving Fun

    An outdoor kitchen decorated for Thanksgiving

    outdoordreams / Becky Rees Creative

    If playing a game of touch football is a Thanksgiving day family tradition, it's never a bad idea to keep the food close by. An outdoor dining area or kitchen is the perfect spot to set up a buffet-style Thanksgiving meal. Dress up the space with pumpkins, mums and plaid table linens. And, even better if you can watch the game on an outdoor TV while enjoying food with family.

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    Post Thanksgiving Meal S'Mores

    A s'mores station for Thanksgiving

    1920farmhousereno / Instagram

    The party doesn't have to stop after Thanksgiving dinner is done. A great post-meal activity with the family is bonding over roasting marshmallows for s'mores. You can roast them over a fire pit in your backyard or use a s'mores kit if you don't have an outdoor space like this one that doubles as a cute table decoration.

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    Mixing Patterns and Textures

    A bright white Thanksgiving tablescape

    Host to Perfection

    An easy way to create a tablescape that makes a big statement is mixing patterns and textures. This tablescape by Host to Perfection includes a variety of patterns in similar hues through the table linens and plates. The hydrangea centerpiece and rattan chargers bring texture while the white tablecloth anchors the table setting.

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    Rich Velvet Pumpkins

    Velvet pumpkin centerpiece

    thisprettylifexo / Instagram

    The dark navy and purple velvet pumpkins elevate the look of the simple white table runner and white pumpkins. Jacqueline dried hydrangeas from her garden to soften the overall look.

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    Simple White Pumpkin Place Setting

    A white pumpkin and acorns place setting

    Julie Dempsey Group / Instagram

    To keep your tablescape clean and simple yet festive, place a white pumpkin at each place setting and pair it with other natural elements like acorns and linen napkins. At the end of the celebration, each guest can take their pumpkin home to display for the rest of the fall season.

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    All Natural Elements

    Wooden plates for an outdoor Thanksgiving

    Pop of Gold

    An outdoor Thanksgiving meal should have table decor that matches its surroundings. If you're setting your Thanksgiving table outside, use wooden plates and rattan chargers lieu of traditional tableware, and decorate each place setting with dried palm leaves you can buy online or make on your own using card stock.

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    Floral Wreath Centerpiece

    A floral wreath Thanksgiving centerpiece

    House Queiroz / Instagram

    A wreath isn't only used as decor for the front door or mantel, but it also works as an unconventional table centerpiece. Here, House Queiroz placed a fall floral wreath at the center of the table and placed a ceramic pumpkin in the middle for a truly festive look.

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    Candle and Pumpkin Combination

    A candle centerpiece for Thanksgiving

    simple.joy.at.home / Instagram

    Not only do candles make a cozy and intimate table decor option, but they also fill the room with scents of the holidays to help make guests feel welcome. Here, Sheila added plenty of candles to her centerpiece along with pumpkins on a vintage wood stand for added height and interest.

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    Dramatic Black Tableware

    Foraged leaves centerpiece

    hiphiphoorayhome / Instagram

    Thanksgiving dinner is a chance for your black tableware to shine. When paired with natural elements and fall hues—like in this centerpiece Liz put together from foraged leaves from her backyard—the tableware stands out yet feels timeless.

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    Flower Forest Centerpiece

    An abundance of flowers as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece

    jrabflowerjournal / Instagram

    This abundant floral centerpiece by The Floral Frontier, along with the grass table runner, runs all the way down the table and makes guests feel like they're dining in the middle of a garden. The pops of pink and lavender trickled in with the fall hues brighten up the tablescape.