Thanksgiving-Themed Games

Have kids play these fun Thanksgiving games as they wait for that turkey day feast to be served.

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    Find the Feast

    Pumpkin pie

    Draw or cut out pictures of the food you would typically serve at a Thanksgiving feast, such as turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin pie. Create two identical sets of pictures and paste the images to cardstock paper. Hide the images in various places around the house. Divide kids into two teams and give each team a list of foods they must find. Give each team a cornucopia to carry and fill with the images as they find them. The first team to return with all of the images in...MORE their cornucopia is the winning team.

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    Who's the Turkey

    Send one player out of the room and gather the rest of the kids into a group. Choose one member of the group to be the turkey. The player who is the turkey will perform actions such as gobbling, flapping wings or walking like a turkey. The rest of the players must copy the actions of the turkey.

    When the kid who was sent out of the room returns, she must watch the group and try to guess which player is the turkey. As the turkey changes moves, the other players must quickly follow in an attempt to...MORE keep the guesser from figuring out who the turkey is. Once she guesses correctly, another player must leave the room and a new turkey is chosen.

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    Thanksgiving Seat Switch

    Set up a row of chairs that is equal to the number of players in the room. Assign each player a name, such as Turkey, Pilgrim, Pumpkin Pie and Cranberry. Write the names down and place them in a hat, along with a paper that says, “Seat Switch.”

    Have all of the kids choose a seat. Pull two names at a time out of the hat and call them out loud. Those two players must race to switch seats. The one who sits first stays in the game, the other player is out.

    Remove the extra chair. Put the name of the...MORE person still in the game back in the hat, shake it up and pull out two more names. Continue playing and removing chairs as players are eliminated. If the caller pulls out the seat switch note, all of the players must race to find a new seat. The game is over when only one player remains seated.

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    Gobble Gobble

    Send one player out of the room and have the other kids hide a plush turkey. When the player returns, the other players will gobble as he searches for the hidden turkey. The closer he gets to the location of the turkey, the louder the kids will gobble. If he strays away from the turkey, they will gobble more quietly. Once he finds the turkey, he gets to pick the next player to leave the room. The game continues until every player has had a turn at finding the turkey.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner Memory Game

    Have kids gather around the dinner table. Ask the player at the head of the table to start the game by saying, “I’m making Thanksgiving dinner and I’m going to serve turkey" (or the food of her choice). The player to her left must then say, “I’m making Thanksgiving dinner and I’m going to serve turkey and sweet potatoes.” The third player then repeats the statement and adds a food of his own to the list. Play continues around the circle, with each player adding a new food. Any player who...MORE forgets to name a food or mixes up the order of the items is removed from the game, and the last player remaining wins the game.