The 10 Best Halloween Charcuterie Boards on Instagram Right Now

Get some inspo for a fun snack platter for movie nights at home

hocus pocus cheesboard of the sanderson sisters

 The Spruce / @savor_style

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to go all out with your tricks and treats. Since this year we’re going to be celebrating Halloween differently than ever before, it’s time to pull out all the stops.

From reducing party sizes to alternative trick-or-treating, 2020 has caused everyone to pivot the way they’re celebrating the spooky holiday. Instead of the classic celebrations, try having a costume contest with your family, create a Halloween scavenger hunt throughout the yard, or settle in for a spooky movie marathon. No matter what you choose to do, making ghoulish and delicious treats, like a Halloween charcuterie board will be a hit with your crowd.

Since charcuterie boards are essentially a glorified snack platter, it only makes sense to create a Halloween-themed board for your festivities. With everything from mummy-inspired hot dogs, to brie shaped like jack-o-lanterns, and plates that are spewing sugar, you can create a delicious and festive spread for a small gathering at home.

Get in the Halloween spirit and celebrate the holiday with charcuterie boards that are both sweet or savory. Check out the 10 best Halloween charcuterie boards on Instagram now! 

The Sanderson Sisters

Courtney Wright, of @savor_style, created this extremely detailed board in honor of her favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. She used cheese, meat, and berries to create the sassy witch sisters’ hair.

"After seeing that it had started playing on TV over the weekend, I was inspired to try creating a cheese board featuring the Sanderson Sisters," she said via email. "I had definitely been needing a bit of a creative boost, and creating this fun board did just that! I loved putting it together, and have really enjoyed seeing that other people love it, as well!"

Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus in cheesboard form
 The Spruce / @savor_style

Wright said she grew up eating cheese boards, because they are her parents' "favorite way to snack." She made her first candy board for Halloween two years ago, she said, and started her grazing business—featuring custom grazing boards and spreads—shortly after.

All The Sweet Treats

Friendly reminder: You don't have to make everything from scratch. Look at the cute mix Mandy Kellogg Rye did with this adorable mix of store-bought treats. Ghost-shaped cookies? Yes, please!

Jack O’Brie 

Translate your pumpkin-carving skills to the cheeseboard and chisel out a wheel of brie. Carve out a happy or scary face, and let it be the star of the show. Shannon Kolchakian of @tallycheeseboards dubbed them brie-o-lanterns, and added mozzarella eyeballs and spider webs made of raspberry preserves.

Yummy Mummy

Instead of serving everyone’s favorite mini-hot dogs, try wrapping full-sized dogs loosely in crescent roll dough and add googly eyes. These tasty mummies are loved by all ages.

Snack Attack 

Mix up candy, fruit and veggies for a balanced and festive snack board for you and your kids. Teddie Pesch of @mangoesandmayhem carved out faces in little peppers and stuffed them with dips for an easy—and cute!—hit. 

Bone-Chilling Good

No matter what you put on a charcuterie board, sprinkling body parts of a skeleton will instantly bring a dead board to life. And, as Gelesia Edwards of @littlehausonthehill says, it's "toddler approved."

Bat Snacks 

Instead of your typical pumpkins and ghosts, try creating bats out of sweet treats. Leah Bergman of @freutcake used black licorice, chocolate-covered pretzels, and nuts to create a boo-tiful plate. 

Toys and Treats 

@Kelley Nan made a spooktacular Hallloween board by incorporating festive treats like Oreos, candy corn, and ghost-shaped chips to help bring her sweet board to life. She threw in some glow sticks and spider rings for an added surprise.

Ghostly Treats

If you’re trying to keep your charcuterie board COVID-19 friendly, try a trick shared by @fashionablehostess: Use a Sharpie to draw ghost faces on wrapped cheese sticks for a spooky treat that isn't touched by multiple hands. She added them to a colorful board that is perfect for Halloween.

Sweet and Simple

There’s no arguing that loading a board with tons of chocolates and candy is delicious, but keeping it simple can satisfy your sweet tooth and help you keep more of your free time. Combining ready-to-pop popcorn with chocolate-covered apples—like Kristen Wright of @wrightfamilyadventure—is festive, scrumptious and won’t eat into your movie watching time. 

Bonus Tip

@Lulu Guerrero made a cute fall-themed charcuterie board for her kids and also shared this gem: Place a sheet of parchment paper on the board before arranging the treats for easy cleanup. Genius!