You're Not Really an Adult Until You Own These 5 Things

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Vacuuming the floor

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At the age of 29, I finally feel like an adult. Moving from the US to London didn't do it. Launching a new career didn't either. What really helped me come to this realization was the arrival of a brand new vacuum cleaner that I was eagerly anticipating for some reason.

This vacuum is amazing—I'll be talking about it more later—but it got me thinking: What other life-changing products help people feel like an adult?

I spoke to a few other people to see what’s on their list. So here are the five things every adult needs in their home.

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    A Really Nice Vacuum

    Taylor Fuller and her new vacuum

    Taylor Fuller

    The day my vacuum was set to arrive I waited at the window for the delivery driver to come. Once it came, it sadly took three hours for the battery to charge. It felt like an eternity, as I was really excited to vacuum underneath my bed for the first time in a year.

    When it was finally charged, I went to town. I also took photos and videos and sent them to everyone I know showing them how amazing it was (I mean it has this little bendy arm so you can reach under furniture and it picks up all of my hair and the seventeen pounds of soil I drop on the floor daily from all of my plants). 

    Since I’ve had this vacuum (which was a top 3 best moments of 2020, behind Taylor Swift’s two amazing albums, Folklore and Evermore), I’ve vacuumed my flat three times a week. Before, I’d do it maybe once a month. So yeah, you need a really nice vacuum when you’re an adult.

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    A Great Pan

    The Always Pan on a kitchen counter with neutral decor and plants

    Instagram / @carlanatalia__

    If you follow any interior design or homeware Instagram accounts, you’ve probably seen this amazing pan from Our Place. I first spotted it on Carla Natalia’s Instagram page and reached out to her to find out why she loves it.

    "The Always Pan is my new favorite toy," she said. "Yes, as adults we still get excited about things, like pans! From the color, the quality and the do-it-all feature. My favorite is the ceramic coating, no more food stuck to the bottom of a pan! It cooks so great and evenly throughout. Now I look with disappointment at all my [other] pots and pans.” 

    It comes in a ton of pretty colors and also has a place to put your spoon while you’re cooking, which makes me excited cause I’m always dripping on the countertops when I cook. This one can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, and boil.

    I'm sold. But it has sold out several times, and sadly, they don’t deliver to the UK just yet. I'll keep checking though.

    Investing in a great pan is smart as an adult because you’ll get years and years of use out of it.

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    A Super Comfy Blanket

    cozy quilt

    Instagram / @carlanatalia__

    Carla also told me that something that got her excited and made her feel like an adult was her really comfy quilt. “The Cloud Quilt from Parachute is pure heaven on earth!," she said.

    "I love everything from Parachute, but this quilt is the best piece and everyone should have one. It is literally like sleeping on a cloud. It is so soft and cozy and it gets better and better with time. It is truly the adult blankie!” 

    Anything that gets better with time should be on every list of things you should have as an adult. I think that when we’re growing up we buy so many cheap things that just rip and get holes in them as they get older. Anything that’s made well enough that it actually improves with time, means it’s an investment done right.

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    Soft Sheets

    White bed linens in white bedroom with neutral decor

    Getty Images / Artjafara

    If you have a nice blanket you need nice sheets too! Thankfully there are so many amazing sheets out there. I recently upped my sheet game. They were a really late birthday present from my step mom that couldn’t have arrived at a better time as the UK stepped back into another lockdown for the month of November. She told me to pick out whichever sheets I wanted and the ones I wanted from Brooklinen cost an extra $50 dollars to ship to the UK. I happily paid the cost (and to my surprise the two sets arrived in less than a week all the way from New York). 

    My boyfriend couldn’t quite understand why I wanted sheets for my birthday but I told him, I want to feel good when I go to sleep. He laughed at me but the next morning he was eating his words. He told me that he had the best night of sleep in ages and that he could literally feel the difference between the new sheets and our old ones from a crappy high street store in London. I will never go back to cheap sheets again! 

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    Eco-Friendly Storage Bags

    Colorful Stasher bags

    Instagram / @tavernatravels

    I’m obsessed with eco-friendly storage and an old travel friend of mine is too. Taylor from @tavernatravels was constantly posting about these amazing storage bags made out of silicone that don't degrade over time. They can be put in the freezer, oven, microwave, and in a pot of boiling water.

    “I feel like I've officially reached adulthood by just how excited I get about something as simple as reusable baggies," Taylor said. "But I mean it when I say that Stasher Bags are a game-changing purchase. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be used for just about anything! My kitchen is stocked with Stasher bags, but I also love traveling with them.“

    I took her word for it and snatched up a starter pack of bags on Black Friday. While they aren’t the cheapest purchase, I’ll never have to buy another sandwich bag again and that makes me really happy.