9 Halloween Trees That Will Make You Pull Out Your Christmas Tree STAT

We never knew we needed a pink tree until now!

halloween trees


If anyone ever told you that you’re not allowed to put up holiday decorations until after Thanksgiving, here is the perfect opportunity to have that tree decked out longer than a month. From decorating pre-lit Christmas trees to actual candy corn colored trees, this fun and festive decor is sure to get even the Grinch-iest family members in the holiday spirit.

Try one of these 9 whimsical and spooky Halloween trees. 

Pumpkin Pail Tree

Hazel from @Halloweenhomemaker has been all about Halloween trees for a while. “I actually have decorated a spooky-themed tree every month for the past two years and have had some kind of Halloween tree for the season for at least the past nine years,” they said over email.

Halloween tree and decor
Instagram /  @Halloweenhomemaker

“I try to have all my trees up by the beginning of each month, but time has gotten away from me. This tree I have had up since spring, and it's been decorated a few different times. The pails went up at the beginning of September along with my other decorations.” 

Using the candy corn tree from Treetopia, she decked the tree out with buckets of pumpkins. 

Hazel didn’t specify, but I think this means you have to fill all of the pails with Halloween candy. 

Crash Landing 

This pink, black and white tree that Jennifer Perkins of @jenniferperkins created may look pretty, but if you look closely you can see skeletons, pumpkins and creepy cameras galore! 

Now, any takers on what happened to the crashed witch at the top of the tree? Too many glasses of spiked punch perhaps? 

Double Duty

If you love Christmas just as much as @Marinaharris5452, you have full permission to unpack your artificial tree and decorate it with some spooky and festive decor. 

Using a witch's hat as the topper of the tree really completes the festive feels. 

Sweet and Spooky

Jessica Lighter of @celebrationstylist has seen a lot of great Halloween trees, but it was her daughter that inspired this one for something sweet and spooky. “... my daughter was the one that requested it,” says Lighter. “This is the Christmas tree that we always put up in her room, and I’m already trying to figure out how to make it work for Thanksgiving and then Christmas.”

pink Halloween tree
Instagram / @celebrationstylist

“We have paper bats allll over our house so we just added some to her tree,” says Lighter. Paper bats and a witch hat topping with black and white pumpkins below made this tree the star of the home.

Personally, the warm glow of the tree and bold color scheme instantly brings me joy. 

Boo to You

Emily Jones from @ohyeahem started decorating a Halloween tree when the sadness after the holidays set in.

Halloween tree
Instagram /  @ohyeahem

“We're so sad when the tree comes down after the holidays because it leaves such a sad, empty feeling with no twinkle lights around the house. So, a few years ago we realized we had a ton of 'darker'- themed ornaments [from movies such as] The Nightmare Before Christmas, Haunted Mansion." Jones said. "That sparked the idea of a Halloween tree!”

“We searched for a long time to find a black tree large enough to fill our Christmas tree spot and once we did, IT WAS ON.” 

While this one isn't her main Christmas tree, it does get repurposed, “We move the black tree up into our bedroom and put white lights on it and decorate it with traditional Christmas ornaments,” she says. 

An Autumnal Tree

Inspired by other Halloween trees on Instagram, Tammy of @Joyfulheartblogspot went the festive route with an autumnal tree that will feel festive even after Halloween. 

“I love a farmhouse look, so I found a garland with wooden leaves at Michaels and cut it up to make ornaments," she said."I wrapped the tree in burlap and created a burlap and grosgrain ribbon for the top of the tree.”

Small But Mighty

If you have an empty corner in your room that could use some love, take a note from Jen Gregor of @a.firemans.wife. She made her children’s playroom a whole lot more festive with a small punch of decor, using a cheerful Halloween tree and paper bats everywhere. The tree might be small, but she was able to pack a lot of stuff in here! “Most of the stuff was from the Dollar Tree, so it was really inexpensive to decorate,” says Gregor. 

Halloween tree
Instagram / @a.firemans.wife

If your decor doesn't come with hooks, you can easily add toothpicks or dowels with glue or tape to easily secure the decor in the tree. 

Hocus Pocus

More is definitely more! Use Jenny Reimold of @jennyreimold’s "shove and stuff" method to tuck signs, pumpkins and plush toys amongst the branches. 

Follow Jenny’s three rules for creating the perfect tree:

  1. Create a theme.
  2. Throw on your family's favorite spooky film.
  3. Welcome in fall with a Halloween tree anyone and everyone will appreciate.

Count Dracula 

Holiday enthusiasts Andrew and Dennis of @craftylumberjacks went full on Dracula with their Halloween tree this year. Their “fang-tastic” tree is just what they needed for their small apartment. 

Halloween tree
Instagram / @craftylumberjacks

“We live in a small NY apartment and space is always an issue, so we like to repurpose a lot of our pieces we’ve used for other trees. Our skulls have been ushers, fortune tellers, and now they’re Transylvanian ghouls!” they say. 

You can reuse your skulls too!! To create the perfect Dracula skull, they crafted fangs out of clay, gave them a fresh paint job and dressed them in lace and glitter.