The Basics of Rubber Stamping

The abundance of rubber stamping supplies and equipment can be daunting for a beginner - just what do you need to get started? Here are some of the essentials required to get started making great designs.

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    The Essentials to Get You Started Rubber Stamping

    Learn a new craft
    Learn what supplies you need to start rubber stamping. Kate Pullen

    Rubber stamping is an extremely versatile craft and while it is possible to create lovely images with just a few items of equipment, there is a wealth of different stamps, inks, embossing powders, embellishments and other great supplies that can tempt a beginner rubber stamper. There is no need to buy everything all at once (despite how tempting this may be!). Not only will this be expensive, but it might also result in disappointment. Vellum, for instance, is a lovely type of paper however it...MORE has special qualities meaning that it is not ideal for a first project.

    When starting rubber stamping there are a few key supplies that are necessary and these, combined with a few multi-purpose stamps, will give plenty of potential for creative fun without breaking the bank.

    There are a few essentials required by the novice rubber stamper:

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    Wood Mounted Stamp
    Wood Mounted Stamp. Kate Pullen

    A few well chosen mounted and unmounted rubber stamps will have a variety of uses.

    Both traditional wood backed rubber stamps and the new clear acrylic varieties have designs that are suitable for beginners. Bold designs and images are easier to use than fine and intricate patterns.


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    Basic Rubber Stamping Supplies

    Embossing powder
    Embossing powder. Kate Pullen

    While it is tempting to stock up on lots of different products, just a few basic supplies are all that is required to create great rubber stamping projects.


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    Essential Rubber Stamping Equipment

    Scissors are an essential piece of equipment for beginner stampers
    Scissors are an essential piece of equipment for beginner stampers. Kate Pullen

    A beginner stamper only requires a few pieces of basic equipment are required to produce great results. Start off with the essentials and other pieces of more specialized equipment can be purchased later as required.


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    Rubber Stamping Books for Beginners

    Selection of books
    Selection of books. Kate Pullen

    Good rubber stamping books for beginners will provide both inspiration and instruction. In addition to books, magazines also are a good source of information. More information about magazines, including profiles of some of the most well known names can be found in the Book, Magazine and Website category.


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    Ideas for Rubber Stamping Projects

    Simple cat greeting card
    Simple cat greeting card. Kate Pullen
    The fourth essential is plenty of ideas! Good ideas will help turn ordinary stamping projects into something special. Virtually anything can be rubber stamped so let your imagination wander and come up with some great and innovative ideas. Take a look at our Stamping Insights category for inspiring interviews with professional stampers who also provide plenty of stamping ideas!

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    Other Useful Rubber Stamping Supplies for Beginners

    Embossing Powders
    Embossing Powders. Kate Pullen

    In addition to the essentials above, there are several supplies that are nice to have but not absolutely necessary.

    • It is possible to buy a specialist stamp cleaner, however stamps can be effectively cleaned with baby wipes or soap and water.
    • Storing stamps carefully will help to ensure cleanly stamped images. When starting out it is easy to look after just a few stamps, however as the collection grows so does the need to create a good storage system.
    • Bring some pizazz to your rubber stamping by...MORE applying some special techniques. Embossing powders, heat gun, glitters and many other exciting supplies can be used within several different techniques. These are wonderful ways to create great rubber stamped designs.
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    Tips for Buying Rubber Stamping Essentials

    Here are some useful tips to help you get the most from your rubber stamping budget.
    • Buy stamps with multiple uses to maximize the stamping opportunities from each stamp.
    • Look for stamps with bold patterns as these give reliable results on most beginner projects.
    • Purchase all purpose inks that don't require any special finishing techniques. These can be used on a variety of materials.
    • Practice on scrap paper or craft paper before moving onto special papers and cards.