The Best Art Easels for Kids

The best art easels for kids do not always have to be large pieces of furniture and take up a lot of space. Art easels are not just a playroom decoration. There are so many reasons why kids benefit from being creative, using their imagination and drawing on easels with crayons, markers, pencils and paint.

While many families choose to turn a whole wall into an easel in the playroom, there are also great tabletop and lap easels that can be folded making them a great travel toy. 

Easels do not just...MORE give kids a special place to draw, but writing, drawing and coloring on an easel can help children develop a good grasp on their crayon, which they will need to for handwriting when they are in school. This is because an easel offers children a vertical surface to write on. See there is a reason why kids like to try and write on the wall! When children write on a tall, straight surface it naturally encourages the fingers to come together when their wrist is extended back. This simple idea helps children develop strength in their arms, and a more controlled pencil grip they will use when writing on paper with a pencil in grade school.

Because playing on easels usually means kids have access to a lot of small crayons and markers, many easels have built-in storage for supplies. While creativity is important, markers, paint and other art tools can quickly take over the playroom. Not to mention sensory activities like painting often leave a huge mess! Having a dedicated space to store these materials may help teach children how to clean up their work when they are finished. 

Besides, having an easel gives children a dedicated place to paint or draw, so they do not decide to paint murals and pictures on a real wall, without permission! 

Here are the best art easels for children of all ages. Many of these easels also arrive with a lot of new supplies included I'm the original price, so kids can begin drawing, painting and coloring, immediately. 

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    Have a lot of young children in your home or maybe twins or multiples? Need enough space for several kids to play and draw at the same time? The Jumbo Art Easel is a double-sided easel with many options for creativity because it has both a white board and chalkboard. Sturdy clips hold the child's paper while drawing or when drying after painting. This easel is large, sturdy and the perfect gift to surprise a toddler or preschool aged child. The easel also includes a lot of built-in storage...MORE for washable crayons, markers, paints and other art materials. Plan to include time to assemble the easel before it can be used by the children and set aside a budget for additional materials.

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    For kids who love to draw, color and design when traveling or who do not have a lot of space at home, they will love the Faber Castell travel easel. It is plastic and lightweight, and includes a whiteboard, chalkboard, and clips so children can attach paper. When it is closed, the art case is about as thick as a large binder, and can also be used as a lap desk. The materials included with the case are alone worth the price. The drawers on either side of the easel securely store markers, colored...MORE pencils, crayons, beeswax crayons, chalk, a dry erase marker with eraser, pencil sharpener, and a pencil eraser. A sketchpad is also included.

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    Families who want to make a statement in the playroom or buy a beautiful wood easel that can be used by many children and passed on from one generation to the next will love the Kid Kraft wooden art easel. This double-sided easel has a whiteboard, a chalkboard and  includes 2 storage trays and 3 storage bins. Similar KidKraft easels can be bought in different wood finishes, such as white or light brown, which can match the home decor, but they do not include the same plastic trays. Instead of...MORE needing a pad of paper, there is an integrated paper roll. All art supplies must be bought separately.

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    Maybe the best way to put an easel in your home is to dedicate an entire wall or space in the living room, kitchen or play area, and just give kids a safe and creative way to really draw on the walls! Whether a family has a large wall or a small space, there are some creative ways to make a do-it-yourself easel. Chalk tends to be dusty over time, but there is also whiteboard paint, large chalkboard sticker decals, and magnetic chalkboard paint.

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    Now you can buy a child their first laptop, that does not even include technology or batteries! This wooden laptop opens up to reveal a chalkboard that also doubles as an easel. Kids can create stories and "type" their letters the old fashioned way by writing them with chalk. 

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    For kids who like to draw and paint, and families who have a few children, but not a lot of space, the Step 2 Easel for 2 is a great option. One side is a whiteboard, the other side is a chalkboard. 2 small bins store the included magnetic letters. Some minor assembly is required, but this toy is a great playroom addition for toddlers and preschool aged children.

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    In addition to being an easel, this set also includes a lot of different art supplies such as pencils, pens, pastels, charcoal, color sticks, stumps, water colors, a mannequin, sandpaper, brush, erasers, pencil sharpener, watercolor paper and drawing paper. All of the supplies store in different trays and this set is perfect for the older art student in elementary or middle school.


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    The ALEX easel case for young artists is a large wooden case that includes many art supplies such as acrylic paints, watercolor paints, oil paints, paintbrushes, watercolor pad, 2 palettes and 2 canvases to get kids started. The case, which stores the supplies, opens into an easel, and can be used both at home, at classes, or when painting for fun in the community.

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