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Looking for the best boy dolls? You might know of a child who is expecting a sibling, maybe a brother, who is searching for a boy baby doll to help them get used to the idea of a new baby in the home? Does a child need a special friend, like a superhero, to travel with on adventures? Is a little girl specifically asking for a boy doll or a boy companion for her American Girl Doll

It used to be very obvious in the doll aisle at the toy store that most baby dolls were female dolls designed for little girls to play with. The focus being on cute clothing and playroom accessories. There have been a few boy baby dolls, but not all kids, no matter their gender, want to play with dolls by giving them a hug, feeding them from a bottle, pushing them in a stroller or changing their diapers and clothing.

As children get older into the preschool years, their interests in dolls may change to want a special friend, or a companion, that might look like them in hair, eye and skin color. Not just a toy, but a buddy who they can take on adventures during trips to the grocery store or when as a companion for a long flight on a family vacation. A friend they can share their secrets with, talk to and read stories with after they hop into bed each night.

Many kids love to play with dolls, and this type of play can not and should not be characterized for just one gender. Every child is different and they might play with their dolls a little differently, so having many boy doll options available can help parents and gift givers chose the best companion for their child's interests and individuality.

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    Logan Everett American Girl Doll

    American Girl Dolls are popular, 18-inch fashion dolls that typically girls  love to collect and accessorize. Each doll arrives with a book to read and has a unique story. Logan Everett is the first American Girl boy doll.

    Logan Everett, a drum player, was released at the same time as Tenney Grant. The duo are singer, songwriter musicians from Nashville, TN.

    Whether you have a daughter looking to expand her collection with a boy companion, or a son who wants a doll to play with on his own or with a sibling, the Logan doll brings collectability and popularity to the  boy doll aisle for American Girl doll brand fans.

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    WonderCrew SuperHero Buddies

    Meet James, Will, Erik and Marco, the WonderCrew Buddies! The WonderCrew are 15-inch best friends that kids can take anywhere. They arrive wearing a superhero outfit, a cape, and a mask. There is even a superhero cape for the child to wear, too. 

    There are different themed adventure kits for the buddies, that include construction outfits, pajamas, and safari clothing. Each adventure pack includes an accessory for the child to use or wear, like a safari hat, or bedtime blanket.

    The buddies are available in 4 different ethnicities. Created by a therapist, the Crew helps promote and empower boys to use their imagination, develop confidence and promote emotional intelligence. 

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    Boy Story Dolls

    Boy Story dolls are 18-inch dolls, available in 2 options, Billy and Mason. Each doll has a different ethnic background. The dolls are ready for action, and include 11 different ball and socket joints that can be posed for play in many ways. Due to their design, the child can help the doll pretend to do anything they like to do, such as play a musical instrument or kick a soccer ball. The boys are also featured in story books, too.

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    Adora Baby Boy Doll

    Adora dolls are collectible dolls that children are able to play with. These dolls have very unique and special features that most other dolls do not, such as hand-painted faces, hand-applied eyelashes. Their clothing is sweet yet fashionable. The dolls have on-trend accessories and clothing that is hand-sewn. These dolls are larger than most, at 20 inches in height. Their weighted bodies make them feel heavy, just as if the child was holding a real baby doll. 

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    Cabbage Patch Kid Doll

    Cabbage Patch Kids are fun retro toys many parents enjoyed as a child  themselves during the 1980's. The company is a trendsetter in the boy doll aisle, having designed fun boy dolls for decades. These soft body plush dolls are easy to carry, but include modern day interests, like skateboarding and even being a baseball fan. The dolls have clothing that is easy to remove and change.

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    JC Toys Realistic Ethnic Baby Dolls

    Looking for a realistic baby dolls, with different ethnic features? JC Toys dolls have varying facial features and arrive in different sizes with special accessories. Some dolls are wearing a reusable diaper, hospital bracelet, and even have gauze near their belly button. Dolls can be purchased with Asian, African American and Hispanic features and skin tones.

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    My Life As A School Boy Doll

    The My Life As A... doll line features girls doing real every day things like going to school, participating in sports, having community jobs, and caring for animals. There is 1 boy doll in the line, the School Boy. The doll is 18 inches and has brushable hair. The School Boy is available in 2 different skin tones. This doll is exclusive to Walmart.

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    Corolle Doll Paul

    Corolle has unique baby dolls that can even help children learn to potty train! Aside from being a great baby doll to dress, feed and take care of, each doll has anatomically correct parts. Kids can feed their doll water from a bottle, then push the belly to watch it urinate. While this might sound gross, it really is an interactive way for some children who learn by doing, to figure out just how eliminating on the potty works, making potty training times more successful.

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    Gotz Dolls Parker

    Parker is a boy doll made exclusively for Pottery Barn by Gotz, a German collectible doll company. The Parker doll is an 18.5 inch doll, who is wearing a sporty letterman's jacket. Parker's hair can be combed, and limbs are able to be posed. 

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    Corolle Mon Premier Bath Boy

    Kids love to play in water with their dolls, especially in the pool and bathtub. The Corolle baby boy bath toy is specially designed for water, allowing it drip dry when bath time is over. The doll is able to be used in many different environments such as soapy water, chlorinated water from a pool, and salt water.