The Best Electric Chainsaws

Sometimes You Just Don't Need Gas

Husky electric chainsaw battery
Husky 536 LiXP power pack. Steve Nix

The power and freedom of a gas-operated chainsaw often influence people to purchase a saw that they just don't need. Gas-powered saws can be heavy, need high maintenance and become expensive nightmares for people who only occasionally use saws for light work.

For these reasons many people just don't need the expense or power of a gas chainsaw. If you mainly use saws around the house you need to reconsider your purchase to include a good electric chainsaw first.

Picking the Best Electric Chainsaw

Good and bad points you need to remember are:

  • Electric saws have less power and will increase you sawing time.
  • Electrics are not designed to cut and buck large trees.
  • Electrics are tethered to a 100-foot power cord.
  • Electrics are lighter in weight and safer.
  • Electrics take much less maintenance and are cheaper in price.
  • Electrics are perfect for small trees and "pruning/trim" work.

Take a look at this pictorial feature on using an electric chainsaw. This review of the Remington electric chainsaw explains the major features and provides some information on using and maintaining the saw.

The following recommendations are based on company reliability, user popularity, and reviews on Amazon. Most of these chainsaws will make for a great purchase. I've tried to include both moderately priced and top-of-the-line saws and their company websites.

It would be remiss if I did not mention safety. Just because you have less power in an electric versus a gas saw doesn't mean you be casual about its use. Treat it with respect. An electric chainsaw should be considered dangerous and you would benefit by reviewing the basics of chainsaw safety.

Best Moderately Priced

WORX Electric Chainsaws (Buy from Amazon)- A relatively newcomer to the electric saw market, WORX electric saws get good ratings and include tool-free chain removal and an auto-oiler as standard features. 

Remington Electric Chainsaws (Buy from Amazon)- Some people consider Remington as manufacturing the best mid-priced electric chainsaw on the market. I agree that these saws are great for the price and when properly maintained and stored. 

Craftsman Electric Chainsaw (Buy from Amazon)- These saws have a long history for adequate performance with the reliability of Sears service centers. 

Best Top-of-the-Line

Makita Electric Chainsaw (Buy from Amazon) - A bit pricey but one of the most powerful electric chainsaws you can purchase with great Internet ratings. 

Oregon Electric Chainsaw (Buy from Amazon) - Oregon has a great reputation in the industry and now manufactures a self-sharpening chainsaw. A claim of a shelf-sharpened chain system, if it works, could make this saw a good buy.

Best Cordless

Husqvarna Cordless Chainsaw (Buy from Amazon) - In my opinion, this is the cordless saw of the future. 

Makita Cordless Chainsaw (Buy from Amazon) - Very dependable battery operated chainsaw for those wanting freedom from an electric cord.