The Best Fencing Ideas to Add Gorgeous Curb Appeal

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    Picket Fences Add Charming Curb Appeal

    Picket fence curb appeal ideas
    Bring charm to your home with a picket fence. Getty Images

    Curb appeal and fencing ideas go hand and hand when trying to sell your home. Selling is an art, and when it comes to selling a house, the process begins right outside the property. Homes that make a great first impression are the ones that sell faster, making curb appeal an important aspect. While there are plenty of ways to improve the curb appeal of your home, a decorative fencing is one of the most interesting ways. Installing a fence can add to both aesthetic and practical value of the house. That’s why we bring to you these gorgeous fencing ideas that will not only help you get some impressed reactions when potential buyers see the yard but will also help you overcome safety issue while you are still there.

    Enhance the Curb Appeal with Picket Fences

    There is nothing quite like a classic white picket fence that makes an attractive addition to any garden. A low fence averaging between 2 to 4 feet in height will give definition to your space without obstructing the views. They are easily identifiable due to their neat, evenly spaced vertical boards, and are perfect to be used as a decorative boundary. They do not offer privacy; but picket fences do define the boundary clearly and provide a wonderful aesthetic. While traditionally white or natural wood is used, a simple change of color can also help your property stand out. For colorful architectural interest, painting the picket fence as the same color as the trim of your house is a great way to create visually uniform appearance.  

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    Show Off your Outdoor Home with Wrought Iron Fencing

    Wrought iron fencing ideas
    Wrought iron fencing adds beauty to your exterior. Getty Images

    Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Your Garden Fence

    Fencing is not just about the material, it’s also about how you decorate it to create a visual impact for potential buyers. To elevate your home's outdoor appeal, add finials and decorative pots at even distance. For a wooden fence, attach plant hanger hooks and insert colorful potted plants. Make sure to keep the pot palette simple and let the plants add color. Alternatively, you can create a ladder effect with planters used for growing herbs. It is a great space saver solution and the buyers will definitely appreciate it. Also, as nighttime curb appeal is very important when your house is on the market, you can use this space to add night lights.

    Create Buyer Appeal with Wrought Iron Fencing

    There is something about wrought iron fences. It is the right choice for those looking to add a bit of sophistication and elegance to their home. You don’t have to stick to the usual black colored fence. If your house is surrounded with a decent amount of greenery, consider a color like deep green that will both blend well into the landscape and stand out enough to enhance the curb appeal. The best part? Due to its nature, wrought iron fences can be found in many different shapes and designs. We love this stately Empire Red wrought iron fence!

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    Try Adding Clever Paint Color Ideas to your Fencing

    fencing ideas for backyard
    Use fencing to add a backdrop to your backyard area. Getty Images

    Paint Color Ideas for Your Outdoor Fencing

    When preparing your outdoor home remember that painting projects go a long way. While there are no set rules when it comes to fence colors, you must select the one that complements the rest of your house and blends well with the architectural surroundings. For instance, in a yard with a lot of foliage and natural landscaping, a neutral, deep green paint or a medium oak stain on the fencing will blend into the surroundings. Nature and landscape are great places to seek color inspiration. However, this does not mean that neutral and traditional colors are the only option. You can opt for unexpected hues like red, orange, or blue. But instead of coloring the full fence in a bold color, apply a bright shade in accent areas. This will help to make your property stand out while creating a balanced visual.

    An easy way to enhance the curb appeal of your home is by lining its front with a functional but a decorative fence. Irrespective of the material you choose for your fence, make sure to match it to the style and design of your home to create maximum appeal. If you want to take it to an even higher level, consider adding a beautiful gate.