The Best Garden Hose Reels

Hoses are essential gardening tools, but they're not much to look at and they take up a lot of space. Plus, garden hoses can be a hazzard if they're left laying about. Here are several top choices for storing your garden hose and keeping it handy, with the least amount of effort required on your part.

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    Suncast Sidewinder Hose Reel

    Suncast Sidewinder Hose Reel


    The simplest of hose reels are the wheels you mount on a wall and wind the hose around. Simple, but functional. And sometimes simple is the only way things get done. The Sidewinder even detaches from its mount, for when you want to store your hose away for the winter.

    This model will hold up to a 100' length of 5/8" hose.

    Includes Easylink Faucet Adapter & Hose Connector For Snap Together, Watertight Connection. About $20.

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    Suncast Powerwind Hose Reel

    Suncast Powerwind Hose Reel


    The Powerwind does the Sidewinder one better by having a motorized reel. The motor is operated by a foot petal, so not only do you not need to bend, you don't even need your hands free.

    The motor runs on a rechargeable battery. Both the battery and the charger are included. And you can always crank it manually, if you forget to keep the battery charged.

    The Powerwind is essentially a storage box. The hose is coiled inside, out of view. There's an additional storage bin for storing nozzles and connectors. Measures 20-1/2"H x 18-1/2"W x 21-3/4"D. $80 - 105

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    Ames® Reel Easy® Hose Reel Cart

    It's hard to beat the functionality of this type of hose reel cart and this model is sturdy enough for 225' of 5/8" hose.

    The 7" wheels aren't great for rough terrain, but how much do you really travel with your hose cart? This is a manual crank model. The leader hose that connects your hose to the faucet is a functional 4 1/2' long. The faucet connection with its double O-ring and angled elbow are designed to prevent any leaks.

    You really can't beat it for the price. I've tried models that were so flimsy they collapsed under the weight of the hose. $30 - 45