The Best Kids MakeUp For Little Girls

Little Cosmetics
Little Cosmetics

As a parent it can be hard to decide when the right time is for your child to wear real makeup. Guess what, the best kids make up for little girls and even boys, is not actually real.

Earlier and earlier, kids are beginning to show their "fashionista" side. In the preschool and early elementary ages, girls enjoy wearing adorable matching designer dresses that they can wear to match their favorite American Girl doll.

However, the age at which kids transition from pretend play into reality, with real makeup, is a very personal parental decision.

Little Cosmetics is the best kids makeup for pretend play experiences. Kids can "apply" the makeup to themselves, their friends, family members or even a baby doll. Since it is not real, there is no need to worry about any mess. 

It is natural for kids to want to be just like their parents, asking to do all sorts of adult things when they are just to little.  Kids at young ages innocently want to cook and prepare food in a play kitchen, drink coffee or tea that is served through their makeshift drive thru window, just so they can “buy” items by swiping a credit card. Many kids enjoy swaddling, breastfeeding and caring for their baby dolls. As they get older, as parents many struggle with deciding on when their kids can participate in using a smartphone, flying a drone, and applying makeup.


At what age do you buy a smartphone, allow your little girl to wear real makeup, or agree to let your child cut food with a knife? Transitioning from the pretend play to the real thing is different for everyone. 

Having rules, limits and boundaries is important. Real devices and experiences need to be earned with time, experience and maturity.

 While many kids will always ask for the real thing, sometimes giving them an opportunity to engage in a pretend experience, that is close to the real activity, is all they really want. 

For children who are motivated and interested in these play opportunities, searching for realistic pretend play toys is important. That way, children can feel empowered, as if they are engaging in a real experience. 

A Little Cosmetics essential set includes everything children will desire in a play based make-up set, such as a powder compact with mirror and puff, lip glosses with a rolling applicator, eye shadows, trendy glitter pots, blush and a variety of applicator brushes that fit inside a sweet, yet trendy zippered pouch.

The “makeup” includes different types of textured foam, so when children “load” the makeup on their brush, they can engage in a more natural, tactile experience. Since Little Cosmetics is not really makeup, no color ever transfers onto the skin. There are also 3 different foundation shades, making it diverse for children of different skin tones. Additional items can be purchased separately so girls can create their own unique makeup collections. The compacts and cases open and close easily, and not only are the items are the perfect size for little hands, the set has the look, feel and branding of a designer makeup brand.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.