The Best New Paw Patrol Toys

Paw Patrol is an animated television show for preschool aged children that airs on Nickelodeon and is produced by Spinmaster Entertainment.

A quick synopsis of the show includes spunky and adorable rescue puppies named Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Rubble, Rocky, Skye, Everest and Tracker who work together as a team to solve problems in their town, Adventure Bay.

The puppies take guidance from Ryder, a 10 year-old tech savvy boy, who has taught them their unique rescue skills. The pups are ready to save...MORE the day anywhere, by air, on land, at sea, and even in the jungle! 

In the show, each puppy has a backpack, or "Pup Pack" and their own special vehicle to help them participate in rescue missions. 

The goal of the show is to help young children learn about safety, respect, teamwork and problem solving. Parents will enjoy hearing their children laugh and giggle uncontrollably when watching the show. Many children in this age range are begging their parents for Paw Patrol toys, coloring pages, activities, and themed birthday parties.

If your child has a special interest in a particular character or vehicle toy play, here is more information on the Paw Patrol characters and which type of vehicle they drive. Each season of the show has a different theme and vehicles available in the store will reflect the current year's theme.

  • Ryder has a jet ski that transforms into an ATV
  • Marshall, the Dalmation, drives a fire truck
  • Rubble, the English bulldog, operates a construction digger
  • Rocky the mixed breed dog, has a recycling truck
  • Skye, a female cockapoo, flies a helicopter
  • Zuma, the chocolate labrador, lives in a boathouse and drives a hovercraft
  • Chase, the German Shepard, drives a police truck
  • Everest, the Husky, drives a rescue snowmobile
  • Tracker, the mixed breed Potcake pup, drives a jungle cruiser

Here is a selection of some of the new Paw Patrol toys: